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  1. Ordered a Noctua NH-D15S as replacement. Can't get warranty replacement and don't want to wait that long anyway. Wanted to go for an air cooler for some time anyway, this just gives me an excuse lol
  2. I can't find my cable for my corsair Link... does that mean I can't identify the issue. oh, BTW I do hear a bit of a clicking sound. How is corsair with warranty? It's only about 2 years old. EDIT: Nvm. Warranty won't work. Don't have any documentation. Got it as a gift and don't have a receipt.
  3. Nah. Haven't had any corsair software installed since day one. I'll check for noise here in a little bit
  4. What do ya mean noise? Like a bad noise, no noise or normal operating noise?
  5. Repasted less than a year ago. Didn't remove the cooler when I switched builds
  6. Nah. Same connector. Only difference is that there are slightly fewer fans in the case in total, and I now how a push config only instead if a push/pull. Don't think those should equal a 30* delta though
  7. So last night I moved my build with a 5930k (cooled by a H100i GTX) and a 1080ti from my Corsair 900D to a Corsair Vengeance C70. Everything fit great. Then when I went to power it on, my cpu temps skyrocketed. They were like 70C in the BIOS. Trying to boot in to Windows made it go to above 90C, then it shut down. So I reseated the pump and fan connectors and nothing. Also noticed that one tube was extremely hot while other one was essentially room temperature. This morning though, my PC booted to windows fine... except the temps idled around 50-60C @4.6GHz/1.32V. My temps used to idle around 30-ish @4.6GHz/1.32V. I realize I moved the build in to a smaller case, but those temp changes seem very drastic. Is my H100i on its last legs?
  8. Alright. So I used Revo to uninstall Uplay and did a scan with it to clean every trace. Still didn't work. So I did some digging and found where Uplay save location is and transferred them to my desktop. And it worked without a hitch! Thanks for all the suggestions!
  9. It's actually a fresh install of Windows. I was having some troubles and decided to reinstall. So I did, downloaded Steam, Uplay, origin etc. Steam and Origin work... but not Uplay. I will try to uninstall Uplay with Revo tonight and see if that works.
  10. That's the thing. I got the message to sync and I tried to. But it wouldn't do it successfully and idk why.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Why even bother if it doesn't work like every other cloud save option ever lol. Don't really want to format laptop... yet. Trying to sell it atm so it will be formatted eventually I guess. I can't help but not believe Ubisoft unfortunately. Given their reputation and whatnot. There are always workarounds.
  12. TLDR; Finished GRW on laptop over summer. Now trying to play on Desktop PC and am forced to start a new game because I can't sync cloud saves. Hopefully someone has had the same troubles as me and can help. Over the summer, I was playing Ghost Recon Wildlands (henceforth known as GRW) on my laptop in our camper (it has AC so I can stay frosty lol). I finally 100% the campaign. Even had played a bit of the DLC. Enter Fall. Back in the house with my wonderful desktop. Go to play GRW. New game. No option to continue. Try to sync cloud saves and it didn't work. Tried turning off cloud save, exiting Uplay, opening Uplay and re-enabling cloud save to no avail. Messaged Ubisoft support and they said that when starting from a new device, you have to start a new game. It's the only option. Someone please tell me this isn't true so I don't have to do all those missions over again please. TIA
  13. What if... I got a test bench and made a case around it??