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  1. I did contact my ISP. Thank you both for now.
  2. Connection is wired. First Speedtest run: 374ms Ping on subsequent tries it stayed around 27ms Tracert Tracert LoL Gameserver: Europe (EUW)
  3. From one day to the next the latency of our internet connection suddenly increased. Every device on the network is affected. Some of the notable changes are: Ping in Cs:Go: 7-10 -> 70-100 LoL: 18-30 -> 90-180 TFT: 18:30 -> 150-300 I could swear youtube videos also have a much larger delay before playing and pausing, although I don't know why that would happen if the video is buffered locally. How do I go about troubleshooting such an issue? Edit: Pinging my default gateway results in under 1ms.
  4. We do web dev for the local branches of all kinds of brands. Everything contributes to a first impression, and even loosing a single contract would cost immeasurably more than a laptop.
  5. That one looks ok. But it still has the gamer keyboard font and the dragon on the lid. I just don't get why they keep doing that... I wouldn't want that on a pure gaming keyboard either. Do you know anything about msi and gagabytes build quality and support? I would not expect advanced support packages to be available for gaming notebooks. (Like the business versions of the Microsoft products)
  6. I know, that I wont get a probook with those specs, but the design just won't work. I have regular client meetings and conferences, where stuff like that just looks too unprofessional and is not acceptable. The price does not really matter in my case. Edit: Also the G14 does not come with 32 GB RAM for multitasking and I do not have particularly CPU heavy tasks.
  7. Gigabyte is not really on the my list of people who make reliable products, along with msi and razer. The design is a little less in your face gamer than the asus, but I don't really like it either. And the bottom mounted webcam sucks especially in quarantine. I saw the video. I was pretty sure I would get it before, but since the review was not exceedingly positive, I thought I would ask here. Though it seems, the only comparable products are the XPS and Spectre lineup, which I already discussed.
  8. The design is too angular/gamery. Especially that ROG badge and gamer-font on the keyboard are too much for me.
  9. Hi yall! I need a laptop mainly for productivity/office work but I also want to play games occasionally. Most important aspects for me: Good keyboard!! Large battery Reliability and good support (specifically for business customers. -> Dell is not an option. They only treat you as as business if you buy a LOT, and I can't afford to get normal consumer support on my main work machine. I won't buy Acer, or gaming brands either; too many bad experiences. => I like Lenovo and Microsoft.) No gaming design. (That includes the aggressive designs of HP spectre machines.) Decent Screen Decent GPU I REALLY want Microsoft Precision Drivers No larger than 15" Budget is ~3000 I was thinking new Surface Book 15" i7; 32gb; 1TB; 1660 Ti Really like the 3x2 display for office work, but idc about the tablet mode. The battery is great though. So I can't get the XPS cause of Dell, don't like Hps design and the current Lenovo X1 Extreme has thermal issues, a weaker GPU and less RAM. Any other Options I am missing? Thank you in advance.
  10. I managed to fix it: I spammed the home button got to the camera and from there to the homescreen. From now on there kept appearing an error message, which I kept dismissing. I then navigated to the settings -> app settings -> system apps -> interface (or something in german its "Oberfläche") -> cleared cache and forced restart. Then things returned to normal and I was able to install another software update returning things to normal for good (I hope) But seriously Samsung WTF??? Annoying me with the notification to update, which I can't turn off. Just to brick my phone, on a freaking budget phone... What are people supposed to do, that don't even know about app settings...
  11. Since software updating a Galaxy J5 is caught in a loop turning on the display by itself, then going to sim unlock screen by itself then turning the screen off by itself and staying that way for a few seconds before repeating. Only holding the power button leads to any response and lets me shut down the device. Clearing the cache didn't change anything. Removing the Sim only removes the last step from the cycle, making it just loop between turned off screen and lockscreen. Before entering recovery mode the screen shows a software update screen for a while until at some point switching to the recovery menu screen. Please Help I really don't want to have to factory reset the phone
  12. Can I just let my Fans turn off, as long as my water temps are fine (when the passive cooling is enough for idleing) or should I always keep them running at low rpm to avoid overheating of VRM, RAM and NVMe. I am not overclocking of course.
  13. 15" 16 GB ram 250-500 GB SSD Somewhat thin and light (no cheap plastic, clevolike designs) Enough gpu to play pubg on decent settings/fps (gtx 1050-1060) 8th gen cpu Enough battery life to do at least light office/browsing for a few hours Not too loud under load (usable without headphones) Webcam and mic don't matter
  14. Pubg will propably the most gpu intensive task. He has a desktop he will use it to game at friends places. With the battery issues would maybe the gigabyte aero be a better choice? This is the local pcpartpicker: https://geizhals.at I meant those arguments in favor of the xps/spectre
  15. Would it make sense to get an xps or spectre with the new g series CPUs instead of something like the Zephyrus for better build quality, looks and quieter operation? He would only be playing stuff like overwatch, fortnite and pubg. We live in Austria