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    England, London
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    Computer Hardware, Building Custom computers, Building server computers.
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    Built a variety of computers and sold them for quite alot of money, will building them and selling them today as a job of mine.
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    Self Employed Ametuer Hardware Engineer

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  1. I am actually really considering getting a Razerblade, but yeah your right maybe the 970M isn't good enough.
  2. Hello, As I am going into 6th form (Collage) I am considering on purchasing a new laptop. My budget is around 3,000 Pounds (4650.45 US Dollars) and I am looking for a Laptop that quite literally packs a punch but I don't know which one to go for. I do a ton of Java, HTML and CSS coding , a lot of photoshop, I do game a lot on my currently laptop ( Very CPU & GPU intensive games like Witch 3 MGS 5 and Far Cry 4), I render 4K photos on my current laptop, I am a video creator (creating animated videos and short clips for fun). I also would like it to be really thin. So which laptop should I get!!! Thanks, Lewis
  3. Hello, I know this may still like a stupid ass questions to ask but as I was look at my Nvidia Control Panel to Set my 840M to my main GPU I saw that after I applied the settings my Laptop + 2 External Monitors where being fed off of my Integrated GPU on the die and I got confused... So, how do Laptop GPU's work?
  4. I'd like do but I'm a sucker for good quality
  5. I play games like Assassins creed rogue, Bf4, GTA 5 & Assassins creed unity on high settings and get 30 fps stable. Yeah I was thinking about selling my ATX motherboard and downsize to Asrocks X99 ITX Motherboard but I'm on the go most of the time so I'm thinking a laptop would be my best bet for Mobile pc gaming.
  6. I have one but I am getting a apprenticeship in the RAF and I cannot exactly hall a desktop around. Plus I'm traveling around more and as much as I like my 5820K, GTX 960 PC I don't like carrying a Desktop around.
  7. Yeah I know. The Laptop I would get ,If I really Need to buy a new one I would Opt for this laptop - http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_VN7-591G_Core_i5_8GB_1TB_15.6_inch_Full_HD_IPS_Laptop_NX.MUVEK.001/version.asp?refsource=LDadwords&crtag=LD&gclid=CM3Rnqu9tMYCFQEIwwodthwPgA
  8. Hello, I am considering on buying a new laptop as I feel like the laptop I currently have cannot hold up a games such as Assassins Creed Syndicate, The New Hitman & Other upcoming games on Medium to High settings (Anti-Aliasing Off) . But on the contrary I don't know if I really NEED to and I want some help form experienced people to give me a idea of if I really do need to buy a new laptop. My Laptop Specs: Intel I5 4120U 1.7 Ghz Boost to 2.7 GHz Duel Core 4 Threaded Processor 8GB of DDR3 1600Mhz Kingston Ram (Potentially Upgrading to 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz) 1TB HDD (Currently replacing it to a 1TB SSHD in a few days) Nvidia 840M 2 GB of VRAM Windows 8.1 (Moving to Windows 10) Laptop Screen running on a native 1366x768 but when I am at home I have 1 1080P AOC IPS 23 Inch Screen I game on. Do I need to buy a new laptop?
  9. Hello! I am intending to build a NAS, Server computer (Hosting a website, minecraft servers and a TF2 servers) and Gaming/Work station Computer in 1 HAF Stacker 935 and 2 915F's AND use one water cooling loop to cool the lot but have no clue what Hardware I should order and need some help! I have a budget of just under £3,000 ($4764.30) but I am going to be building this in 6 to 7 months to the absolute limit of my budget is about £4,000 ($6352.40). Thanks, Cpt. Kalabraxo
  10. Why do I need to download something to look at a website?
  11. Integrated Graphics Processor is probably not needed and will produce more heat than just the CPU alone (Intel CPUs). I would do for the 4790 becuase I have heard great things about that chip, but on the contrary the Xeon is a great choice as well. But as a consumer i'd pick the 4790
  12. http://ark.intel.com/products/81016/Intel-Core-i5-4210U-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_70-GHz Here ya go.
  13. Had a look, nothing that fits my socket. I'm looking for a 4th gen-5th gen Mobile CPU seller. Thanks nonetheless
  14. Hello, Does anybody know if there is a website or shop selling Mobile CPUS (Laptop CPUS)? preferably Intel. Thanks, Lewis