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  1. I ran sysprep and I've lost all my files that were in my 'user' folder on my c drive but my SSD (C drive) is still full. Would have been better off just trying out the new mobo as it was. Now I'm gonna have to do a fresh Windows install and I hadn't backed up my files.
  2. I'm gonna try a sysprep later today so I'll let you know how it goes. If that fails I have an M.2 SSD coming which I can hopefully use as a boot drive to do a fresh install while keeping the data on my current SSD.
  3. Will it make much of a difference if I just install the new drivers? I don't want to lose all my installed programs and games. If I do do a fresh install is there an easy way to transfer them?
  4. in this thread https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/56123/low-gpu-usage-any-fix the guy fixes his low GPU usage in BF1 by making his RAM faster. Check your RAM is installed correctly perhaps?
  5. hmm. Try it with the old CPU again maybe to confirm it's an issue with only the new one. Possibly see if you can borrow a friend's RAM to see if it's an issue with that specific RAM kit.
  6. Did it work with both before or has it never booted with them both?
  7. I guess because 10nm isn't ready and they wanted to give a rushed response to Ryzen. They'll make a profit from Coffee Lake so why wouldn't they release it?
  8. Yeah, as PETRGangKing said, they've been using 14nm for 5 generations and I was under the impression we'd have 10nm intel CPUs a year from now
  9. I guess it's not worth reducing the resale value of my CPU for a return that small. I was gonna wait for the 10nm intel CPUs next year otherwise I assume I'd have to buy another new motherboard.
  10. Hi, I'm considering delidding my 4690k to replace the intel thermal paste with that coolabratory liquid ultra stuff. I currently use a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240 cooler with the thermal paste that was pre applied so may also change that. Will the overclock be worth all the hassle? what more can I expect? Attached image is current overclock running Prime95 small FFT for a few minutes.
  11. In case anyone finds this post and wants an answer I ended up buying this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Avantree-Digital-Converter-Adapter-Headphones/dp/B01LMXXHA8 which has optical in and aux/ rca out with an amplifier and volume control. Very useful if you bought a Samsung TV without a headphone jack.
  12. The new TV I bought (Samsung UE60KU6000) only has digital out so I'm buying a digital to analog converter but then I need to amplify that signal for volume control with my headphones. Can anyone recommend a cheap amp to do this? I'm in the UK, the Behringer HA400 is the cheapest I've found but it's around £20 and requires a couple of adapters for 3.5mm.
  13. Fixed it, I turned off hardware acceleration in chrome advanced settings. I doubt there's a problem with my GPU, I've got a brand new gtx 1080 which is flawless everywhere else. Probably a software problem somewhere in chrome.
  14. I accidentally set it up to pull air from the top as well as front and rear as in so had no output which oddly only made my mobo run hot, GPU was doing fine. It was about 50 C in my case and the GPU stayed at 70 C haha. I've now switched the rear fan as the only exhaust because I'm too lazy to try the fans the other way round and I want to prioritise CPU cooling anyway. Note for anyone who finds this: Thermaltake RGB fans blow in the direction of the 'ugly side' with exposed wiring and specifications on the sticker.
  15. Sometimes when I watch videos on youtube etc they get artifacts such as the attached pic. If I restart the PC they go away. Could this be my CPU overclock? (i5 4690k 4.7 GHz at 1.35v) Should I try a little more voltage or drop down the multiplier?
  16. Turns out I'm a fool and had mounted my new water cooler fans as an input instead of output resulting in 4 ins and no exhausts (the 'ugly side' is the way thermaltake rgb fans blow)... I've now switched the rear fan around and it's dropped down to 30 C. Weirdly my GPU still never went above 70C gaming, I guess it's just got a great cooler on it and my custom fan curve.
  17. after a new fan layout my mobo gets very hot.
  18. The most I've managed to OC my CPU to is 4.7GHz at 1.30v. I tried up to 1.35v to get 4.8 stable but it crashed during a stress test. I'm sure I could push the voltage a little higher but it's not worth it for a marginal extra OC. I'm still happy with the result and it was worth getting the water cooler for. Maybe I'll do the 1.4v when it's a little older.
  19. using layout number 1 my CPU temp has dropped substantially from my hyper 212 evo. 10 C lower at idle, 15 C lower on the Aida 64 fpu test and 11 C while gaming. My gpu has gone up 3 C to 71 which is nothing, I can just increase the fan speed if need be. The only thing slightly worrying is the mobo temp going from 30 C this morning to 43 C now (under load). Gonna have to keep an eye on it as that's on the warm side.
  20. Okay thanks, As sakkura said it may cause trouble for the gpu with both the other fans as input but I can't have 3 outputs else it will have loads of negative pressure. Guess I just have to try it out and see. My GPU runs super cool right now so it probably won't be too bad.
  21. What kind of difference in CPU temperature can I expect with exhaust rather than intake? I'm planning on doing a pretty high overclock.
  22. I need to decide on a fan layout with my case. Of the two pictures what would be best? front and rear intake and water cooler exhaust? or like in the other picture with only one exhaust? I also have a gtx 1080 in the case One more question. Does it matter if the fans are push or pull? pull would be easier to clean but I feel push would be more efficient. Thanks.
  23. I've just bought the Thermaltake, I'm gonna have to try it both ways I think and see what my temps are like. just bought a dust filter for the rear fan as well, might help a bit.