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  1. OK. Settle down. Back on topic. The 212 is not the problem, it worked fine. All that changed is the MOBO and thermals went bad.
  2. 1: Why not? Better thermals and quieter operation are always preferable. 2: The scenario is primarily about bad thermals not OCing, his thermals are off even when not overclocked. He before the swap had is system running perfectly, with an OC and thermals were fine. He changed ONLY the motherboard and thermals went very bad. Therefore, the 212 he is using was working perfectly before the Motherboard change therefore it should work for the same processor after a Motherboard swap. It's not the cooler that is at fault and not the OC that is at fault since even at stock it has poor thermals. 3: Correct, If it didn't thermal throttle that doesn't mean that the temps are preferable but are acceptable. How many Server farm CPU's with tiny heat sinks and low air flow, Clogged home computer heat sinks and terrible laptop thermal solutions lead to thermal throttling but those processors continue to work for years in the worst case scenarios. The processor thermal throttles itself in order to keep the thermals within Intel's safe operating range and thusly avoids CPU damage. Electromigration will have a greater effect upon Silicon with higher temps and more voltage but how many overclocked/overtaxed/clogged home pc CPU's are still running 5+ years down the road with little impact. I know my 2500k overclocked since got it and cooled with a 212 is still maintaining it's OC and working great 4 years later.
  3. Have you tried using GeForce Experience to automatically set your graphics settings to Nvidia recommended settings? if you have not I would recommend giving that a try and seeing how your framerates sit after that, Fallout 4 can have some extreme draw distances/foliage/weapons debris ect that can even overtax a powerful card and even more so if you have some high res texture mods installed.
  4. the BE Quiet power supply's are very good but My Personal recommendation is EVGA Here
  5. I own a GTX1080 FE and was Very impressed by the acoustics under gaming... but temperatures were high however were acceptable a GTX1080 is the second best card available behind the Titan X(pascal) Depending on your system setup: a rear exhaust Founders style card could be better(for systems with poor or little case airflow) an open air card tends to have better thermals thanks to larger heat sinks assemblies but also dump waste heat into the case and can raise other system component temperatures I love EVGA! HOWEVER at the moment their 1070 and 1080 cards have VRM cooling issues that they are warranting and correcting on their production lines to add VRM cooling. IF you get an EVGA card I would advise trying to be sure that you get a card with the updated VRM cooling.(see article here)
  6. With the problem that you are seeing, That being that your temps jumped drastically after only a motherboard swap. I believe the best course of action is to: Remove any overclock (which it seems that you have done already) Reinstall the cooler: 1. remove cooler 2. clean off all old thermal paste from the cpu and cooler bottom using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol 3: apply a small pea sized dot of thermal paste on top of the CPU(about the size of the top of a capacitor on the motherboard) 4: install the cooler and tighten the cooler using a X shape pattern 5: Be sure to plug the Cooler fan into the CPU fan header on the motherboard 6: rerun your tests to see what happens
  7. Sorry, but that graph specifically says OC(Overclocked) so it is not at its stock 91W TDP. Even overclocked it has not thermal throttled the CPU and is still in Intel's safe operating range, and that is using an synthetic processor load that does not reflect normal use situations but reflects a worse case scenario. You'll notice in the graph at Stock 91W TDP the 212evo shows a max temp of 63C.
  8. EVGA Supernova's a Gold Rated 550w Here for $55 USD OR! 1600w for only $270 Here
  9. Yes overclocking causes power draw to increase significantly, that is known. What my attempt to point out was: that it is not the 212 evo that is the issue, it's a fine cooler that can work well with basic overclocks and it was working very well for him before the Mobo switch and That older processors tend to have higher power consumption because of the larger production node and higher voltages, so newer processors are not TDP behemoths but tend to draw less power. I7-975 130w TDP can run 1.5v or higher when overclocked i7-3770k 77w TDP tends to run under 1.4v when overclocked
  10. Reseat the cooler with new thermal paste, Perform a manual overclock yourself and steadily increase the overclock while watching the temperatures. The self overclocking features seem to be very aggressive with core voltage (I'm thinking there is a possibility it could be much higher than what you quickly observed).
  11. yep, and my overclocked 2500k runs great with my non evo hyper 212.
  12. Some of the Older gen cpus are 130w TDP see i7-950 Here
  13. agreed, also noticing that the core clock and memory clocks are noticeably lower on the cooler silicon.
  14. I do tend to agree, I believe that at the same price the 480 is likely the better choice but the 1060 3GB will perform very well. If you have a preference, then go with it, they'll both perform well.
  15. 2GB can get filled quickly in games, however graphical setting optimization for your hardware is something we should all be doing. I know we have 780Ti users here with Zero issues involving Vram limitations. More Vram is nice, but not necessary to have a quality experience in games.
  16. I believe that I agree with hardware canucks deduction that a 4k monitor is great for content creation and that ultrawide monitors are best suited for gaming. I would love to have a 3440 x 1440 IPS display.
  17. I would say that it's noticeable to most computer enthusiasts, it's not unusable by any stretch but it does make everything soft/fuzzy/harder to read small text. If waiting to upgrade the GPU until you come to the U.S. will save you a few hundred dollars, then that sounds like a good idea. As far as picking a monitor goes, get the one you truly like and will stick with for a few years. I can say that a GTX1080 drives 1440p very well and my Titan X(maxwell) which is roughly equivalent to the GTX1070 also drove the 1440p very well. But neither will drive your monitor at high refresh rates(120+ Hz) with maxed settings in demanding games
  18. From what I can tell you look good to use those together with your current RAM.
  19. Correct, it is the same. It's expensive for your budget but it is the first very good non overclockable i5 chip.
  20. Keep in mind he would also need new memory with this setup.
  21. To stay on topic of picking a good upgrade, If gaming is your plan then a true 4 core Intel chip would be your best choice for the money. Just some quick looking gave me this option that should work with your current RAM to try and save some money there... Processor: i5-6500 Here Motherboard: Asus H170M-E D3 Here
  22. Corsair's new ML120 fans are Static pressure optimized but also can be very high airflow due to their high RPM capabilities all while being very quiet due to their Magnetic levitation bearings. I've not tried them personally but they look extremely well designed and have heard nothing but good things thus far. they can be found Here (linked to amazon since yours were amazon links)
  23. Agreed 100%. If my memory serves me correct the FTW model could POSSIBLY come with some additional RGB lighting effects over the SC. If it were my choice... EVGA 1070 Hybrid would be the best choice, whether you choose the FTW Hybrid or Standard Hybrid model. The superior cooling has definite potential to provide additional overclocking headroom.
  24. Will work fine for you, is comparable to the other big name gtx 1060's with possibly slightly louder fans compared to the MSI and worse customer support compared to EVGA. I see no problems.