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  1. In my computer hardware class in college I was taught to have overhead and also by not having enough pcie plugs proves that this power supply needs upgraded.
  2. https://www.tweaktown.com/guides/7481/tweaktowns-ultimate-intel-skylake-overclocking-guide/index3.html http://www.masterslair.com/determining-your-maximum-bclk-base-clock-frequency-i7-i5-i3
  3. You should be fine, yes the CPU is a bottleneck, but if you can deal with it for a little while you will still get a performance bump. If you are comfortable to play around with overclocking the gpu and maybe the BCLK clock on the CPU then you can get the most performance you can for that chip. I bumped up my BCLK clock from 3.2 to 3.5 GHZ on my Xeon (comparable to a i5 6500 or 6600) when it was still in my main rig, along with overclocking the GPU and I got decent performance.
  4. Parts do look okay, but if price is an issue than either upgrade to a 8th gen i5 or a i3 8350k (same cores as a 7th gen i5)
  5. The 970 is still an Okay card. I have one in my HTPC and it does 1080p games no problem. Somedays I still wonder why I went to a 1070 in my rig instead of keeping using the 970.
  6. Your best bet is probably a Ryzen 7 1700x because of the 8 physical cores on it and because the cost per dollar and it supports ECC RAM. I run virtualization on my 7700k (4 cores @ 4.5Ghz haven't had time to overclock much yet) but it is usually one VM at a time using VMWare Workstation in Windows 10. What hypervisor are you planning on running? What is your budget?
  7. Honestly if I had the time and could afford to take off work for About 2.5 to 3 weeks in the summer (during the year I am a college student), I would totally take a week or so both ways to road trip it out to Canada from the States instead of flying. I went and road tripped with my grandparents and sister to Seattle a few years back and that we took about a week to get there (a lot better and fun cause we stopped and saw stuff) and we took 3 days to get back (that sucked). That was a fun trip.
  8. If you read OPs post he mentions his elementary "skool" so he is probably very young.
  9. My 10th grade year of high school someone figured out that Windows UAC was disabled meaning that we could run things as admin on the computers. They also had command prompt disabled too, but.... a simple batch script fixed that. People used that to use shutdown/i (a remote shutdown feature for PCs on a domain). Everyone trolled everyone because I was the one that spread it to people (that same person also taught me the shutdown/i and the batch script too). Well my English II teacher then told the administration about it and that I knew the loophole, so then after 3 trips to the assistant principal of discipline (and a threat of In-School) later they soon after fixed the loophole. Then the next year a different student got on a teachers H drive, stole test answers, and ended up expelled for 1 year plus possible charges against him (it was dismissed in court). Then my 11th grade year I was taking classes at my local college (not the one I go to now) and they had a test prep class that high school students taking their classes had to take and I had the homepage of the college open and not on the ACT prep site (I was dozing off) and the next thing I knew my input was disabled and the web page was closed Then I was ticked off for some odd reason, so I hard powered off the PC in the middle of her closing it and whatever else was open (I think it was either their email or file explorer) and went back to sleep and didn't complete anything that class. Odd enough she never said anything about that to me. That class wasn't for credit or a grade anyway. Now at college, I had a professor (not a Computer professor) talk about how at another University in my state that she taught at before (she is old) at how when the internet became a thing there that the President of that found out that students were watching porn on the campus internet and that the college president wanted a firewall on the network, then he got in trouble very fast (I am guessing the Department of Higher ED or the administration of that college system) and he was told that the students pay for school and that they are taxpayers too, so there shouldn't be a block on the internet (within reason like no illegal downloading and stuff). Everyone thought wow after she was done talking about that. (I have a Gigabit connection to my desktop in my dorm room )
  10. Crossfire is now mGPU and it should be enabled now. TBH maybe Ryzen is a better option, but if you don't need the cores and can get a 7000k for a cheap price go for it.
  11. TBH I would go with a 10 series GPU from Nvidia or a 500/400 Series from AMD. I know pricing is screwed right now so you may have to wait. If not you may be able to find a used 900 series card from Nvidia online.
  12. I just bought synergy 1 a few weeks ago. I am ticked off. Plus no Wayland Support on my Fedora (Windows) Tablet.
  13. There is a lot of speculation the reddits /r/ncix and /r/ncixtechtips. It probably will be affected too. Personally, I have never ordered from NCIX because I always found better deals somewhere else plus I hated their website compared to Newegg or Amazon.
  14. That's a good question. I know Julia, Ivan, and Barret left. And there is speculation that NCIX is going bankrupt.
  15. I knew about the stock thing already. I know Ivan went to LMG. Now I guess lets see what happens. Went and did some digging and found this on Reddit though.
  16. First, they end up in an old studio. Barret and Julia left. Now they are only doing Netlinked 3 days a week now. Is there something up with NCIX Tech Tips?
  17. This_guy1998

    Hyper v 2016

    also I am surprised that the OP didn't see that option when installing. I used hyper v a few times, but hate it compared to VMWare.
  18. This_guy1998

    Hyper v 2016

    I always use the GUI one
  19. It depends on where you go, like there is a national park in my state I go to frequently and there isn't good cell service (or internet) at all. I suggest going to the National Park Service website and/or your State's Park website and a lot of times they will list if there is WiFi. TBH I like to disconnect while camping (I think that is the inner Scout in me talking).
  20. I have used HWmonitor too before, I mainly use it to monitor other stuff on my rig though.
  21. It depends on what you like to use. I used to use NZXT Cam until I had some issues with it. Now I use Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility and MSI Command Center for the CPU. For my 1070 Strix I use EVGA XOC and sometimes Asus GPU Tweak 2 (It is sucky software, I mainly use It for the RGB lighting)