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  1. its random but lets say it can happen every 1hour the chrome randomly opens VideoLan Download > ADF.LY and its annoying : \ any idea how to get rid of this virus ?
  2. Not sure where to post it so im sry if im not in the right forum to seek help im using windows 7 and the rig i have in my profile the pc is connected to my gaming monitor via DP and to my Samsung TV via HDMI when i want to watch TVShows i switch from the PC monitor to the TV but then i get wierd Static noise that only happens when i move to the TV! now lets say im doing a restart the problem can get even worse and the static noise gets higher but sometimes reset solves the problem and the sounds is just fine. i tried this > Reinstall windows , Which means drivers and so on Replacing cables audio settings nothing solved it. any ideas? its just so annoying when u get your food ready and u press play to just to find out the sound is messed up again and u have to restart few times to fix the problem also - not on the same topic . is there a way to change my name in the forum ? thanks.
  3. sry for the late respone reason i bought Apex M800 in the first place was its RGB colors > Keyboard with Numlocks and SILENT switchs so i almost could'nt hear them when typing/playing Only keyboard i can think of to replace it is the Corsair STRAFE RGB Silent - which i dont see in AMAZON.COM at all : \ any ideas ?
  4. Sadly , My Apex M800 Failed and now on the way back to Amazon I'm looking for a new Mech Keyboard Thinking about the Corsair Strafe but not sure which Switchs to get The reason i bought Apex M800 at first was because the Silent Switchs it offered. Any suggetions?
  5. hey people a friend just got a new pc with GIGABYTE B150M - D3H board he got a WD1TB AND SAMSUNG SSD he tried to install win10 but got an error saying there are no drivers i told him to get into bios but he also dont see any devices in the bios we checked and both ssd/hdd connect to the motherboard and working fine any idea? i think its the new UEFI Dualbios that block it somehow and i think i miss one settings there that suppose to fix it any ideas?
  6. hey i changed nvidia settings exactly like you did but still i get black borders :{
  7. Hey i've been trying to play some old games like UT99/TACTICAL OPS and for some reason if i use any ress below 1920-1080 i get black borders. in those old games my fav ress is 1280-1024 any way to fix that?
  8. Hey , Started Broadcasting The Witcher 3 few days ago on my steam account and already found some awesome people to play it im really enjoying and having fun and trying to gather more people to my broadcasting list. playing on highest difficulty for both game and gwent(new game plus+) also game settings are at highest possible http://steamcommunity.com/id/nircc/ - thats my steam profile send me a friend request and ill tag you as a broadcasting member Thanks
  9. i think that gsync makes you lose all settings even black equailer so why would i use gsync and lose those features? does gsync impact picture/colors and black equalizer?
  10. the thing is that the price is very cheap now , i never tried Ultrawide b4 in my life only saw videos and it looks so gooooooooooooood for games like The Witcher 3 / Fallout 4 and such. some people say Ultrawide is the best thing some saw 4K is its all comes to your own preferences anyway as i said i was "Set up" on the idea that 144hz tn monitors are the best when it comes to gaming and i start to check other option like 4k/ultrawide/1440p and UW looks impressive more then 4k/1440p (i had 1440p and it was NICE but not MIND BLOWING as people claim it to be )
  11. i saw some videos about people playing cs:Go with the monitor and the ressulotion worked fine but the HUD isn't scaled to be honest the 2 games that im going spend MOST OF MY TIME ON will be KF2/TW3 which i checked both and they support perfectly the ultrawide have you tried TheWItcher 3 with your monitor? can you share youre expereience with it ? how good the colors?what about BLB?does the monitor Instantly turn on ? does it comes with a DP cable inside? and do you think my rig can handel it ?(suppose to be able to get easy 70-90fps in most games i think )
  12. i was set up on "normal gaming monitors" until i saw some videos on Ultrawide monitors and was amazed how immersive it looks now i did some research and the LG seems like the best option for gaming *i cant afford 34/35' monitors and i dont think that size will be good for my rig/desk/eyes* so the LG 29UM67-P is Ultrawide 21:9 , 2560x1080 IPS 60hz , freesync monitor it comes with LG "DAS" option which is the Dynmaic action sync - i think its suppose to reduce Input lag. its also a freeSync monitor - now the funny thing about it is if you use Nvidia card you can Enable Freesync in the monitor menu (must use DP cable) and you can set the refresh rate to 75hz! so yeah i wont get the "gsync/freesync" but i'll get 75hz and DAS. the main games that im going to play will be Killing Floor 2 The Witcher 3 Maybe some CS:GO/Dirty Bomb/QuakeLive Dota 2 and maybe Fallout4 (not sure yet) from i've checked Dota2/KF2/TW3 all supports the Ultrawide ress i just want to make sure if this monitor is the best 29' Ultrawide for gaming thanks!
  13. sadly even if we get this monitor in my country price will be around 1.1k usd which is too much and not worth it :< but the monitor does look epic .
  14. after my PG278Q died i wanted to get the 24GM77-B but now im thinking maybe i should consider other options like Ultrawide / 4K / 2.5k And maybe i dont MUST HAVE 144hz monitor at all main games i want to play on max settings smooth are : Dota2/Killing Floor 2/ The Witcher 3 and such these three websites are the main stores in my country so i can get only the models that in there: http://en.ksp.co.il/ https://www.ivory.co.il/monitors.html http://www.plonter.co.il/mainpage3.tmpl?category=1006&catwas=1006&cart=145114530049320149〈=heb i dont mind going back to 1080p because i know i can run any game max settings easy but im not sure how my rig will handel bigger resulotions would love to hear your opnions because im not a competetive gamer any more and i dont see my self soon i like spend hours in games like TheWitcher 3 and i want them to be MAX SETTINGS to look the best as possible and ofcurse i dont want any fps drops that will ruin my expreience i also cant afford another GPU so thats out of the way :< thanks