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  1. six_paths_of_pain

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Vessel: Etheros Here is what i liked: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 Linus thank you for the giveaway, good luck to everyone.
  2. six_paths_of_pain

    need some help with jade and stylus

    I figured the jade part using node.js -w comand and that is ok, i need the stylus into css part .
  3. six_paths_of_pain

    need some help with jade and stylus

    Is there any way to set up jade and stylus so that they compile automatically in css and html as i type in them. I am on windows using atom editor. Best thing that i have got is a live preview package that shows me html as i type jade but it isnt really useful in terms of over viewing content on a browser. If i save preview tabs i can not work on them as editor creates new one as soon as i start typing again. What i would like is to be able to test those compiled files in browser, see my results and continue working. I have node.js installed if it means anything. I am a noob at this stuff, have been leaning html and css for some time, this would really make my life easier. Tnx.
  4. six_paths_of_pain

    Web Stuff...

    Is there anyone really good with Atom text editor, i could use some know how on it since i am a begginer.
  5. six_paths_of_pain

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    Ips display, backlight keyboard and some nice specs. Its more powerfull than my pc lol. I could use it for my schooll tasks for light cad and solidworks, and some light gaming too. I won` t be angry if i win lol.
  6. six_paths_of_pain

    need some sticker design help and tips

    ok tnx everyone the thread can be deleted
  7. six_paths_of_pain

    need some sticker design help and tips

    i guess i`ll consider even mor gimp now
  8. six_paths_of_pain

    need some sticker design help and tips

    I can use programs from torrents here in my country, that area of internet is still not regulated. I don´t like using cracked softtware but in this case i´ll have to since i can afford it right now. i`ll consider the gimp also tho.
  9. six_paths_of_pain

    need some sticker design help and tips

    thats is nice info for start
  10. Hello So my cousin who works with honey asked me to design for him stickers that go on a honey jar. The deal is however i never did anything like that before and i told him so. He is that really nice kind of guy, helps me out, so i told him i`ll look into that and try to make somthing. Now what i need from you guys is to help me out with the basic things like which program would be best to use, some usefull links for tutorials, tips whatever you have. If i get any good at it i even might try some freelancing tho it will take time to become that good. I´ll also search the yt for begginer guides etc. Now he allready had those stickers cause he didn´t just start working with honey but he doesn´t like them and wants to be able to have a finished design on which he would only change date of production. thank you
  11. six_paths_of_pain

    need some hdd/os know how

    yeah i see your point, it is cheap and ill consider either that or ide to sata from ebay if i dont find it here in my home town
  12. six_paths_of_pain

    need some hdd/os know how

    That is actually an excellent idea. I will try that and if not then the only thing i can do is pick up the her whole case and borrow a gpu to try that way.
  13. six_paths_of_pain

    need some hdd/os know how

    Well that sucks. Tbh i´m not really sure what the fail is and buying a new graphics is not an option for the moment. There is just one picture i´d like to get from that hdd and is my picture from the prom. I guess it´ll have to wait for a while. Actually i might get a graphics card from my friend, but do those old vga cards have their own vga output? Noob question i know .
  14. six_paths_of_pain

    need some hdd/os know how

    Both of our pcs are old, i´m assuming my is a bit younger . My hdd has no sata so its safe to say that hers also hasn´t got one. So my only options are to replace my hdd with hers and try to boot from it or to try with ubuntu live. Or if u can think of something else .
  15. six_paths_of_pain

    need some hdd/os know how

    I could do that but my hdd doesn´t have a sata port. it has some wide cable connecting it to the motherboard, power input and some spiked conector :huh: . My dvd is hooked via sata so i would see if that port is available on hdd but it´s not. It´s seven years old if it counts.