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    Victoria, Australia 👍


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    Ryzen 3 2200G @ 3.50GHz
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    ASRock AB350 Pro4
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    HyperX Fury 8GB, G.Skill TridentZ 16GB
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    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP! Edition, 6GB
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    NZXT S340 Black ATX
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    WD 1TB Blue, Intel 256GB SSD M.2
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    SilverStone 500W Strider Essential Power Supply
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    BenQ RL2455 24inch
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    Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire
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    Razer Lancehead TE
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    Astro A50 Gen 2
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Okay! Thank you. I do plan on getting a Ryzen 7 3800x once it releases which I'm sure will make my PC feel faster.
  2. So I have an issue... When I open games like Siege, Fortnite, CSGO etc. it take a good 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open up. They are all on a Samsung 860 Evo SSD. Is there any fix to this? (Check parts list in signature) Thanks
  3. Just a bit of an update: There were a few bent pins in the port, just got a screwdriver and pushed them upwards and I guess that fixed it..? So yeah, ty.
  4. Hey! I have a Cat6 wall port thingy in my room and I’ve noticed that when I bearly touch the Ethernet cable that is connected to it, it disconnects whatever it is plugged into it. I have also noticed that my Ethernet has been cutting out randomly from the wall plug to my PC. Could the Ethernet wall plug be damaged? Also, even if it is damaged, why would It still work fine but then randomly cut out?
  5. Just did the test, got horrible ping, but no packet loss. I'll try again tonight. It's Fortnite, and the servers are in Sydney I believe? Though I believe it's the tower that is congested, which sucks but at least I don't get DSL speeds anymore. Thanks for the help dude!
  6. Yeah I figured... I'm with MyRepublic. I must say though, they did say they would waive the fee if no improvements were made. I'm on Fixed Wireless, but I still get 30ish ping and 40 down 20 up. I can't tell if its only in one game or not, cause I only play the one game. It does seem to occur more throughout peak hour which sucks. If there's a way to test it further, please tell me. (See above) My network setup is just a router/modem combo from the ISP. I do have an Ethernet cord going from the router, up the roof and into my computer.
  7. So I've been experiencing a bit of packet loss 1% - 10% while gaming. I contacted my ISP and they said "Hey ben so i just noticed that you're not actually on our gamer pack and that might actually fix the packet loss issues as the gamer pack offers priority routing to servers and we can also do port forwarding on there which we can't do on your current plan" ISP Chat Message: https://gyazo.com/4972dc779b4e4fbd391517ab8cddf4ae Is this just BS or is this an actual thing that can help fix the packet loss? Thanks, Ben.
  8. Seems like it only happens when my games are in full screen. No clue why this is, but now I’ll be playing on windowed.
  9. Hey guys, So I have this really annoying issue. When I'm doing anything on my computer, my Astro A50 Gen 2's restart. The light on the receiver flashes and the headset turns off briefly and then turns back on. If I'm in a game, I'm forced to restart as the sound will no longer work in it. Its getting really annoying. I have changed the 5G channel on my internet, and it still has not solved the problem. I've changed the usb port, still didn't fix it. If anyone has any suggestions or a fix, please comment. Thanks alot, Benjji.
  10. Last question (sorry), will 750 watts be too much for the setup I’m running right now? Ryzen 3 2200g + 1060 6gb. Should I wait and buy it when I upgrade or just buy it now?
  11. Ah okay, I see. Thank you kind sir. What does the switch at the back do? (Single/Multiple +12 volt)
  12. I would love to buy the HX650w, but it says that it's discontinued, so I think i'm gonna go ahead and grab the HX750. Thanks a lot of your help.
  13. Would you recommend the Corsair 750w HX?
  14. Well I mean I was looking at the Corsair RMX850w - doesn’t really seem cheapo, but if you reckon 650 is enough, I’m still probably gonna go with 850 for $30ish more.