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  1. Updated CPU cooler for my ITX build... it's my own creation... Anyone recognize the cooler? Feel free to give me some thoughts... good or bad... I had the time and desire to make this thing work if it was possible so I tried.
  2. FYI, this post involves a whole lot of amateur engineering(though...that word might be too kind, and indicate some level of competency) I just recently finished assembling a new ITX build as follows: Dan Cases A4(silver) i7-6700k Asrock Z270M-ITX a/c Noctua NH-L9I EVGA 980Ti FTW Silverstone SFX-L 500w 480Gb NVME M.2 Mydigital BPX 16Gb PNY 2400Mhz DDR4 However... Amazon sent me the wrong M.2... so i return it and reorder...(actually just got the drive today(2/9/17)) So, everything is assembled save for the drive and therefore the OS. Just to verify that the PC boots and all appears normal I decided to power it up and tour the Bios(this being my first ASRock board). While sitting idle in the bios the CPU temperature sit at a solid 52deg C regardless of what the fan profile is, Low 52C, medium 52C, Full speed 52C. The temperatures I'm seeing at idle are very high(in my mind), my ATX tower idles at low 20C all day long and doesn't hit 50-60c till torture tests/stability testing Well, Obviously the Noctua cooler is only rated for 65W, and the 6700k is a 91w processor so what should I have been expecting? Obviously my expectations were off or I was thinking very obliviously, maybe both. I decided to check what other cooler options may be available, would fit in the 48mm maximum clearance hight for the cooler to fit in the case and could possibly provide better cooling. I looked but nothing caught my eye as a definite improvement. My mind turned to my old Titan X(maxwell), she ran hot but had a custom bios and was likely producing 300w worth of heat that had to be dispelled by that tiny little reference cooler... So my mind said... that cooler would fit in the case... (what was i thinking?) Who on earth would use a GPU cooler to cool their CPU... but it is larger AND it uses a vapor chamber design compared to noctua's 2 heat pipes and metal block method. SO, having time on my hand i decided to grab the Cooler from my GTX1080(its currently running an AIO) which is the same as the Titan X's just to gauge whether it may even fit in the allotted space. After retrieving it from the back recesses of my closet, surprisingly it appeared to fit, and have all the proper clearances around it. I proceeded to look up the mounting hole spacing for LGA 115X boards and found it to be a few millimeters larger than the GPU mounting holes but my mind decided to press on. I visualized a design that uses a metal plate that bolts to the bottom of the GPU cooler and has the correct mounting holes to align the motherboard to. Here's what i came up with: FYI: i've not done actual temp testing on this setup yet... but the idle temps in the bios screen dropped 4 deg with the Nvidia cooler vs the NH-L9I This is the final constructed product with fan mounted just before installation The following 2 pictures are from the first test fit to ensure proper cpu centricity, even pressure and good thermal compound spread. The cutouts are for clearance around the VRM/Chokes Closeup of the side showing how the Cooler mounts to the plate. Test fit on the Board to check for clearances around the cooler. Side shot showing the cooler sitting on top of the CPU while bolted in for a test fit. Finally, what it looks like installed in the system.
  3. I am still missing the SSD(M.2) and therefore the Operating System but I'll let you know as soon as I get some numbers!
  4. Just got all the pieces save for the M.2 for my new ITX system. Dan Cases A4(silver) i7-6700k Asrock Z270M-ITX a/c Noctua NH-L9I EVGA 980Ti FTW Silverstone SFX-L 500w 480Gb M.2 Mydigital BPX 16Gb PNY 2400Mhz DDR4 After taking this picture I DID reorient the cooler so the fins are vertical and not being blocked off by the memory.
  5. Just throwing another very recent(as in last week) review, comparing a 1070 to a Fury X. Here interesting watch, informative, worthwhile if you're trying to make the choice that is best for you. IMO: 1070 is a much better futureproof choice ALSO IMO: if you can, Wait for 1080Ti/Vega to launch in the next few months? it could mean significant price drops for the 1080 and maybe 1070 and also possibly a market flooded with nice USED cards at a discounted price.
  6. Higher speed ram IS better for high performance/high frame rate gaming when you're using higher end CPU's and GPU's. My go to resource for showing exactly why is the youtube channel Digital Foundry, they have an excellent video showing the framerate differences when using 4 different and very common ram speeds, the results can be quite noticeable. Video: Here Edit: Expectations: don't expect your GTX1060 to suddenly perform like a GTX1070 but simply buying ram with a 1000Mhz advantage for a slight price premium can get you 10+ FPS... well, why not?
  7. Unless you've got a generous local PC repair shop willing to help, there isn't one I can think of.
  8. looks like you will need to borrow a compatable skylake cpu to get it to boot and update the board.
  9. have you checked the bios version that comes with the motherboard? it may need to be updated to be compatable with kaby lake processors.
  10. Agreed, even if you still get a 1070 the chances of a price drop due to Vega/1080Ti are still worth the wait(if your willing to wait).
  11. Possibly not GPU related? What is your CPU, system storage type for the drive the game is on, memory amount and speed? Could it be that one of the above is holding back the smooth flow of data to the GPU? Poor input data pacing to the GPU will cause the same feeling as the GPU bound stuttering.
  12. Obviously... This! Go big or go home! Quadro P6000
  13. Good to hear these reviews, I just ordered a g502 and am very much hoping I love it as much as my beloved mx500(5 years old now). The mx500 is starting to fail just like my previous beloved mx512, the mouse starts to quickly disconnect and reconnect at random and stems from the cable starting to break internally right where it enters the front of the mouse. I love the shape of the mx500 it has always fit my hand so well.
  14. That's the best recourse for you if they won't help, definitely word of mouth and using your wallet where you feel best. Either they get back to what they were or others start to slowly leave them also.
  15. Great! they are a work of art when they're done and the effort can be rewarding! I'm personally swapping things around far to often to have any desire to put that kind of effort into it, but i certainly can appreciate the final product by someone willing to put the effort in. I look forward to seeing the final product in the Show off your setup! thread!
  16. Well i'm sorry to hear that, I've had RMA experience myself with EVGA and it was smooth, kind, quick and they replaced it with an identical new product.
  17. IMO, i'm unwilling to put the incredible amount of time and effort into a custom loop, but i do love the AIO options. EVGA's specifically. Jayz2cents reviewed the FTW hybrid model here which uses the same pump assembly you can buy from evga to install on your card.
  18. Quoted from their warranty page: Here still seems pretty good to me. Products sent in for RMA will be repaired and returned or replaced with a thoroughly tested recertified product of equal or greater performance.
  19. Also please list your AIO cooler model and other system specs if a thermal paste reapplication doesn't help. Also, have you checked your cooling fans and radiator for operation and clogged airflow?
  20. If you're worried about problems EVGA has one of the best customer support departments of anyone, they make great products but aren't perfect(no one is) but if you have a problem they're responsive, quick and work hard to help you(personal experience speaking here). If you have room for the Hybrid model's tubing and radiator it will give you very quiet operation and excellent temperatures.
  21. The only options I see based on the case layout are either switching your cpu radiator to the bottom and putting the GPU rads on top or going with the EKWB.
  22. The primary reason for putting the radiator on the side of the case(be it front or back) is to prevent the coolant pump mounted on the GPU from getting air locked(that being a pocket of air rising to the highest point in the system and getting stuck there) and preventing the pump from circulating coolant. EVGA recommends the radiator on the side with the hoses at the bottom so that any air pocket will rise to the top of the radiator and stay there so it does not threaten the cooling performance. If you cannot put the radiator in the back of the case or the front of the case I would recommend mounting the radiator at point ABOVE(top of the case?) the GPU to prevent the pump getting air bound.
  23. 1050Ti definitely... He called us... Experts *smiles and snickers*