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  1. This looks like a sweet projector. Great for a home gaming setup without all of the monitors
  2. Since you have them saved offline there is no way to delete it unless you have physical access to the device. I would recommend that you do not save personal info on anything school related (like that iPad, school accounts, etc...). There is a reason why they give a iPad to you for school use only. The only thing I have from school is two email accounts and I barely use them (in fact I have everything FWD to my personal email). Good Luck!
  3. Also alot of PCs now have optical out ports so you might be able to run it that way if the TV don't work out.
  4. Most modern TVs allow it. I know on my TV it has a 3.5 jack and a optical jack. Another way some tvs use audio rca jacks instead of 3.5 jack. Best sound would be optical jack.
  5. I think it depends. Theoretically you should be able to. I don't think if it would cause lag (it should act as a pass through and be fine). Just make sure you use two good HDMI cables because some work better than others for some features.
  6. http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/GPU_computing This should help.
  7. Use Virtual Box it is free. You will need a Windows XP 32-bit or lower OS for the VM. XP was the last os to run old games.
  8. Reinstall folding at Home. I also have mine set so I have to manually start it when I turn on my PC because one time I forgot about it and I went to run a VM and maxed out my resources. I personally like Boinc better.
  9. Another thing you could is use a $10 case because with some mods it would get you by and then use the $45 and buy a really good PSU.
  10. No it is bugy as hell on android and on other platforms like iOS and Desktop. I have used all 3. I don't think Vessel will be around a year from now (see the other forum about Vessel).
  11. A cheap way to try VR is Google Cardboard (sure it isn't the same experience as desktop VR), but it gives you an idea of what VR should be. I would recommend and wait until VR-SLI comes out because motion sickness is real thing even on a Google Cardboard headset. VR-SLI is supposed to fix that problem by reducing the motion sickness using one video card for each eye. I do plan on buying a desktop headset after I build a PC and get a job.
  12. I personally think Vessel is not going to be around a year from now. Notice how they went "ad-free" towards the end of the free year. Also some of the ads did not belong on Vessel (like the Jaguar one, most people can't afford a Jaguar). Also, Vessel will not be a YouTube replacement because YouTube is owned by Google and is on Google's back-end of Services. The reason why YouTube is so good because it has been around for 11 years so they have worked out a lot of the bugs, plus they also have the help of Google if they need it.
  13. Personally I WILL NOT pay for Vessel. I rather support them directly than Vessel. Vessel is really bugy especially with my Chromecast (where I watch a lot of content when I'm at home) compared to other video platforms. Even though there are other channels that I watch that are on both Vessel and YouTube, I only watched Linus's videos and sometimes NCIX when I had Vessel.
  14. NCIX doesn't sell these vests FYI.