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  1. i have a toshiba satellite p850 that i suspect has an msata port, but since it's my daily driver laptop aside from my desktop i'm leaving it out of this kind of experimentation for now
  2. these definitely aren't mpci, since i have a single mpci card from a laptop from 2003 and it's roughly 3x the width of the wifi cards all of these laptops have, which are mpcie
  3. m.2 =/= msata, i know these are all too old for m.2, msata predates m.2
  4. I have a whole bunch of laptops ranging from 2006 to 2014, and I have no idea how many of them support msata, and none of their online documentation mentions anything on it. If I just get an msata drive, how much damage could I cause if I were to just put it in all of the laptops to see if any of them read it as a proper drive? considering I'm legendarily broke i don't have any plans on buying an mSata drive any time soon. But for anyone that does have experience, here's a (abridged) list of laptops I have that all have multiple ambiguous "mini pcie" ports Toshiba Tecra A9 (2007, Intel model, T7250) Dell Precision M6300 (2008, Quadro FX 3600m, T7700) Lenovo B575 (2011, AMD E450, genuinely too slow to use anyway) Toshiba Satellite S50D-a (2013, AMD A10 quad core with a dual crossfire GPU setup) Dell Latitude E6430 (2012, i5-3360m, Intel HD) All of these have third party disc drive caddies for another hard drive anyway, but it hink it'd be neat to have 3 hard drives in a laptop
  5. So, i just got this monitor, and I've been having the hardest time setting it up during the past day, no matter what i do the colours look off... the best i can describe it is "badly rendered minecraft video with the wrong colour profile in sony vegas" or, it's kind of the "cinematic washed out but sort of saturated" look not sure how i'm supposed to fiddle with this, I've tried HDMI and the included DVI cable, the colours look the same, I've tried playing around with the OSD settings, not much of a difference, i lowered the brightness to 50% since I've heard people say that's the cause I've tried the windows calibration program, looks better, but that's how i got the weird cinematic colour to it I've tried messing around with the nvidia control panel, just makes things look worse I've tried looking up actual ICC colour profiles, apparently those don't exist for this monitor I've tried looking up a ton of troubleshooting problems, but no avail... does this monitor just have terrible colour reproduction with no way around it? or are these colours what they're actually supposed to be and i'm just used to an older monitor with an extended saturation setting I've got a 9 year old emachines monitor that looks just fine though, but that's 60hz and this is 144hz, so i can't just go back lol EDIT: even weirder, this only seems to be for the desktop and whatever game is in windowed mode, anything using exclusive fullscreen has normal colours....
  6. it's not plugged into the mobo, i make sure to plug everything properly and i checked, both should be set to their proper resolution at 60hz, the only thing i notice that ends up getting over stretched to the other monitor at any time is when i full screen discord, and it's only a single line of pixels that moves over
  7. all the games that support it are set to borderless windowed, because i tab out frequently to my second monitor as for my drives, both have at least 200gb free(apart from my SSD, second drive has about 187gb, and third has about 1.2TB free) also, not all of the games listed support strict fullscreen, or even any sort of fullscreen, however, i'll try for the ones that do
  8. So, I've been having this problem for quite a few months now, and I've tried to fix this issue multiple times with different methods, to varying degrees of success. in various games, when I have a second monitor plugged in, a handful of games i play the performance just tanks, sometimes by hundreds of FPS a couple of examples i can list are in Heavy Bullets, the game goes from about 120-130fps, down to 60 with a ton of constant drops to 30, vSync is off, the game is set to borderless windowed mode Warframe: the game would stay a steady 300 or so fps with one monitor, but with the second one it would have frequent drops to 5, and stay there for multiple minutes at a time (i managed to fix this mostly by reinstalling windows, but i still get drops to 30 or so) in various emulators that i know i can run normally, have frame drops for no apparent reason, but no actual slowdown (frameskip is off on all of them) Binding of Isaac Rebirth constantly fluctuates between 30 and 60fps various source games have many slowdowns, like TF2 goes from solid 200 to 60 at times and many more My dual monitor setup is a 1080p monitor connected via HDMI and a 1366x768 monitor connected via VGA(VGA to DVI adapter), both are 60hz My GPU is GTX 980 ti I'm running windows 10 pro with the latest drivers some solutions i've tried were completely reinstalling the driver with DDDU, reinstalling windows, taking apart my PC and cleaning any dust out any tips?
  9. he only needs the motherboard, ram and CPU. he's got everything else covered.
  10. I've got a friend over on a discord server that has some, fairly aging hardware. and he's looking to upgrade. He'd rather stick with his DDR3 ram, and preferably haswell. Right now he's got an i5-3470 and a Gigabyte B75M-D3V He also wants to go to 16GB ram, and he's got 2x4GB sticks, so it'd save some money to get a 4 ram slot motherboard so he can just get the one 8GB stick to upgrade to 16 He's got an upgrade budget of $500-600CAD/AUD Also, please try to keep the "hurr durr get skylake/ryzen instead" to a minimum. upgrading to ryzen or skylake/kabylake just isn't worth the cost for him right now. EDIT: if you can find a build that runs skylake/kabylake/ryzen with 16GB ram on top, within budget, then i'd allow it
  11. i just want it to be doing something more useful than gathering dust on my shelf
  12. i never had a problem running 10. and i hate setting up and using linux. thanks for the suggestion though, i guess
  13. considering i'm completely new to this, can you link a tutorial? thanks EDIT: never mind, it's a pinned topic