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  1. Either a PSU tester of test the system with another unit.
  2. i haven't looked around that price range, but i doubt you'll be able to get a laptop with >960M performance at that price level. I would wait till we get the full lineup of Pascal based laptops, where the price drops of Maxwell Mobile chips are inevitable.
  3. Hmm... That CPU does not have integrated graphics. Do you have another GPU (preferably one that you don't have a use for anymore). I doubt that it would be the GPU though (it's quite obvious if it is) so you might be looking at a dead board. Check the PSU maybe?
  4. I've heard good things about the Dell Inspiron 7000 lineup. I own an XPS 15 myself, and my summary is this - It's a great laptop. Good build quality, good performance but its ultimately let down by Dell's horrible customer service.
  5. Every case is different, so the outcome may vary, but i would believe from the info i've received, that it's a dead board. Try unplugging everything that isn't essential to the board, as it might cause a short. Hard Drives, SSDs, fans, unecessary PSU connectors, Graphics cards and and all but one stick of RAM (remember, if you don't know EXACTLY where/what the failure is, everything is a suspect). If it doesn't boot up after that, try and clear CMOS. Since the PC refused to start after the incident, it might corrupted.
  6. Had the same issue a couple of days ago, receiving the same effects. The board ended up dying because of it. It's probably a fried board, to be honest.
  7. it's fried. i cleared the CMOS, still a no-go. I have ordered an ASRock Z97 OC Formula to replace this board, should be here any day now.
  8. huh. You might e onto something. New motherboard then?
  9. Hi everyone, i was hoping i could get a little help on this one. I'm having boot issues with my PC, and i can't figure out a solution to it. I was waiting for No Man's Sky to release on Steam when i thought to myself "you know, it would probably run more stabile if i turned off my CPU overclock". So i soft-shut down the system in Windows (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit), and when i pressed the power button to turn it on again... Nothing. just a quick flash from the LEDs on my soundcard and a "clack" from the power supply. i instantly thought the PSU died (EVGA SuperNova G2 850w), but i tested the unit with my trusty 12v bridging plug and the unit seems functional (it powers my D5 pump just fine, so i assume it works). My attention turned to the Mobo, which from close inspection had some fluid spillage from the CPU block onto the PCB, but nothing major. I suspect it's the board, but why didn't it short circuit in Windows then? As stated, it was 100% operational until i powered the system down in Windows, so im at a loss and have no idea to the cause of the issue. Any clues or help is appreciated. Specs: Core i7 4790K @ 4.8 GHz ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark S (Sabranco) from the TUF lineup HyperX FURY 32 gb 1866 MHz ram PNY GTX 1080 Founders Edition EVGA SuperNova G2 850w Samsung 950 Pro + Samsung 850 EVO Custom cooling from EKWB Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Motherboard BIOS 2702 - GPU BIOS Whatever is latest from NVIDIA. i've already uninstalled the CPU block, GPU and a radiator.
  10. Maybe a last gen Pentium (G3258)? Its cheap and can keep up with chrome (and even more with OC), prices are dropping for last gen mobo's and RAM.
  11. Wow... This actually looks like a contender for my next case. is the window acryllic or TG? Found it in my country (white) for about the same as my current 750D (225 USD, plz kill me). Viable upgrade? Currently got a 360, 140 and 280 all form EKWB
  12. Are the quality issues fixed? From my understanding the 900D was a great case let down by poor construction. I have the 750D and while the quality is "alright", it's nothing to boast about.
  13. You read the title... No restrictions as long as it's a mainstream case (Not CaseLabs etc.) EDIT: preferably something with a PSU shroud
  14. May i recommend moving the tube from the rad to the pump behind the motherboard tray? Not that it affects performance or anything, but that long tube is a bit of an eyesore if i do say so myself. Otherwise, great build and i hope she serves you well in the future!
  15. I would recommend EKWB for rads and pumps. High quality and reasonable pricing.
  16. Thank you! is there an AIB design "to die for" when it comes to the 1080 (with a block-design from EK)? but 1 question, are there really that many SLI issues with triple-A titles such as GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield? From what i have read it isn't that big of a deal. When it comes to features, there's not a lot where i really go" Wow! I must have that!", at least from what i've seen so that's not going to be the deciding factor. This might be a stretch, but could you maybe link an article or video showcasing the performance difference?
  17. Hi everyone, im looking for a new graphics solution for my PC and i could use some advice on upgrades. I use this rig mainly to play triple-A titles in 4K, where you can probably see my GTX780 Ti is struggling quite a bit with it's less than optimal 3 GB of VRAM. Ive been considering a GTX 1080 ever since it launched, but i just found a deal on a Gainward GTX 980 Ti Phoenix "Golden Sample" for about half the price of board partner 1080s (like the Strix, Twin Frozer, Windforce etc). I know dual GM200s will beat a single GP104, but can anyone bring up a comparison to show how much faster it is, and/or show if the 6 GB of VRAM is going to be an issue in the near future (4K)? This goes without saying, if dual GTX 980 Ti's are chosen i would have to move to X99 as i have other expansion cards in my system that rule out SLI (1x PCIE Soundcard, 4x PCIE SSD). Another thing to consider: i run my CPU and GPU(s) in a waterloop, so is the powerdraw of two 980 Ti's going to have THAT big of a difference compared to a single 1080?
  18. Sh*its gone crazy. Check out the link. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36809083