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  1. Unfortunately, ubiquiti's products are either rare or very expensive where i'm. I'm using a tp-link router for broadcasting guest wifi right now.
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to set up a free wifi login portal such as those used in malls, hotels, coffee shops using free software or open firmware? Please help, I want to create such portal to direct customers to my website. I'm pretty new to the open source firmware, so please be patient and guild me step by step. Thanks.
  3. Yes, my ISP is cool with using other modems; I think part of the reason is they know that their modem suck.
  4. so, you are saying that I should buy a dsl modem instead of trying to figure out a way to convert the fiber data to coaxial in the motorola sb6141?
  5. Hi, I wonder if there are any type of converter from fiber optic to rg6. The case is, in my country the price for fiber optic is pretty affordable, however the fiber optic modem the isp provides is stupidly slow, unstable and chinese made. I have a Motorola sb6141 laying around from when I study in the US. Unfortunately, it has rg6 75ohm Fconnector, not the sff or sfp connector as the isp's modem. I have seen people use a fiber to rj45 converter for adsl2+ modem, so I wonder if there is similar solution for fiber to rg6. Thanks.