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    University student


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    i7 7700k 5.1ghz
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    gigabyte z270x ultra gaming
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    16 gb 3000mhz
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    gtx 1080ti ASUS
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    Silentium pc
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    240gb samsung ssd, 2tb hybrid hdd
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    650W thermaltake
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    1440p Dell 144hz, 1200p Dell 60hz
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    id cooling 240mm water cooler
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    razer blackwidow
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    razer deathadder chroma
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    sennheiser hd599
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    windows 10

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  1. would this be a good candidate ? https://www.dlink.com/en/products/dir-882-exo-ac2600-mu-mimo-wi-fi-router seems to check all the boxes i found it on sale for 80 euros.
  2. I figured i wouldn't get gigabit speed through walls but i don't videos/movies buffering, also only having one ethernet port is really bad, do you have any suggestions for a device? so i have something to compare to.
  3. Hello i have a question for you today, but before i ask i wanna explain my situation first. Some months ago i bought a 1000mbps internet subscription and the isp also gave me a shit fiber optics decoder with 1 ethernet out and 100mbps wifi (that usually runs at 50-60mbps on my phone, laptop and tv). Now for the question: Is there a stable and affordable router that can output 500mbps+ on wifi and/or that has a fiber optics input? Also my house has really thick walls, i don't get any internet in my back yard, my budget would be 100 euros tops if you have any suggestion or give me some ideas I opted to not get a router earlier because of nat problems in games, but now that i started using wifi more it's especially annoying when yt videos buffer on the tv or whenever i try to download something on the laptop and it downloads with 40mbps instead of 600mbps like on the pc.
  4. I just bought an asus gtx 1080ti second hand and my pc started freezing every time i cold started it ( after taking a couple hour break ) after one hard restart it works just fine until the next time i start it. This thing never happened with my 1060. I want to know if the gpu might be at fault for this or is it just some software problem, can this be warranty worthy if it's the gpus fault ? Also whenever the pc freezes it makes this really loud noise in my speakers, it sounds like loud static for a fraction of a second.
  5. i just wanted some opinions, i don't really know how supplier prices are so it's better to ask some people before throwing money in the trash, so thank you guys !
  6. I was searching around the internet for cheap pc gpus and i managed to enter aliexpress and saw some really strange (4 times cheaper ) price offers for 2080 ti and i was wondering if they are legit in any way mainly because i'd like to upgrade my pc but i don't have that much money.
  7. yeah ill probalby go for the 1060 i just wanted to see some other opinions
  8. consider the temperature as well. i'm tired of seeing temperatures above 85C. high temperatures wouldnt bee that big of a deal but those make the card unstable and i mostly pay dx 11 and will be playing dx11 for the next couple of years
  9. hello guys ! i want to buy a new gpu in the next week or so and i cant really decide between the rx 480 and the gtx 1060. it would have been an easy pick if the rx 480 was actually cheaper in my country, but it's not and the only custom rx 480 ( which is the nitro version ) is actually more expensive than an msi 1060. i've always liked amd ( mostly because i have nvidia ) but now its seems that i have to go with the gtx 1060 and that is not an easy thing to see. I'll post some links below with the cheapest rx 480 that you can find online in my country and the cheapest msi 1060 ( there are other 1060 cards a lot cheaper than the msi one ill put a link with that as well. but before i put the links i want to say that i have really big heat issues in my room and my current gpu ( r9 280x ) sits at 89C every day. that is the reason why i'm going for the more expensive msi card because it has a better cooler. http://www.emag.ro/placa-video-msi-geforcer-6gb-gddr5-192-bit-gtx-1060-gaming-x-6g/pd/D7QHT2BBM/ ^^ this is the msi 1060 ^^ http://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-video/sapphire/radeon-rx-480-nitro-plus-8gb-ddr5-256-bit-lite/ ^^ this is the only non reference rx 480 available in romania ^^ http://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-video/sapphire/radeon-rx-480-8gb-ddr5-256-bit-lite/ ^^ this is the cheapest rx 480 currently available in romania ^^ http://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-video/asus/geforce-gtx-1060-turbo-6gb-ddr5-192-bit/ ^^ this is the cheapest gtx 1060 which is not in stock ^^ so as i said i'm looking for cool operation. if the prices were as they should i would have bought the rx480 hands down. from what i read online the refference rx480 is not that cool so right now the go to card is the msi 1060. I'll be playing at 1920x1200 and my processor is an i7 950 to give you some extra info but imo it doesn't really matter.
  10. I have a r9 280x which is slowly dying ...
  11. well considering that when i checked don't delete it refered to everything else but windows right ? so i should be able to delete everything and if it fails it will restore to normal
  12. my os is on ssd . if i make a backup on my hdd would i be able to restore it to my ssd ? ( maybe i'm asking stupid questions but i'm new to pc stuff )
  13. i don't care if i lose google chrome or whatever else i have installed on c drive. so a backup is enogh ? another question is : is it going to whipe my hdd too ? probably not but that would be painful so i fell better to ask.