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  1. It definitely has to do with the dongle you have, I have the same monitor and recently did a DP to HDMI dongle adapter to allow my vive to use the HDMI port and it would not detect anything above 1080p, I even tried another dongle rated at HDMI 2.0 and still no luck. With a pure HDMI 2.0 cable or a DP cable it does not have the same problem.
  2. We can reasonably expect the 1080Ti to perform like the Titan X(pascal)... because that's what it is based off. We can reasonably expect AMD to be as generous as possible about the upcoming performance of their Vega 10 based card... because that's what they did with the RX480 prelaunch. We can reasonably expect the Vega 10 card to outperform the RX480. BUT we have no clue at all about how it will perform compared to the 1080Ti.
  3. IMO Getting a newer UNLOCKED CPU with DDR4 memory could be a very worthwhile upgrade, the higher frequency potential will definitely give you a performance boost even though the IPC improvements over 3 generations have been fairly small but still helpful and the DDR4 ram will be a good improvement as well Getting a 1070 or 1080 will give you greatly improved graphics performance especially at higher resolutions but also keep in mind that the 1080Ti is only 3-4 (possibly) months away which could bring a 1080 price drop but will definitely put a bunch of USED 1080's on the market for a discounted price.
  4. Yes, in my experience with a variety of cheap to midgrade fans the extra money can go a long way(as it does with many other products) in providing a far superior product.
  5. Shy of knowing anything specific, I would start by doing a clean install of your Nvidia drivers. Make sure both cards are fully inserted into the slots, have all power cables run and an sli bridge installed.
  6. Mass effect series? 2 and 3 are gems(except for the ending) and 1 is good but can drag a little on 2 harder difficulties... nothing like pumping 300+ rounds(and 30 seconds) into an incapacitated biotic Krogans head to kill it.
  7. More info on the ML fans: they are Static Pressure optimized but also have a larger and higher operating RPM range and also very little noise other than the noise of the air itself due to the levitation bearing.
  8. Corsair ML series fans for sure! Here
  9. Agreed completely! Though I am surprised no one has disagreed yet...
  10. Even the MSI AIO model HERE is black and silver. You could paint the silver accents on either card to match your build otherwise you're likely best off with an EVGA FTW model with RGB lighting to match your color scheme or with a MSI Gaming model with the red and black already a part of the card.
  11. It has a reasonable price for AIO water cooling and will give you some of the best possible temperatures with quiet operation and EVGA has the best warranty and customer service in the Nvidia world.
  12. I wouldn't talk to lays about low quality and his Matrix Platinum cards that he makes perform so darn well on dice.
  13. Hmm, if you have the money and performance per dollar is not a large concern to you then the 1080 would be the best performance choice. I run a 1440p panel with my 1080 and it performs wonderfully. A 1070 will work very well also but I always recommend buying the most powerful single GPU choice that fits your needs.
  14. It was not attempting to question your knowledge level but simply expound on the virtues of each card style so he can make an educated choice since he seems new to the GPU game and gave us no information about the system and setup he has. I would say that any of the major brands produce a quality product (I've owned several Gigabyte cards that worked very well)but you are correct in saying EVGA and MSI are known for quality, I do prefer EVGA simply because of their industry leading customer care and service.
  15. EVGA recommends the radiator to be mounted vertically with the hoses at the bottom to help prevent any air pockets in the system from being sucked down into the pump/GPU block. I would recommend mounting it in either the front or the back of the case if possible.
  16. If you can hit 2114 with the current cooler, you'll be able to hit it with the AIO. The AIO should reduce the amount that it drops over time but Pascal chips are nearly impossible to lock into a specific OC number the chips will automatically adjust themselves and alter clockrate depending on load no matter what you do. I imagine it should be compatible with the hybrid kit since the same kit comes preinstalled on their own cards if you buy the Hybrid models.
  17. Quoted from WCCF(not the paragon of reliability) "The issue affects EVGA’s entire range of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cards equipped with the ACX cooler, all of which lack direct VRM cooling. This includes GTX 1080 & 1070 ACX, SC, FTW & FTW DT models. Essentially all dual fan models except the Classified."
  18. The AIO will give you much better temps, it can possibly unlock higher clock speeds (it did on my 1080) When it comes to Overclocking the pascal cards the quality and quantity of card components seems have very little effect from the results I've seen and seems to depend mostly on the silicon lottery. I would hope an AIO would help you push beyond 2000mhz but there is no guarantee in overclocking. FYI: since you have an EVGA 1070 SC, do you know if your card has the updated VRM cooling? I'm guessing it doesn't since that has only come to light in the last week. There have ben serious card failures due to the VRM's failing. You can contact EVGA and get a VRM cooling upgrade for free or send it back to them for a free replacement with the upgraded cooling installed already. I would do this before you install your AIO.
  19. Ok, until it tells me the panel type is something other than not IPS I will normally assume it could be any of the above except maybe OLED b/c price.
  20. I went from a TN to an IPS and I greatly prefer the IPS. color quality, brightness and viewing angles were all immensely better. BUT I could have also had a cheapo TN panel to compare it to.
  21. I was under the impression that there are more than TN and IPS such as PLS/OLED/VA and some slightly different iterations of those. So, more than 2 types?
  22. Ok... lol, not what I was looking for. I was looking for a "panel type" header and for it to list the panel type thusly below a relevant header, not just say no to IPS. So... what panel type is it then?
  23. 25" 1440p IPS Acer monitor Here EDIT: sorry but I am unaware where this monitor would be available in the UK. I cant find if this is TN/IPS/PLS/ect?
  24. I'm not a fan of speculating about the possibility future sales on an item unless they are known about. If you're in the market for a GPU and there are no known imminent new card releases pick what fits your price best, your performance need best and your own preference best and go for it. I would say I personally feel that the card is a good buy as it is now.