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  1. I know last week I had my x570 mobo do some strange stuff on the latest BIOS. Reverted back to the old one and it solved all my issues.
  2. Figured out my rig! Just rolled back to a previous BIOS and now I'm not getting weird boot issues! :D

    1. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Make a hard reset !!!





    2. SirWendall


      It's running and holding an overclock now :P

  3. Still won't post doing that. I can't save any changes to the BIOS. I can only go to boot priority and force it to boot from there.
  4. Well now everything is stock, but it won't boot properly without me manually going in and booting it.
  5. Here's the thing. I'm on it now, but the only reason I got it past post was cause I went to boot priorities and launched it from there. If I go to save settings, exit BIOS, then try to post, it won't do it.
  6. I'm running the ASUS x570 "TUF" (Wi-Fi) Motherboard. Here's the issue: So I'm having a really strange issue with my setup. My PC was working fine with the latest BIOS, overclock, etc. Now this morning I go to turn it on and it boots for a split second then powers off. Well, I changed the PSU, didn't solve it. Changed RAM, didn't solve it. Changed RAM channels then booted, didn't post. Now I put back my new RAM sticks from before in, mind you EVERYTHING is stock now, go to boot priorities, boot from SSD, and now I'm here on my PC. Clearing CMOS was the only thing making it boot to BIOS. So is it just a funky BIOS? Or something else?
  7. My very first rig had a FX-6300 paired with a GTX 660Ti. Eventually got a GTX 970 later and overclocked my 6300 to 4.6GHz stable
  8. I know the feeling! I'm actually liking my Ryzen build so far. Just waiting for 4XXX series CPUs to drop, so I can put it in and test.
  9. You can but make sure it boots into the right drive. Then you can wipe the old OS drive and use it for something else. I personally would take it out, boot it, and make sure it posts correctly.
  10. I would hold on. I pretty much have the same rig as you too. I had a 6700k @ 4.7GHz paired with a GTX 1070 and it was fine for me. I just wanted to dive into Ryzen recently, so my Intel rig is in another room for now. My 6700k ran well with my 1070 and my 2080 super. I'd save and be patient don't be like me.
  11. I hope you get it sorted! I've had my fair share of PC parts just quitting
  12. I'd test another CPU then go to a PSU. Sounds like something went funky with the CPU while you were gone. If its still getting power for a couple seconds it maybe more likely the CPU.
  13. So far I'm liking the new Ryzen system! I wonder what I should do with my 6700k rig?

  14. I'll finally get to start my build soon!


  15. So I finally wanted to test the waters with Ryzen. I haven’t built with AMD since the FX lineup. So far I’ve gotten the ASUS X570 TUF mobo and a 3600x CPU. Really just need some RAM suggestions! I know I want to get a kit that’ll move over to the 4XXX series when it drops. I was thinking maybe the G.Skill Neo? Not sure though
  16. You could always repurpose old hardware and make a streaming PC. I just made one recently for $200.
  17. Do you have any overclocks going? Might be a weak PSU and its needs more power?
  18. So I got my parts in yesterday and it works! Just have to throw it in a case and it'll be ready to take all the encoding I only had to get the mobo,psu, and storage. CPU: i5-4670k Mobo: ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mk. 2 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB @ 1866MHz PSU: CM 750w GX PSU SSD: 240GB Kingston
  19. Dang! Looks like I'm doing pretty well for myself
  20. I was wondering if this was a good score for my 6700k @ 4.7GHz Thanks!
  21. If you want to change platforms, the R5 3600 is a really good choice!