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  1. I have a Dell XPS 13 9380 that was using a Sonnet eGFX Box with an RX 580. It was working completely fine connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port on the computer, which ran it well. Recently every time I plug in the chord to the port, the eGPU will connect for a couple of seconds, then disconnect and keep reconnecting. I assumed it was an issue with the port or cable, but after switching the thunderbolt cable and seeing the same issues, as well as the port working fine for a charger, it must be something internally that is conflicting with the connection. Can anyone help me figure out how to stop my eGPU from disconnecting/connecting every couple seconds for no reason?
  2. Looking to buy a 2014 Mac Mini i5 (2.8 GHz), 8GB ram, and 256GB SSD in order to get into mobile development with Xcode. Currently learning C++ and want to expand to Swift so I can build iOS apps. Might get a nicer macOS device in the future, but for now I just want to at least get into the OS. Already have a monitor with a bluetooth keyboard, so I am curious as if I should get this Mac Mini for the sellers price of $260?
  3. To be honest, I might just buy an older macbook instead of messing with this computer. Would rather pay ~$400 for an older macbook than to ruin my current computer. What would be a good recommendation for around $400? I am currently looking at a MBP13 (2012) with i5 and 8gb RAM. Would that be enough to run the latest apps?
  4. I've heard about it, but never learned how to set it up. Any links to do it?
  5. I have always had ideas for creating apps, and I have wanted to create an iOS app for the longest time, but everytime I look into what is needed to start programming for iOS apps I run into the need to have a macbook/mac. Currently, I have a Dell XPS 13 (9370) with pretty good specs for my use (i7, 16gb, 256gb SSD). I really want to learn how to code for iOS apps, but I am clueless on the options available for someone just trying to build their first complete application. My last resort option is buying a low-end macbook pro (2012-2014, i5 and 8gb ram) just for coding and other iOS only applications. I consider this to be a last resort for me, since it wouldn't be smart economically to have a really nice windows laptop, and then buy another laptop just to code programs. I am asking if there are any other ways besides buying an older macbook in order to save money, while being able to code iOS programs. If there are no other options besides just buying a macbook, what would be the minimum spec model that is possible to run every application in order to smoothly run the software needed?
  6. So i'm looking to buy a laptop that will be great for video editing, and is also great for overall tasks. I am looking at currently the Dell XPS 13 9360 model with similar specs, except for the CPU. Both have: 16gb ram 512gb SSD 3200x1800 Touch Screen The $250 difference between one model and another is one has an i7-7560u, which is $1000, while the other model has an i7-8550u, which is $1250. Is the added $250 worth it for a same laptop, but just a different CPU?
  7. My main computer specs: i5 4690k (haven't overclocked it) GTX 960 4gb 16gb RAM DDR3-1600 1tb hdd, along with a 320gb hdd. I have been using Vegas Pro for a while before it became very slow, and things would process fast. Now if I play a track, the entire project freezes, forcing me to end the task using the task manager. Is it my system that is messing with the project, or is it something i'm doing wrong? The project i'm working on at the moment is barely 1 min total of 8 1080p/60fps iPhone videos. Ask questions if I didn't specify anything clearly.
  8. I currently have the Dell XPS 15 l502x from 2010, which is very bulky but fast, with a 2.5ghz processor and 500gb of storage. I have a really nice desktop at home, but wanted to buy a cheap laptop for internet browsing and other basic tasks for school or just for on the go; i'm only looking for a new laptop in order to replace my current laptop, which weighs a ton. I am researching into an old Dell XPS 13 l321x, with a 1.6ghz processor and 128gb of storage, just what I need for the basics in a computer. I have also been looking into cheap chromebooks for the simplicity of them, since they're VERY lightweight and offer just what I need for a basic computer. If I was to compare the $200 Dell XPS 13 l321x from ebay to a new chromebook around $200, would the Dell benefit my needs more than a chromebook from today? Here is the XPS I have been looking at: https://tinyurl.com/ybo63aoh
  9. I currently have a Dell XPS 15 l502x i5 (2010) and need something portable and cheap since I already have a desktop. If I go to the XPS 13 l321 i5 (2012), would if be a downgrade or upgrade? If anyone has owned, or is using, the XPS 13 l321x can you leave me your thoughts on it? Thanks!
  10. I am using the CMD method in setting up a hotspot for my room. I have already checked my network adapters and all are enabled. I accidentally deleted the network connection so there is only ethernet and wifi. How do I bring the connection back?
  11. Thanks, knew it was something easy I didn't understand lol.
  12. I don't know which category this topic goes under, so a moderator can help if you can. I am just wondering how to change media in the same track, without changing anything else. For example, when I change the text box of a legacy text, it changes everything else from then on in the track. I want to know how to only change one part of a selected media. Here is what i'm talking about. I want to only change one of the split boxes without affecting the other one. I'm never one to experiment with Vegas settings, so sorry for the poor explanation in advance.
  13. I don't know what category this would go under so I'm putting it in troubleshooting. i want to know how to make the message icon bigger. Here is an example from a twitter page
  14. Should I delete every single storage type? Would I be able to get them back?