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    My AWD is just procastination now.
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    Somewhere, not from this planet.
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    Games, anime, manga, Games, Games, Anime, Computers, Sex, Games, did I say Games? And anime?
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    Studying Computer Engeneering


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    Intel i5-4690K @ 4.3GHz
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    16GB HyperX
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    MSI 970 Gaming G4 3.5(4)GB
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    NZXT H440 Blue
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    Crucial MX100 256GB + 2x1TB HDDs
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    650Ws Bronze
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    2x 1080ps
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    CoolerMaster 412S + 2 Corsairs SP120mm
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    Asus Echelon (MXCherry Black)
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    Logitech G700
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    AudioLux HD668
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    Win 10

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  1. Hi @GeneXiS_X https://www.pccomponentes.com/portatiles-gaming https://www.worten.es/productos/informatica/portatiles/gaming https://www.pcbox.com/categorias/ordenadores-portatiles https://outlet-pc.es/3-portátiles But I've already drilled it down to those 2. I really like MSI and I know their product + those 2 are at the moment the best price/performance I need. I don't need battery life, ill be near an outlet 99% of the time and my current laptop is a 2010 MBP, so 2,5kg or so, as long as it isnt too heavy... Budget depends, this is on the higher end already, but the price/performance seems good and I'm sure its worth it. so 1300€ max or so.
  2. By the first swap, it was dry as it could be. I've been using Noctua NT-H1 and now I have some ICDiamond. It's worth getting a better paste, they last a lot in their tube and your temps will improve. Ive only had to buy those 2 pastes in over 6 years. I've also used thermal grizzly kryonaut, but you need to spread that one and for GPU's its better if they self spread IMO
  3. Xaring

    my 750 dollar build

    But those issues where only with a number of GPUs, right? In particular with Asus' 970s or did i get that wrong?
  4. I've changed my GPU's (MSI 970 Gaming) at least 3 or 4 times by now. Keep your screws somewhere safe and you'll be fine.
  5. Xaring

    my 750 dollar build

    I'd swap the PSU for a 550W Seasonic Focus+ and the SSD for a crucial one. Other than that it looks OK
  6. Hi guys, I cant decide on which of these 2 systems to get... They both have cons and pros, so I need more opinions. I will be using the laptop to game on the go, program in Java, python and web development; do 3D design and learn game development (Unity and Lumberyard). https://outlet-pc.es/portátiles/39023-msi-ge63-raider-rgb-8rf-039xes-i7-8750h16gb1tb256ssdgtx1070156-120hz-caja-abierta.html 1250€ - i7-8750H, 16GB RAM 2666, 1TB HDD + 256GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1070 8GB, 15" 1080p 120Hz screen Pros: 8GB VRAM, More storage (1.2Tb), RGB, cheaper. Cons: Older GPU, less efficient, open box. https://www.pccomponentes.com/msi-gl63-8sd-270xes-intel-core-i7-8750h-16gb-512gb-ssd-gtx-1660ti-156 1300€ - i7-8750H, 16GB RAM 2666, 512GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1660Ti 6GB, 15" 1080p 120Hz screen. Pros: Newer GPU architecture - its more efficient, new. Cons: No RGB (lol), only 512GB storage, 6GB VRAM, 50€ more expensive They both have more or less the same performance, and I'm not sure if the bigger SSD but no HDD is worth paying more for it, to be honest, i'm temped to buy the older laptop but the fact that its an old GPU tech might be a deal breaker, so im unsure... What do you guys think? Thanks
  7. Xaring

    520W PSU with Rx 590

    You should be fine as long as you don't OC too much, for the 590. It's TDP is 175W, as long as you dont have a threadripper CPU or something like that, you'll have no issues.
  8. Xaring

    Totally remove windows from a pc hdd/ssd

    It depends... The easy way is to backup your files(documents, images... anything you wanna save) in a external drive or cloud, and format your drive. This will remove all the date in the drive. Get the new ones, install the OS on the new drives, put the old in the enclousure, grab all your files from it, then use the format option in "Computer" to clear it.
  9. Xaring

    Mouse decisions

    Grab a Logitech G502... They do the best mice. The corsair one isn't too bad. Razer stuff has been overpriced for ever and mice especially have issues (My friends old mamba died after 18 months or so and I know a death adder which also died).
  10. Xaring

    Want to build a NAS/Web Server for cheap

    Thanks for the feedback. So yeah, guess ill stick to normal memory and grab one of those RAID cards or similar. I won't depend on on-board sata then and I can have better freedom of choice for the mobo. I don't think I'll ever go over 4TB of storage on this system, so with the planned 8GB I will have plenty for that and the other services I plan on running.
  11. Hey guys, how you all doing? I'm in need to build a better NAS/Server system, as I've moved my RaspberryPi to be my dedicated Octoprint system. Yes, the Pi bottlenecks everything, so the upgrade is much needed. The webserver hosts a OwnCloud service and a second webserver hosts a small development page, nothing fancy. This works real slow on the Raspberry Pi, as you can imagine, so I have no issues on not having the best hardware, but I don't know how low I should go :P. The NAS currently has 2 recycled 320GB drives in RAID1, but I'd like to have up to 4 drive support in the future. The budget is 200€ max. I have been looking into ITX SOC motherboards like the newly released Biostar A10N-8800E, but this one does not have 4x Sata ports. I like the ITX SOC approach, I can 3D print and build a case for my needs for cheap. And It will help the system have a small footprint (my house is tiny). What is the bare minimum I should go for? 8GB Ram, PicoPSU and a similar SOC should do the trick. I will also need a boot drive, as the Pi runs from an SD Card. I can get a cheap 120GB SSD for 30-40€. I'd love to hear recommendations of similar boards - No need for USB3 or fancy audio or anything of the sort. Sata/M.2 slots and a 1Gbps network card is my requirement. Is ECC memory mandatory too, or can I go without? (this would also make it much more expensive). Thanks in advance!
  12. So we're looking for a 3770K for less than 150€ short term, and if we cant find it, then we will grab the full upgrade... A 3770 would give her parts like 6 months to a year of life, I guess - then upgrade to whatever is most logical at that point
  13. Xaring

    Medium-High End Gaming Laptops

    I preconfigured it for you with 32Gb and a 4K display on it, that's why it was more expensive I think My friend has been carrying it around to uni for the last 6 or 9 months and he's had 0 issues. Can't talk about fan noise Im afraid. I haven't payed attention.
  14. Xaring

    Medium-High End Gaming Laptops

    Why not an Eurocom Sky MX5R3 (Clevo P651HS-G)? A reputable seller from notebookreview has just opened this store (@woodzstacks). (Basically same as the sager)
  15. Hi everyone, Ive been out of the hardware game for a while now and I need help deciding what the best upgrade for my friend would be. At the moment she's got the following system: i5-3470, some gigabyte Z75 board, 16GB ddr3 <--- This needs to change RX480, Corsair (550W or 650W, cant remember exactly which) Gold PSU; and several drives (ssd+ 2 hhds). We are looking for the best upgrade possible without breaking the bank. She WILL NOT be overclocking. She needs the most stable system possible while streaming. And we couldn't care less about brands, just value. The most she's willing to spend at the moment would be about 600€, or a Ryzen 1700 + B350 low-mid tier mobo + 16GB of cheap DDR4. Still any other recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Edit: dont add a CPU heatsink, she's got a CM hyper 212.