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  1. Guys am I missing something? haha
  2. Hey guys, I'm a newcomer to this forum and I thought I could show something simple I made using SQLite and a cross platform compiler. If you guys haven't heard of the game yugioh, then I guess you're either to old or not a fan . Anyways here is something that I've been working on, its mainly an app ( working on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac ) for yugioh duelists to check out the latest news, deck reviews/profiles and cards that can be beneficially to their deck. Right now I have worked on the card reader which reads all the cards from the yugioh sqlite database. Hopefully this can take off when I'm finishing and help all the duelists all around the world !
  3. For game programming, use the Unity3d engine along with C#. It's very simple to setup and mess around with. Your main challenge is going to be "what time of game will I be making". This is going to be the absolute start. If its a simple chess game, you would need to learn about Arrays and variables. If its more of a angry birds type of game, you will need to play around with ingame physics. A lot of people are going to tell you that you should learn how to program first then tackle games. To some extent that is true but sometimes diving into the deep end is also another way to learn. If you are extremely dedicated to learning and want to create games more than it being just a hobby, I suggest you learn about variables, functions and gameloops, as these are the building blocks of a game. Since your focus is focus is 2d games, there is going to be a main focus on two-dimensional arrays ( the X and Y axis ), which is going to move objects across the screen. Have a look into Unity and follow the tutorials they have on their website to get started
  4. Pixalynx

    Anyone good with Adobe After Effects?

    Ok so go to your main timeline where your animation is and press -> Ctrl + M It should open up the render que as shown below : Select lossless then under format select quicktime : Finally click format options then select under video codec as h264 : Hope that helps
  5. Pixalynx

    Upgrading my DSLR, options?

    I think you should go for the black magic line of cameras, since they have amazing dynamic range so you can achieve amazing results when in resolve. But since you mentioned that you are not interested in the ursa mini, I would say for an affordable option you should go for the GH4, im not sure how the sony a7 series handles High dynamic range or if raw video can be achieved, but certainly they perform incredibly in low light. That being said, if you do plan on using resolve also consider a colour accurate monitor if you do not have one already
  6. Pixalynx

    Favorite Monitor Setup For Programming

    I use two monitors currently for my Cross platform development. My main monitor is used to house the Coding IDE, whilst the secondary monitor is used either to run osx yosemite on a vm machine to compile for MAC/iOS or I use the secondary monitor to run the final win32/64 application. Also my IDE allows for form design so sometimes I have the Form Designer on the second window and I use the primary window for the Code editor . Hope that helps !