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    SirWendall reacted to Lil Ramen in Why is it so hard to find new old socket motherboards?   
    I had an OEM C2Q9550 from an Optiplex 960 that had 8 GB DDR2. Only problem was that it didn't work.... at all. So I took it into my internship before the summer and showed about 5 kids how to build a PC and identify all the parts, I forgot it there when my dad picked me up that day and haven't asked my old boss for it back. From it I also lost an ATI X700 Pro and a 500 GB HDD. I might text her later today and see if she still has it in the back warehouse. It wasn't working and I got the system nonworking from my mom's friend who works in I.T.
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    SirWendall reacted to Lil Ramen in Why is it so hard to find new old socket motherboards?   
    Well the reason I'd be using $40 of CPU is budget. Just the other night I ordered a R7 250 for $26 and that'll go into my project PC along with a 500 GB I ordered for $13. Already I have a SFF case, I3 2120, 4 GB RAM and the motherboard but that's all OEM. The next part that I am saving up for is a logysis case I found for $35/$40 that comes with a 480w PSU. If the mobo and CPU dont work which I kinda doubt they will at this point (2 years sitting around being tinkered with to run) I want a backup plan. The case is Micro ATX so I wanted a high end 775 as my back up. 
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    SirWendall reacted to Spotty in Why is it so hard to find new old socket motherboards?   
    Motherboards typically hold their value better than CPUs.

    Most of the 2nd hand parts on eBay come from computer recyclers buying 1000+ old office computers that have Intel i3/i5/i7 CPUs in them and crappy OEM motherboards. There's just many more OEM machines out there than custom builts. An i7 3770 in a Dell is the same as an i7 3770 in a custom gaming PC. This means when they part out the office/school desktops the CPUs become really cheap because it's easy to find lots of them. The market also gets flooded with the crappy OEM motherboards that no-one wants and typically aren't worth much, especially the non-standard ones... With the exception of if you are repairing the same model of OEM system and want to replace a faulty motherboard.

    In comparison, there's just not as many custom built PCs with decent motherboards being torn down and parted out. This means that the few decent motherboards that do end up on sites like eBay are priced much higher because there is less supply of them and they're harder to find.
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    SirWendall got a reaction from Spotty in Why is it so hard to find new old socket motherboards?   
    Speaking of that, when it comes to anything that's top tier from ASUS like the old Rampage boards, it usually isn't worth it. Costs an arm and leg
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    SirWendall reacted to done12many2 in Changing PC configuration?   
    If you are considering a 6800k, then definitely consider the 8700k over it.  Same amount of cores, but each core is much stronger.  In addition to those stronger cores, they will also clock much higher.  
    As @PCGuy_5960 mentioned, they are announcing it tomorrow so at least wait to see what it's all about.  
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    SirWendall reacted to PCGuy_5960 in Changing PC configuration?   
    Ryzen isn't an upgrade in terms of gaming performance. If the OP needs more cores, he should get a Ryzen 7 1700, if he doesn't, Coffeelake is launching tomorrow.
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    SirWendall got a reaction from Evolution90 in Q9400 Overclock?   
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    SirWendall reacted to Evolution90 in Q9400 Overclock?   
    It weighs 30 pounds in weight bruh... 
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    SirWendall reacted to 21rkosta in "Revived" PC   
    @GamerMan you could probobly run any source game you wanted, TF2, all the half lifes, all the portals, LFD1 and 2 among others
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    SirWendall reacted to Moeplazz in Is this upgrade good?   
    Hey guys,
                     I am going to be upgrading my pc at August and I don't know if the parts I chose are good.
    (I will buy Ryzen processor)
    Which AMD graphics card has led's?
    (I want a led pc build)
    For the NZXT Aer fans do I HAVE to have a Hue+?
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    SirWendall reacted to Morgan MLGman in NEED BEST USED CPU FOR GTX660/7850   
    This would be good if he's got a bit more to spend, as he'd buy new and had an upgrade path:
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
    CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor  (£56.99 @ Aria PC)
    Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VDH Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard  (£65.91 @ Amazon UK)
    Memory: ADATA XPG Z1 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2800 Memory  (£50.63 @ Amazon UK)
    Total: £173.53
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-02-17 18:08 GMT+0000
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    SirWendall reacted to Droidbot in Is my 8300 good?   
    B O T T L E N E C K 
    C I T Y 
    B O Y S 
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    SirWendall reacted to iBabySlapper in Windows 10 drive   
    You can, but you'll have to get the total ammount of data on your C drive less than the capacity of the SSD.
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    SirWendall reacted to Bananasplit_00 in GTX 970 Owners Club   
    yay finaly got my Acellero TwinTurbo III to work nice with my 970, it was the spacers that go on the core side that were way too tall so i just removed them and now it works great, got a pretty decent overclock on it and with lots of stuff running in the backround i got 2100 in Heaven on the settings i usiually run and at stock i got 1800  yay
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    SirWendall reacted to RationalBananas in My journey to !nverse   
    Hey everyone, today I want to bring you a project that is very dear to me: the !nverse small form factor case. I have actually posted a topic about this case previously, but it's been a while since I updated it, so I decided to create a new thread. I have continued to work on it in the past two years, and have gotten many prototypes made. Hope you guys like it!
    Shaped by the ethos of fitting the most performance and versatility into the smallest amount of space, !nverse is a ~10L computer case that can accommodate a full-length graphics card, a 240mm closed-loop liquid cooler, 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives, and a SFX power supply. Its versatile internal layout accommodates hard-core gamers, enthusiasts enamored with water cooling, media hoarders looking to create their own home theater, and anyone in between. Its smooth yet eye-catching exterior will blend into and enhance any desktop or home theater setup.
    The graphics card was stress-tested with Unigine Valley while the CPU was stress-tested with prime95. Under these conditions, the maximum GPU temperature is about 80 degrees Celcius while the maximum CPU temperature (4-core average) is about 83 degrees. These temperatures are only about 5-8 degrees higher than if the components were tested in open air (no case at all to interfere with airflow). !nverse is not only the smallest case design that can house these components, but also one of the best performing.
    For the detailed thermal test, check out our test write-up!
     $129 is the planned price. Tom's hardware  had a great coverage of it. 
    If anyone is interested in learning more details about this project, feel free to PM me! Thanks for reading!

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    SirWendall reacted to PCGuy_5960 in I7 6700K Underclocked to 0.76GHZ   
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    SirWendall reacted to Rangaman42 in I7 6700K Underclocked to 0.76GHZ   
    Well I guess your first step is to turn that back up again. The stock voltage is 1.2V @4.0GHz, with a 4.2GHz boost.
    Bring it back to there, and if you can't get it working, there should be a way to load default BIOS settings so it'll go back to normal.
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    SirWendall got a reaction from Rangaman42 in I7 6700K Underclocked to 0.76GHZ   
    How u do dis??
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    SirWendall reacted to Rangaman42 in I7 6700K Underclocked to 0.76GHZ   
    WHY u do dis??
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    SirWendall reacted to Techno_Reverend in upgrading from 6600k to 7700k?   
    just upgrade to a fx 8350.
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    SirWendall reacted to Arcane Disciple in New case from thermaltake   
    Anyone know anything about the 900 E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Chassis by Thermaltake?  it would be cool to see someone go through this.

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    SirWendall reacted to Droidbot in Only 100 FPS in CSGO?   
    CSGO only uses 3 cores and the fourth is used during loading.  Probably why. Turn off HRTF in Audio settings. Set thread priority to high by setting launch options (-high, -threads 8) 
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    SirWendall reacted to TheLightus in How is this GPU?   
    I've been using this GPU since it's release and boy it's gooood.
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    SirWendall reacted to IAR117 in How is this GPU?   
    I heard EVGA's customer service is the best in the business
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    SirWendall reacted to smokefest in GTX 1070 boost clock   
    GPU boost 3.0

    Overclocks automatically to the highest safe clock speed.

    Mine overclocks to 2000 mhz by itself.

    I manually oc'd it to 2100 mhz tho