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  1. It is funny because I just bought an iPhone 7 last month and in the App Store, Apple is trying to get me to buy a XR.
  2. Also @LinusTech, are we going to still have access to the Floatplane part of the fourm for discussion about videos? I (and others) prefer that over comments.
  3. Thanks Linus. FP Support got back to me all good. I knew you are also technically the CEO of Floatplane but I didn't know if you had taken an active role in the operation of Floatplane yet. Thanks for the help. I understand the holidays, I work retail so yesterday was my first day off this week (I'm off til Friday?), then I start back in college the third week of January (my winter break will be about 5 weeks total). So days of the week have felt different. P.S: Thanks, I realized I should of put the screenshots in a "Reveal hidden contents" thing. I was sending this from my phone and I don't know all the post editor features on mobile.
  4. @Slick I had sent an email to your Floatplane help email about my LTT yearly sub and I basically got a reply with the guide you posted on the form for monthly subs. I responded with the message in the last screenshot.
  5. Here is this years thread. Mods can you lock this old thread please?
  6. I said that last year, but people were like "NOOOO." You know whats funny is that MKBHD is now smaller than Linus both in views and subs.
  7. It's funny because I know the Fortnite reference (only played it a few times because it isn't that great on PC).
  8. Currently the video has more dislikes than likes. Also I recognized fewer people this year. I recognized MKBHD, Casey Neistat, The Try Guys, Dolan Twins, Simone, Will Smith and Markiplier. I feel like that the 2012 and 2015 ones were the best. Maybe these Rewind videoes need to be retired if it can't be done right.
  9. I understand that. I have an older co-worker that works in a department next to me and she said electronics are throwaways even after I explained the difference between a cheap and expensive PC (this came up because she was looking for a new laptop, I told her about a year or so ago "around $500ish will get you something decent that last awhile, I spent $1,100 on mine but my use is different because I am a IT student.") I have relatives that will ask me for advise on a new PC (usually laptop) and I will say around $500, make sure it has a i3 or i5 (there are a lot of laptop with celerons and Pentiums out there) if it Intel or AMD go for Ryzen 5 or 7 (there are also APUs and FX still around). Last weekend it was slow so I walked around to other departments to chat and to see if they need help and I end in electronics and there was a sign apologizing about a error in their ad about a Chromebook because it had the wrong processor logo, but the price was the same. I asked the people back there that know a little about PCs about it and we all agreed that note is just going to cause confusion and less people will buy the Chromebook then. People honestly that buy computers at Walmart aren't going to understand the difference. I also found out that we still have like 3 Black Friday Gaming laptops left, and that reaffirmed that people will buy cheap. My dad will only buy cheap Smartphones and then I will laugh at him when he has problems (one phone the touch screen on one side wouldn't work sometimes (screen wasn't even broken)).
  10. This product being crap didn't surprise me. I actually work at one here in the states. Honestly, I think Walmart's Home Office thought they could pull a fast one and get uninformed people to buy these PCs. Electronics has a 14 day return policy. I felt bad because on the Black Friday sale this year, a mom came in to buy a computer for streaming for her son and she picked up a $90 Windows Tablet and asked me, "Will this work for streaming for my son." I asked her what kind (had a funny feeling), she called her son and it turned out I was right, and then I pointed her in the direction of the $600 laptop with a 1050ti and such. The look on her face changed quickly when I broke the bad news (wouldn't be surprised if she didn't buy it). To be honest, she got lucky and asked someone (me) who knows a thing or two about electronics (I am also a IT major in college atm). If she would of asked anyone else (even a good chunk of electronics associates are uninformed surprisingly, I work L&G/Seasonal (I enjoy it)), they would of sold it to her. Then come Christmas the son would be disappointed and stuck with a piece of crap because the return policy would be gone.
  11. When I was a kid (I'm 20 now). My parents (mainly my mom) had concerns about video games. The thing is they aren't productive for the most part. My mom's original solution was to get a Wii (she loved Wii bowling and the singing games when we did family game nights when I was younger (she now mainly plays phone games every now and again)). She eventually let me get a 3ds and I eventually built a gaming PC 2 and a half years ago. The thing is though is now as a young adult I only play games on school breaks for the most part (usually involves a benge for 2 or so days)(plan on doing that with Fallout 76, too busy to play it). The reason why is because of habit because my family only played Wii on the weekends when we were free (same rule for me and my sister on using the computer for a while when we were younger). I do use my phone a bit though but if I need to do something else I can. Honestly there is more to life than gaming. I work (on the weekend), tinker with tech (im a IT major and computer hobby helps alot), go to school, life (alot relates to college and other things I do), and go camping (I wish I could do more of this but I am busy. I use to do this 1-2 times a month, now its around 4 times a year). How old are you? My mom didn't remove restrictions completely til I was 14 and had good reasons. Just be thankful you have tech, even if it isn't all that great and you can't play games on them. Personally, while games are fun, that will not get you a job or teach you life skills. Even when I am not productive on the computer (or doing anything else), there are times that I wonder how I could have used it better.
  12. The thing is those devices with RT are usually ARM devices, so good luck on trying to update the OS.
  13. I've used both (and Virtual Box) and I prefer VMWare. WMWare Player is free and offers a basic software experience or if you want to pay $30 you can buy VMWare Workstation 12? (it's not the newest one, but has more features than Player) on Amazon like I did because my college decided since I am not taking any classes at the moment that require VMWare (I'm an IT major and last Fall was the last time I needed it for a class) that my VMWare License (it's a yearly Evaluation one) wasn't renewed (which I understand because it does cost them money, another thing happening at my college right now there is a debate about buying a popular software suite (not Office) for all the students (due to some other University requirement) at my college that needs it and my major technically falls under it, but it's pricey and they don't want to have to buy more licenses for this suite, so I see why my VMWare software wasn't renewed).
  14. Yep. Appently he fled to China because he knew he could get sued.
  15. Good read, I'm from America so I don't know Canadian law. Like the stat holidays those aren't a thing here (holiday pay isn't required too). Steve Wu probably knew the consequences of his actions when NCIX closed and appently a few people online claimed he went to China (which makes sense, because it sounded like he also folded NCIX money into other busineses of his (alot of them failed) and also wasted money on himself). Appently he can't even be contacted during this whole ordeal, one news company had of a recording of calling his phone and all they got was his voicemail (which had accent saying the it's Steve Wu's voicemail) which was full.
  16. I totally agree will you on that. In a project management class I had, I learned you can have good, fast, cheap and you can only pick two options realistically. In NCIX's case they picked cheap and fast (in the sense that the employees were trained on a system already)? That's why Cyber Security jobs pay good because to do it right, requires $$$$.
  17. Your mostly safe. All that was leaked is your email, password, and address
  18. Because the law isn't caught up to this day and age. Plus who are you going to sue if the company went under and supposedly the owner might of left the contiant. Essentially the trustees responsibility is to liquidate assets (both physical and non-physical), pay off debt, and then make sure overall the business is wound down (things like acting as HR, basic Customer service, and such).
  19. I knew that. My point I was making is that they couldn't even afford to pay employees their money, so what makes you think they are going to be able to pay someone to wipe systems. The law doesn't really dictate that well how these systems should be handled when the company goes under. Plus there is value to the inventory/pos system itself (even if it's sucky like in their case), so if they paid anyone to do anything when they closing then it was someone to copy that system (probably without the customer data), so they can sell it. The owner Steve appently knew more about computer systems than business (even though this crap happened, people online claimed he was just careless and lazy). He probably was the one to copy the system over and then just leave the original data. When the trustees take control of the business (they actually went into bankruptcy Dec 22nd, 2017) all the company assets don't belong to company anymore, they belong to the creditor. Then after that the owner (or in some cases a lawyer on behalf of the owner) doesn't have much (if any) responsibility left (they may have to show up to creditors meetings to explain themselves, but why not just send your lawyer and have them fill you in later). As of December 22nd last year NCIX wasn't Steve Wu's problem anymore.
  20. I looked it up around auction time last spring and apparently it's a common thing sadly (who are they going to pay to wipe the data, or when should they wipe it). The reason why this is a big deal just because of the size of NCIX at it's peak and that it's a private company.
  21. Another problem in this case even the employees are/were owed $134,000 CAD according to their trustee https://www.bowragroup.com/bowra-netlink-computer The law hasn't caught up to the times sadly for computer data. I work for a major big box retailer here in the US while I'm in college and I know if the data from their main system (this is one telnet based program that probably runs on a mainframe (they are moving to a GUI for parts of it, but I got a feeling that it still uses this system as a backbone) mostly used everything from customer and store to employee data) were to get leaked they would be in deep water (don't ask how they have employees login any part of system there, it's bad but they claim it's safe, probably because of some of the illiterale employees is why it's super "simple" to login). This system has been continuously used since the early 1990s, and I'm surprised it hasn't been hacked yet (considering they have been laying off people from their ISD (even though they are trying to become an online company) for the last bit. What I"ve learned from a professor is that even with low level access to any system damage can be done.
  22. The bad thing about when a company goes into Brankruptcy (in this case very quickly), the servers are usually the last thing to be flipped off because they are needed to run the business while they are closing. Also NCIX couldn't afford to pay a systems administrator to wipe (or transfer to the trustees) the system after they closed. This is a common but sad reality.