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  1. I've been informed that this has been going for at least one year. This is mindblowing. So it is probably old news for most people. Anyway, I hope it could pop up in a Google Search about this youtube livestreams and prevent someone to get caught in this scam.
  2. TLDR: A large scale fraud/scam operation is going on on Youtube right now. It is based around Microsoft and Bill Gates and the recent news about Bill Gates and Blockchain. You get scammed in BTC. Please help get this to Youtube's attention by reporting the livestreams (if you want to) or by contacting them if you "know people". Even worse, some poor guy's channels are compromised to feed that large scale scam/fraud. Hello everyone. In short, I fall for a scam two days ago. I don't want to wine about it. What is done is done. What I want now is to prevent anyone else to get hurt. What is going on ? If you head to youtube.com and search for "Bill Gates", you will notice every day that new "Microsoft US/News/Company/..." channels pop up and starts a livestream probably feeded by a botnet. The one I fell for had 12K viewers and the channel was convincingly named "Microsoft Company". If you think it is obvious, yes it is absolutely. Until one day you are tired and fall for it out of inattention. What is the scam ? The livestream streams old videos featuring Bill Gates. Nothing interesting there. The scam is that the fake Microsoft channel claims that Bill Gates or Microsoft is hosting a BTC giveaway for the crypto community. Of course, you see it coming, you don't receive any BTC by inputting your public key (like a normal giveaway), but you have to send some amount to get it 2x ed back. Of course you will never get it back. Why am I putting it here ? You may think that no one would fall for something so obvious. I've been the one thinking that of other scams for years. Until one day you are tired, quarantined at home for days, not paying attention and you fall for one (yes I'm repeating it so people never let their guard down). Why is this scam so bad ? We are miles away from your average "Nigerian prince" scam. Here we are talking about hijacking people's Youtube Channels, doing identity theft of Bill Gates and Microsoft, using a Botnet to boost the viewers count so that it can get to the home page of the "live" tab of Youtube. This is an insanely elaborate scam and it is going on for a few days (at least). The scam is also conveniently timed with the recent news about Bill Gates and Blockchain. So the fact that Bill Gates would "give you free money" is not that crazy (in a way). Why is this scam even worse than what you are thinking right now? The people behind the scam are actually hijacking some poor people's channels to feature the scam livestream. They rename the channel and benefit for its previous audience to get recommended to people's feed of videos. I actually saw the 12K livestream on my home page, which Is INSANE, when you think about it. I'm putting some printscreens as proof attached. Especially to prove my claim that the stream can get to the front page of the "live" tab of Youtube, which is really really bad. If I save at least one person from this community to fall for this scam, it consider this was worth it to annoy you guys with this. Sorry for that !
  3. So I guess that LTT viewership is only 20+ employed people then ? That is why there are so many memes about "I have a potato PC and here is Linus building a 20'000$ machine"
  4. This is my last attempt of explaining, after that I will trust you to go watch videos about it, it will be easier. You are not paid to watch videos (like LTT videos). You can choose to not block all the ads with the built-in ad blocker of Brave. In this case, everytime an ad is served through the BAT ecosystem and the Brave browser, you get some BAT tokens. After that, it is up to you to convert it to something else (Bitcoin, USD, EURO, ...) and buy food or whatever. OR, you can choose to allocate part or all of it to reward the content creators you watch frequently.
  5. You are not supposed to watch stuff as a job to get paid. I was just giving an example. The goal is simply to reward your attention. Right now, every time you load a page with ads, only the advertisement platform is winning. If you cut the ads with a blocker, you hurt the creator if you don't support it in another way. This system is the perfect middle ground where everyone wins a bit.
  6. I saw a french content creator literally enable its channel in like 5-10 minutes. I don't think they would need to invest weeks into researching this. The co-creator of Firefox is behind Brave, as a token of "trust". It really depends. If the Brave reward system takes off and that you scour the internet almost as a job to watch "Brave rewards ads" and then give 100% of the collected tokens to LTT, I guess it would be way more than any other way of helping them, outside the merch store I guess. The difference is that it costed you "attention" and not good old "greens". Since the BAT ecosystem aims at splitting more fairly the cut of advertisement between the advertiser (ex. Coca-Cola) and the advertisement platform (ex. Facebook), by introducing the viewers in the equation, I guess that the revenues could be quite huge globally.
  7. So the topic is the browser Brave. I won't explain it as well as some others did (search for Brave browser on Youtube). Basically it is a browser built on top of a blockchain. It aims at rewarding your attention on websites among other things. When you earn some BAT tokens, you can choose to spend them back on creators or websites you like. In my case, LTT videos have a two digit percentage of my "attention", so their auto-contribute feature would send a bunch of BATs to LTT if I had any in the browser wallet. Since this system is still young, it is hard to really earn tokens by browsing websites yet. Doesn't cost much for LMG to verify its channels with Brave, in case this takes off. I guess that this audience is the perfect one that would try this kind of stuff as early adopters. If you don't know about Brave, try it out ! Disclaimer: I own BAT tokens. But I don't have an evil plan to make its price rise through LTT forums (I promise).
  8. I would agree with OP, but not in the scale of 2018. Radeon VIIs seem to do well, you can find a lot of videos about it. I'm less experienced with nvidia, but I guess they can still mine the same coins even more efficiently with Turing now. You can still mine a lot of coins with GPUs. Ethereum is still around and Cuckatoo31 and Grin/Mimblewimble (I love this name) has made its way to the profitable spot also. Ethereum should hit 2.0 soon(ish) and even though it is going to switch to PoS, there will be an in between phase with PoW (GPU mining) and PoS ("mining without compute power" in short). Ethereum 2.0 could drive the price super high, thus making mining super profitable thus causing a small shortage, but because PoS is not using compute power anymore, the shortage will quickly fade away as PoS takes its place and PoW is phased out. Disclaimer: this is not investment advice.
  9. It's kind of the same as the "SSD syndrom". While you have a HDD, you are fine, same as for 1080p. The problem arises when you switch to a SSD, here to 1440p (or see it on a friend's screen). Then you can never go back and if you do, you can only see it as inferior. What seemed crisp before is now "blurry" (exaggerated). So it is highly subjective, but until you upgrade, you will never know why it's better, because 1080p will seem fine. But at the same time your budget can stay a bit lower. But 1440p is definitively better for 27'', if the budget can match.
  10. Razer Blades are a pain to buy here, same for Gigabyte Aeros. LG Grams are unavailable in the entire EU officially. Dell and Lenovos are much more easy to buy with local stores for RMA. Those were the 5 brands I was looking at. From your Lenovo Legion Y520 signature link, I've ended up looking at the Lenovo X1 Extreme, which is the competitor of the XPS 15, but seems to have less problems (S3, sleep, idle consumption, heat, ...). Also, the same config as your Legion (8300H + 1050 Ti) is a good compromise between all the options I was looking at with good battery life it would seem. Also, the Lenovo X1E only weights 1.7KG . I'll keep looking, thanks for the comment.
  11. It seems that the performance of a RTX 2060 mobile chip is in the same ballpark as the previous gen 1070s found in Razer laptops. Technically, a 1060/2060 is 80W and a 1070/2070 is 120W. So the new Razer Blade 2060 offers the performance of a 1070 with the power savings of the 1060, right ? I don't really take in account the RTX part. If you would buy the older gen 1070 for whatever reason: price, availability, disregard for RTX stuff, etc, would this 40W difference reflect in the battery life outside the gaming use case ? Basically, does Windows and the drivers make a good job of only using the iGPU ? Because outside the dGPU, these laptops are almost identical. And if the battery life is similar outside gaming on the go, it would make sense to buy a cheaper 1070 (or the only available Razer Blade with US keyboard in a country...). I also plan to use Ubuntu, but in this case I will be forcing to use the Intel iGPU all the time for battery savings.
  12. I almost choke yesterday when I opened the 9900K page with the price from newegg. I didn't realize the price had skyrocketed that much. AMD is probably quite happy right now. Just search for 9700K on Youtube and sort by date uploaded, there are dozens of results. There are professional reviews and people just showing their rig performance in their favorite game. Those kind of reviews are nice too, it's the most "real world" you can get.
  13. iPhones have always been luxury items, at least for sure after the 4 and at least from the business model PoV (afaik). The fact that at some point a lot of people had one doesn't mean it was supposed to be cheap and affordable like the old One Plus and Pocofones. It just meant everyone wanted one because trends and things (like whatever fancy brand kids wear in school nowadays). Markets where iPhone dominates are markets where the median salary goes towards 100K/year. Countries like Switzerland have had iOS as high as 70% market share. As for any luxury item, if you go down in price, you loose people, because people buying it were not concerned by the price in the first place. You just want one or you simply can afford it without thinking about it. So going down in price, you start targeting different people, people like LTT's audience that will loose 1 hour comparing 2 phones over 50$ and a headphone jack (you get the idea). Or an audience that wants 300$ phones, not any cent above that. And I think it is clear this new audiences are not super fans of Apple in general, hence the poor XR sales.