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    This_guy1998 reacted to STORMCRAFT-STUDIOS in hey Linus which one is better on speed RTX 2080 Ti or the Bridge Creek Oklahoma Torna   
    I'm sorry that I have Autism and I like storms also I wasn't trying to be mean about it
  2. Agree
    This_guy1998 reacted to Trevor87 in Do we really need to spend $ 2K - $ 5K only to make a gaming oriented computer or con   
    Long answer short it depend.
    A. On what graphics you want to play on the pc
    B. What need in the pc
    C For Linus if you want RGB
  3. Agree
    This_guy1998 got a reaction from Technomancer__ in Hey Linus! I was wondering if you could make the ultimate potato computer and see how   
    Also linus did the ultimate potato build already.