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  1. I'm not sure that is an entirely accurate thing to say... AMD gave the retailers a rebate on the first stock of cards to encourage them to price at $499, now that that rebate is over the cards cost the retailers more than 499 and they will mark up as needed to msrp or higher if they like since AMD cannot force them to sell at a specific price. So... The price increase is not solely because retailers can do whatever they want now but because AMD initially offered them a rebate to sell the cards below what is now the cost to the retailers to purchase the cards.
  2. Reports out of OC UK indicate that Vega prices at launch may have been reduced introductory pricing for the first batch of cards delivered to retailers and we could see the prices jump $100 within as little as a few days. Whether this report has any truth to it remains to be seen but would be incredibly bad marketing by AMD if proven to be true. Link to the article: HERE
  3. Newegg now has the Vega 64 reference card (air cooled non limited edition)up on their site for order in a few hours... At $599 Link to promotion: Here
  4. In a breakthrough feat of engineering and human to technology interfacing Google has revealed a new form of auto correct "Utilizing advanced retinal scan and proprietary telepathic scanning technology" to help it's billions upon billions of users to ensure their thoughts are Google approved. "New Google Technology Autocorrects Users’ Thoughts" article and details can be found: Here (I'm hoping everyone takes this satire with a good sense of humor and gets a good laugh out of it(I did))
  5. Remembered reading your thoughts on this subject while going through this thread last week after reading a related article, and I figured that sharing the related article that seems pertinent to the subject would give you some actual opposing thoughts on the subject, and some reasoning as to why others disagree. "Origins of climate change deniers: Theory: We don't think humans can have an effect on something as massive as the whole planet. This is all natural. "We need to find evidence to back up our theory" "This fits our model view that we are looking for, here is our evidence"" The article can be found: Here
  6. IMO, based on performance the Vega 64 needs to be $499 to be competitive.... But the 1950X, they could price that at $1299 and still be competitive, seems to me that if this is true then RTG needs to reevaluate their pricing.
  7. I thought I looked through the posting guidelines and to make sure that topics related to politics weren't expressly forbidden? Should the allowable topics guidelines be updated? Or did I miss something?

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      Oh, I guess I didn't consider news to be debate.

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      perhaps it should simply say "topics" instead

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      That would be clearer.

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  8. The organization Judicial watch has sent a letter to California and 11 of its counties regarding its voter registration lists having more registered voters than eligible voters in the counties. "In the letter, Judicial Watch noted that Los Angeles County officials “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.” '' The article can be found Here Apparently their refusal to cooperate with the election integrity commission because: 1: they hate Trump 2: “it would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.” according to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Does anyone else get tired of California and Maxine Waters?
  9. Maxxtraxx

    CPU Fans

    My personal opinion, Corsair ML120 Pro, quiet, excellent lighting style... it's a maglev fan for crying out loud. Here Yes, you can power 2 fans from 1 header with a fan header splitter. Link to not the best example: here
  10. Great card, should provide very similar performance at potentially much lower power draw. The inability to use freesync is a bummer though... but i'm still in the land of 60hz and vsync and i'm happy.
  11. I would personally say no, my primary concern for myself being that liquid metal is conductive, and a GPU does not have an IHS like a CPU so any over application or runoff could potentially short out and therefore potentially destroy. But I could be wrong about the likelihood of that happening.
  12. Lol but... but... dat 4Gb V-ram... that's not enough for 16k resolution! Or crazy ultra settings at lower resolutions! Always something to be said for adjusting your settings to fit your card's capabilities... but it's easier to fuss and complain about someone's choice than do that.
  13. I agree with this for the most part... IMO, get the card that is best fit for your case(dimensions, and cooler style), that you like the looks of but more than those two, The one that best fits your budget. No matter which card you get they're all going to perform within 10% or so of one another and that factor is mostly because of Cooling performance. I personally choose to go with a quality USED card whenever I can, My 1080Ti is of the Founders variety It was bought used for $600 about 2 months ago I then installed my (already owned) EVGA hybrid cooler and sold my previous GTX1080 It now runs cool(mid 60C under heavy load) It boosts to between 2000Mhz and 2012Mhz after a few minutes of usage and is unfortunately bound primarily by a low Max power limit(though voltage limits wouldn't be far behind) So, in the end, I have a cheaper than list, cool and quiet chip that happens to be a slight under performer when it comes to overclocking... but for a 1080Ti 2Ghz and up is pretty good.
  14. You've likely heard this many times before... but i couldn't help but smiling and laughing a bit when I saw in your list at the bottom of your post: On the Shelf: 5960X, 7700K @ 5.3, Gigabyte Z270 Gaming 9., Zotac GTX 560Ti AMP custom BIOS The GTX 560Ti is great! Just seems so out of place and unexpected... like a nautical cruise ship horn on a honda civic... its just not what you were expecting.
  15. There is toothpaste present in the roundup... it came last.
  16. Hi all, I feel as though the forum tends to see a decent number of questions regarding thermal paste: Which ones are the best? How do I apply it? What about Liquid metals? What about all the factors I didn't even know existed? Toms Hardware Guide did a pair of large reviews several years ago and the results of which determined my personal choice of thermal paste being Noctua NT-H1 due to a combination cost and performance. Well, The guide has been updated and now showcases many newer products and still contains a great guide to give anyone a shot at picking a good product and applying it correctly. The article can be found: HERE
  17. The problem that I see however is an assumption in regards to the entire process being "much longer", science has data collected about all manner of things but we can only make educated guesses from the given data and what those educated guesses come out to be are based heavily upon the person who is doing the studying, they must pick and choose what factors to take into account when determining the outcome of the studying. So in other words, science is not blind, it is heavily influenced by the individuals who are doing the studying, what their worldview is(that being what they have chosen to believe about the world and how it works) has a dramatic influence upon what factors are and are not included in their research. This is especially influential when we're talking about the unrecorded past/history where the number of factors in play are many, our comprehension is very limited and the data is selective in source. So if those doing the study cannot see/cannot comprehend/refuse to believe pieces of information that that are meaningful or even pieces of information that they are oblivious to it has a dramatic effect upon the outcome of their research. Scientific theories being pushed and spoken of, published and pushed as fact by scientists is itself fallacious, they are theories(educated guesses) created by flawed humans with limited understanding, limited scope and limited comprehension that are open to change at any moment, they are not facts... facts, are not open to change, they simply are.
  18. I'm 31 and I still game, not nearly as frequently or in amounts as large as when I was 18-22. I was big into vanilla WoW back then, and would have an interest if I had 4-6 hours a day to play but now I prefer the time with my wife and kids with some occasional gaming after they're asleep, preferably something with a great story(Witcher 3, walking dead, Mass Effect 1-3, Starcraft) and good action whether that be FPS, RPG, or Strategy.
  19. Well, the article disproved their own statement about how long it takes for oil be produced, they claim millions of years but the procedure for production doesn't change when nature does it, when you apply those conditions to biomass it produces the same end result regardless of human or natural production. For modern "science" it seems that time is a form of god, if they can't explain it because we weren't there to see/observe it happen then just throw a random exorbitant amount of time at it and that fixes the whole problem, it provides an explanation that is untestable and not easily refuted... Except in this case, they tested it and did it in days and then said it takes millions of years for nature. The only idea that could help their cause would be assuming that in nature the biomass needs to be carried to the proper depths to be put under the heat and pressure necessary and that idea functions off the assumption that geological events have always moved at the speed they have been for the last few thousand years and, again filled with assumptions about time. But the process has a set amount of time and conditions it takes to produce the oil, the process of elevatoring it to the proper depth should not be included in the production time. The amount of time it takes to bake the bread is the same for a specific set of conditions and is uneffected by the amount of time you choose to prepare the dough. Hence you can likely tell that I am extremely skeptical of many modern "scientific" theories that rely on adding exorbitant amounts time as the fixall assumption solution for the unexplainable. Assuming should not be apart of science.
  20. Well... actually oil is constantly being produced inside the planet via massive biomass decomposition/conversion under intense pressure within the earths crust, and btw "science" likes to guess that it takes millions of years to produce but this article shows precisely how quickly it happens. But biomass to oil conversion is relatively simple process and takes only a matter of days, as soon as the proper conditions are met a large biomass can be converted very quickly and is something that is being actively produced and the manmade process refined. http://biomassmagazine.com/articles/13895/pnnl-researchers-convert-sewage-into-biofuel
  21. Old estimate, very likely highly inaccurate. circa 1993 https://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/jun/13/earth-may-have-underground-ocean-three-times-that-on-surface
  22. "Vega Frontier Edition performs between a 1070 and 1080" Wait for RX Vega they said Wait for Drivers they'll say Give the Drivers 6 months to improve/mature they'll say But HBM2 is better they'll say But the Compute is better! they'll say But if you undervolt it!... they'll say
  23. Nice! Like everything you have there! IMO, it still seems odd to say that's ITX, I think of ITX as being primarily focused on being small, and that case just seems... medium sized(I think of ATX as large and Full ATX as stupid big)
  24. LOL, i'm not trying to be cynical but that made me laugh a bit. While yes it is "technically" next gen, unfortunately it appears it will not carry next gen performance for AMD. The GPU shortage is threatening to be over now or soon. AMD and Nvidia both had their stockpiles drained. VEGA will reportedly be a low volume(16,000 units possibly?) product due to HBM2 availibility(rumor) and likely a low(er) margin product for AMD due to the higher production costs associated with HBM, interposer, chip size to performance ratio and vrm components (compared to NVIDIA's GTX1080).
  25. I think I understand what you're saying but would add some more specifics to differentiate between a few things Information is different from Intelligence which is different from Wisdom In our world today, we have a plethora of information available to nearly everyone Some have the Intelligence to understand the information Very few have the Wisdom to know what it means and how to use it So what would say is that Wisdom(smart as you say) can be taught by those who have it (grandparents and parents mostly) can be gained by experience followed by contemplation and thought to understand the experience Wisdom is needed to make wise choices and in our society that is information loaded/Heavily distracted/media agenda biased reporting leaves us with information for all, experience for few and wisdom for even fewer since we can't go more than 5 minutes without a screen in front of our faces or spend time thinking/reading/talking with others about anything meaningful (media consumption does NOT involve major thinking). IMO: in western society we've mostly replaced wisdom with Entitlement, which is especially well seen in a parenting world where kids get whatever they want at no cost to them, they then grow up and demand that their new parent(the government) implement whatever the popular flavor of the week social policy is and give them everything they want through new laws, regulations and taxes. 241 years ago our founders(in the U.S.) had ability to write the most wisdom infused governmental plan in the history of the world 241 years after that our country's people and government are marching hard towards replacing wisdom and freedom with entitlement and regulation Soooo... what i'm saying is that lack of Wisdom is a direct product of the societal norms now taking over where we are teaching our kids very little, providing everything, never disciplining, and trusting the government to impart information through teaching programs we don't choose, implemented by people we don't know who have no long term accountability to the well being of our kids and have agendas and values that I very well may not agree with. Go and spend time with your kids teach them love them share your values share your experiences don't give them all the things instead give them your time because they'll be all the WISER for it