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  1. I ordered two Xeon E5506 a couple days ago and got them in today. Connected everything back up and it is still failing to post. I moved the ram around and also tried with a single CPU in either sockets with no luck.
  2. I will have to order some more 1366 socket CPU to test that. Very good possibility since that component was a eBay purchase.
  3. The only activity I get from the board are the fans that are plugged into the headers. Unfortunately no lights or integrated speaker. I feel that the board isn't the issue because the ram gets warm and the passive air cooling in the middle of the board, right of the pci slots, gets warm as well. Insuring the EVGA 210 and a TP Link Wireless card also show activity since they do not require direct power from the PSU.
  4. It doesn't beep. It may be small, but I don't see an integrated speaker. Could use headphones on the line out to see if that has any noise to it, but I've never heard of that being a possibility.
  5. Hey there community, Six months ago, the crew uploaded the video "Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM". I became really intrigued by this idea, because I use a program called Maxwell Render which heavily relies on cpu processing, and chose to take this challenge on. I have been searching ebay, server supply warehouse, craigslist, and Newegg for all of my components for this build. From the mentioned venders, I have been able to pick up; HP Z800 dual socket motherboard Two Intel Xeon E5520 16 GB of HP certified ECC DDR3 Ram 128 GB ADATA SSD AMD R7770 Black Edition graphics 750 80+ Bronze Rosewill Arc PSU Because this was my first "ground up" build, I did some research on what else I needed since the mobo doesn't have standard connections for mounting as well as for power connectors. I found a website, here, that I followed as best I could. Instead of splicing wires and making my own adapters, I purchased a premade harness that split the 24pin down to the required 18 pin, for power, and 10 pin, for memory. Once I had all of my components placed in their home and cables connected securely I connected my monitor to the digital DVI port on the graphics card, because the mobo doesn't have dedicated graphics, and powered the system on. Everything appeared to be working properly but it failed to post. I powered down the system, double checked that my ram was in their correct slots and removed one of the cpu's to see if that would change anything. This had no effect and also didn't post. Thinking that it may be the graphics card drawing too much juice from the PCI gen 2, I swapped for my tester gpu, EVGA GeForce 210. Connecting that to the other monitor that I have, which is vga, also failed to post. I haven't pulled out a multimeter to check voltage rails given off by the PSU, but any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.