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  1. gharsh456

    (Important) Dedicated stream PC help

    I already ordered capture card . ELGATO HD60 pro
  2. gharsh456

    (Important) Dedicated stream PC help

    Yea I noticed. Ty for figuring out . btw any opinion on actual topic .?
  3. Hi guys ...! This is really important and i think this is the right place to post it . So i started streaming recently and my gameplay is somewhat different than non - stream gameplay I play CS:GO so i can see the difference.. I have an OLD pc I need a opinion will that PC be good for dedicated streaming OLD PC - i5 4440 16 GB ddr3 Gtx 960 CURRENT PC - i7 8700k 16 GB ddr4 Gtx 1080ti Also i heard about OBS NDi Is that good or should i go for capture card Also if you think this beast pc can handle encoding easily you are wrong im getting some trouble in gameplay And you know if you lose specially in CS:GO people rage here . Please help me out .. Thank you (Also i do ANIMATION and video editing stuff ,so please don’t yell at me for making this pc only for CS:GO)
  4. Btw can you suggest me a good PSU and CPU cooler for i7 8700k if i go for k version ...
  5. Cant fit into my budget ... and yus temps here in INDIA are 36 degree celcius
  6. Hi guy .... ! My first time posting here btw ... guys i really need help deciding between R7 and i7 prices are same in my country RYZEN 7 1700 - ₹24000 i7 8700 - ₹24000 btw i will be purchasing my whole rig in december or start of jan ... my budget is ₹115000 i.e $1700 btw 18% GST too chuck that .. my concern is over ryzen or i7 i cant afford i7 8700 (k) because aftermarket cooler is very expensive here ... btw i will be having gtx 1080 ti and also currently i have 144hz 1080p monitor mainly i will be streaming and gaming games like PUBG , CS GO , OVERWATCH BF-1 etx guys im really stucked between these two some say intel some say amd .. btw they say linustechtips have experts i really need a expertise help plz help me ... thank you for your time ...