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  1. I think I'll upgrade to a better cooler. Maybe a NH-U12S or Arctic Freezer 34 Duo (I hate the thermal paste application on this cooler though). FWIW I did remove the stock thermal paste and apply my own MX-5 (not that this is the best thermal paste around but surely better than stock). I assume the GPU temp differences from reviewers are because they test it on an open bench. I'm just wondering if I can justify the £15 for the 1c~ temp changes for the top fan. I guess as long as it doesn't have any negative impacts then it's not the worst, but I expected slightly better temps with the top exhaust.
  2. Yes, they all hit max at 65c. Top and back are exhausts. Front 3 are intake obviously. I've retested over a longer test and it's a 3c GPU difference and 2-3c CPU difference with the side panel off, which really isn't that massive. I assume a little bit of difference is to be expected with the side panel off? I've taken the top fan off and ran a CPU stress test and CPU average increased by about 0.7c, so there is a little bit of benefit in that fan, but not much. This fan is above and slight to the left of the CPU cooler so there should be no negative impact with it (i.e. exhausting fresh cold air like the front top would have done)
  3. Both GPU and CPU get quite a bit cooler with the side panel off (4c and 8c respectively), which means the case fans are to blame in that case? It's the stock wraith prism RGB cooler. I'm looking to upgrade it to a smaller mid-sized cooler but still surprisingly high. Yeah I suppose it is. I was more asking of a general consensus of whether or not the top fan is advised or not
  4. Room temp is around 21c which is fine
  5. I purchased the Phanteks P400A-D case based on GamersNexus reviews on thermals. As well as the 3 stock fans in the front, I've bought a Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 (120mm) for the rear exhaust and a Shadow Wings 2 for top rear exhaust - the top front slot is empty. I'm getting quite poor temperatures all around - CPU temps are 45-55c on idle, 75-80c whilst gaming, GPU temps are 5c higher than benchmarks I've seen (70-72c whilst gaming). The fan curves are fairly aggressive for all fans - they ramp up to 100% at 70c gpu/CPU respectively The important specs: Ryzen 7 3700x MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming Trio X (not vertically mounted FWIW) Asus ROG Strix X570-F Wraith Prism RGB Cooler Phanteks P400A-D Case EVGA G3 power supply (eco mode OFF) Is there anything I can do to improve my fan setup? Is my top rear fan necessary? Any tips are appreciated.
  6. I'm looking to get some G. SKill Trident Z 3466Mhz C16 RAM as there's a good deal on it. I know it's not the fastest but it is faster than my 3200 Mhz C16 HyperX Fury RAM and a bit cheaper also. The main reason I want to return the hyperx fury and get G Skill is because the RGB on the HyperX fury doesn't sync with Asus Aura as advertised. The increased speeds for cheaper on the G Skill are just a nice plus. The memory isn't on the QVL list. Should I be concerned about being able to run it at its advertised speeds/timings?
  7. All you really need is: 1) AMD Chipset drivers (get this from amd directly, not from your motherboard page) 2) Graphics drivers (from vendor e.g. nvidia/amd, not from your motherboard page) 3) Your mobo's sound drivers if you want them For the rest, it's fine to use windows WHQL drivers IMO. What mobo do you have out of interest?
  8. I see in ProgramData that I have Log_Backup1 files that keep getting re-created for what looks like my Nvidia drivers: Does anybody else with an Nvidia have these (C:\ProgramData) and know what they're for? The files can get pretty massive and it's annoying. Cheers
  9. If it's less than 28 days old I might suggest just going direct to the retailer and returning the card/asking for a replacement. At least here in UK you have 28 days to return for a full refund if there's a fault.
  10. Thanks for your reply, that's helpful. Was Anti-lag the only culprit in settings or are there others I should be careful about? Do you use freesync or multiple monitors with different refresh rates? I've heard this can be iffy and can't seem to find many reports with the latest drivers.
  11. I've returned my current Gigabyte windforce 2070 super card due to horrible fan issues. I now have my mind set on either: 1) Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT special Edition (~£450) - 3 year warranty vs the red devil's 2, better customer support from what I can see - the extra £20 is justifiable I think, plus comes with 3 ARGB fans which sell for £30 alone. 2) PowerColor Red Devil 5700XT (£420-£430) - poorer VRAM cooling and little more noise but can likely overclock better due to more VRM's 3) MSI 2070 Super Gaming X Trio (£570~) - every reviewer says this is the quietest 2070 super with great cooling so hopefully don't have the fan issues the gigabyte had. I'm quite set on the Sapphire Nitro+ for £120 less, but the thing that concerns me the most is driver issues. I know that the 2070 Super just works. If I spend 20+ hours working out driver issues, that £120 premium suddenly doesn't seem so bad given the slightly better performance also. If I were paying £120 ONLY for performance, the 5700xt would be a no brainer, but I also do need to factor in technical support time. Does anybody still suffer from any issues after the AMD 20.2.2. drivers? Furthermore, is it likely we'll see even better performance from the 5700 XT as the drivers improve, possibly closing the gap between the 5700XT and 2070 Super? I've never owned an AMD card so am not sure what to expect at all, and would really like to make an informed decision here. Edit: 5700 xt currently has a promotion whereby I get resident evil 3, monster hunter and 3 months of games pass so thats what? £80?
  12. Have tried that. This is a widely known and reported issue I guess and it can so easily be fixed with a bios update. Some of Gigabytes cards have had bios updates to address this but not mine and when asking Gigabyte support, it looks like there was no scope for this. Aorus doesn't suffer from the issue because AFAIK they had bios updates really early on to address this. Likewose above, the non super version also had a bios update to improve the fan issues, so I assume your card has this bios flashed. It sucks that the Super variant of the windforce cards don't have new bioses. The card isn't exactly new now... Bios updates for the non super was released in Feb 2019.
  13. I'm returning my Gigabyte Windforce OC 3X 2070 Super because of an annoying fan revving issue (see It seems like this is an issue for quite a lot of GPUs that use 0db fan mode. Has anybody got any experience with any 2070/2070 Supers/2080/2080 Supers where the fan just works? Where it doesn't rev up and down if your GPU is hovering over the limit, and there's no other known issues with fans? I'm contemplating either the MSI Gaming Trio X or the Asus RoG Strix but have heard that even the latter has issues with one fan failing to stop spinning after going below the temperature threshold. Another issue with the gigabyte card was setting a custom fan curve didn't allow me to set a fan speed below 40% - the fan would just rev up and down again, assuming because this is too low a speed for the fans. Has anybody managed to run one of the RTX cards at a lower fan speed, say 10-20%? Would appreciate some others share their experience to help me make an informed decision on my purchase.
  14. Same fan setup as yours. Mine also runs at 32c when my fans are running at 40%, but this tip was mostly for if you want the stick with the fan-off mode.
  15. Okay. I guess the red dragon and sapphire nitro are well reviewed so may as well spend the extra for a product I know is good. I've found a sapphire nitro for around the same price as the red devil so I guess at that stage, it's just what looks good right? I feel that Sapphire have better customer support though, and their TriXX software looks cool