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    Apprentice Plumber


  • CPU
    AMD FX 8350 @ 4.0 Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
  • RAM
    8GB Kingston Fury
  • GPU
    GTX 560ti
  • Case
    NZXT S340
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    Kingston 120GB
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    EVGA 500 WATT
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    Samsung 24" Monitor
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Steelseries Kana
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    Razer Kraken
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    Windows 8.1
  1. That was weird! Signed into the router site where you type the ip to the url yeah you know blah blah and I enabled wlan filtering and my computer connected! Thanks a lot guys
  2. Okay sorry I just noticed my iPad is still connected, and I can get to the HUAWEI router settings where I clicked whitelist by mistake? Could this help aswell by any chance?
  3. I reset it and it still doesn't connect? The reset button is one you would need to use a pen or pin or pencil to press, I just pressed it once and nothing really happened that I could see? Should I be holding it down? Or pressing it when the router is powered off?
  4. You guys are great <3 who could ask for a better community!!
  5. @Tedster how would I go about this? And is it guaranteed to work?
  6. Hi there, I was looking in my router settings on my browser and was blacklisting someone in the house from Internet (as a joke) which was then taken too far when I clicked whitelist, I researched Google and someone said as soon as you click whitelist you will loose connection to the router from that computer so it's best you do it on a wired computer, now I can't connect to the Internet at all... Anyone know how to fix this? I would write this on talk talk but my account is bugged out and I can't create a new one. My router is a HUAWEI HG533
  7. To everyone wondering, I do not like windows 8.1/8 and I am not looking to upgrade to windows 10, its just what I want, I guess its personal preference.
  8. Hi there guys I am about to downgrade back to windows 7, I have a legal copy. I have the iso file on a usb drive. The question is... will windows make me format my drive? because I have an ssd and obviously there isnt enough space for two windows
  9. @Castdeath97 I just updated the firmware for my ssd, I hadn't done that before? Could that have been why??
  10. @Castdeath97 http://gyazo.com/c98461f67a50c92621929fa6d58f1260 could this be it?!?!
  11. Sorry I can't seem to sort it from high disk usage, isn't giving me an option?
  12. Hi there !! My computer keeps freezing every so often, at first i thought it was a driver problem, but then it started occuring more, so I opened task manager and then resource manager after the freeze one day and saw that there was outrageous results when it came to disk usage, for the time it had been frozen the disk usage on both my hard drives were spiked at 100%, this is really annoying me now and i only built my computer 1 month ago... Heres a screenshot of it: http://gyazo.com/346ec0825b9ff7dbd64e1136c0567770 Dont have one of my other drive yet but as soon as I do I will link it also
  13. @JokerFire Don't worry my important files are on the ssd. The hard drive is just a western digital 1tb. Do not recommend lol.
  14. It's just one thing after another with me... just my luck. My hard drive keeps making a knocking noise every so often and I am getting a bit concerned. I googled it and most people have said its about to... die. My windows and more important files are on my ssd but just other files and random stuff are on the hard drive making the noise. What should I do? I only bought the god damn thing last week.