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  • Birthday June 29

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    New Jersey


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    Asus z97i-Plus
  • RAM
    8gb Kingston Fury X
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 970
  • Case
    Corsair 250d
  • Storage
    Samsung 850evo 120gb
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650
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    Dell S2340m x 2
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    Cooler Master Hyper t3
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. JaredM54

    Keyboard Switches Explained

    Cherry Blue if you want loud clicky (normally best for typing), Cherry Brown if you want quiet clicky (my personal favorite), Cherry Red if you want no clicky (normally for gaming).
  2. JaredM54

    Need a good server tech

    If you don't want to use something like Dropbox then just use Nextcloud instead, very easy to setup.
  3. JaredM54


    Check out Ubiquiti APs, they're the best in the low price range. If you want multiple switches I would use one and just have a cold spare so if it does stop working replacing it is simple.
  4. JaredM54

    Project: Long distance HDMI

    For that kind of distance you'll need fiber. Look for Extron HDMI Foxbox on eBay.
  5. JaredM54

    Cheapest point to point wifi connection?

    A pair of Ubiquiti NanoSations would be perfect.
  6. JaredM54

    Wireless internet in a Camper Questions

    The AirGrid is more than you need. It would depend on how big the site is but a Nanostation can bridge to another network.
  7. JaredM54

    Computer starts with hairdryer but not button

    The solder points are probably contracting after you heat them up. I would try a different motherboard.
  8. JaredM54

    Wiping an HDD?!

    I like DBAN.
  9. JaredM54

    Affordable 10GbE NAS with RAID

    8 drives in raid 0 is a big no-no. What are you using it for?
  10. ESXi is free and will work fine, but please do not buy that server. That generation Dell are too old to be useful, I promise if you buy it you will regret it. People here that recommend buying them are crazy. Get a used PC or a Dell R series server from eBay, like an R210, R610, or R710.
  11. JaredM54

    Need a FreeNAS/PfSense Server

    Don't get a 2950, get an R710. Those are too old and that price is terrible.
  12. JaredM54

    Have server - need suggestions

    I would use ESXi and then Windows Server and Ubuntu.
  13. JaredM54

    Dell poweredge

    Agreed, those older Dell servers are pretty much junk. Whoever you bought them from saved the money from throwing them away.
  14. JaredM54

    Server Help

    It's called Deep Freeze, but it's a bit pricy and I don't know of any free alternatives.
  15. JaredM54

    long distance networking

    Pair of Ubiquiti Nanostations, cheapest you'll get. No need to trench a line.