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    My PC - Kaileena

    CPU: 3570K @ 4.2
    GPU: 7950 Twin Frozer III
    Case: Corsair 600T
    Motherboard: MSI GD-65 Z77
    PSU: Corsair AX650
    Samsung 830 128GB
    She is awesome!! XD
  1. I thought it was better than the first hobbit movie, but still not nearly as good as the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy.
  2. As some of the others said, i think you should cut back on unboxings, but not cut them out completely. You should only do unboxings of things you want to do unboxings of, that way your excitement comes through to the audience and it makes it more enjoyable for both parties.
  3. thanks for the help guys, i will try my options later tonight. I have a MSI z77 GD-65.
  4. Hey guys i came home yesterday, tried to wake my computer up from sleep and then it shut off and game me a memory error. Needless to say it scared the S**t out of me. Lucky for me i have a dual bios board so i flipped the switch and it booted just fine. Now what i am wondering is how i flash the main bios... and dont mess up the secondary in the process. As a little more info, on the main bios the pc gets stuck in a boot loop, it powers on for a second and then powers off, the only way to stop it is to pull out the power cord. I hope you guys can help me. Im sure i could figure it out on my own, but hey all you guys are great so i figured this would work as well!
  5. I chose the AMD 7950 because it is a great and powerful card that overclocks well, and it came with 3 free games. The never settle bundle really changed my mind.
  6. This will be for triple surround 1080P gamimg. I can get both for the same price so the money is not the issue. Which is better. I want to go silgle card, but from what i can tell, the dual 7970 are very good in x-fire. Is it worth it, or would my performance with a 780 be good enough to be happy with todays AAA titles? Thanks for the help!!! :)
  7. NCIX or Newegg, who ever has better deals, and sometime amazon, when i have a giftcard handy!
  8. The answer would be yes, you can, but i would not advise, mainly because you will never be able to add more stuff to your system. If you have the money to buy a new PSU everytime you change up your system, why not buy a modular? But anyway, you should be able to just cut the wires, MAKE SHURE THE PSU IS UNPLUGED!!!!!! After you cut it isolate all of the wires so that none of them touch, if they touch they could short out your entire system, or a the very least fry your PSU. Wraping each individual wire in eletrical tape would be a cheap fix, but i would suggest you find a better way to isolate the wires. As long as the wires dont touch you should be fine.
  9. I say up, for that main reason that i have a AX650 and i only turns on when im gaming. Having it up allows the PSU to be passively cooled by the case fans.
  10. Do tell us what you think, i was going to get one as well, id like to have a opnion on it! :lol:
  11. *Disclaimer: I personally do not have this problem, my friend does but this is still relevant.* So i am having a problem... windows blue screen on installation. Right after it finishes loading all the data up from the disc, it plue screens. My friend said it had a error about the PCI slot. But after 2 cards, diffrent hardrives, diffrent optical drive and everything but the cpu and MoBo have been replaced or switched out. Here is the real kicker, it works fine with windows 7 so its not the hardware! My current theroy is the BIOS. Is this possible? The pc is about 2 years old so the components are newish. Could the BIOS be causeing BSODs? If so, how would i fix it, just a BIOS update? Thank You in advance, LimeFire
  12. The way i see it, if you learn one, you know them all. The only thing you have to learn going from one language to another are the arguments, some other stuff, but i would say that you learn which ever sounds good because once you know one it makes it easier to learn the others!