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  1. Better lighting would be nice for the stages and the b-roll cameras. Are you able to do passes with accounts to keep track of which activities were done? For use with the activities with prizes so there isn't a need to sign-up every time. More options for purchasing items. Whether its some of the other YouTubers merch or sponsor brands. Would be nice to have a place to buy things without shipping cost (flight not included).
  2. Hello, My computer was running just fine for almost two months now. Today I tried to install another 1tb NVMe SSD. I went into the BIOS to check the boot order. Ended up turning on XMP and virtualization as well. This caused boot loop with the BIOS and keyboard inputs freaking out. BIOS was on F3. I tried clearing CMOS and reseating both SSD. Ended up flashing new BIOS. So I am now on F6b. It's working fine and I haven't changed anything from default except Boot Order. I still cannot boot into Windows. I have tried: a Linux boot USB and checked the primary SSD is still accessible. a Windows boot USB to try to "Repair Startup" option. booting with only the one NVMe SSD. changing the M.2 slot from A to B on the board. My weekend is ruined, I have no idea what my next steps are. I am afraid of having to install Windows and all my software all over again. Is there anything you would suggest? At this point I am unsure if I should install Windows on the Silicon Power drive and use the WD drive as the secondary. Any help is appreciated. Please let me know what other information I can provide. My specs: Aorus X570 Ultra AMD 3800X GSkill 32GB RAM RTX 2080 1 3TB HDD, 1 2TB HDD Primary Windows WD_Black SN750 1TB NVMe Internal Gaming SSD - Gen3 PCIe, M.2 2280, 3D NAND, Up to 3470 MB/s - WDS100T3X0C New Secondary Silicon Power 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 TLC R/W up to 3,400/3,000MB/s SSD (SU001TBP34A80M28AB) Edit: Added some pics of things I am trying.
  3. TechQuickie: What does Alphabet do as Googles parent company?
  4. Is it possible to go super old PC build where nothing was standardized? Maybe even as far back as the 80s where it was all manual?
  5. When will you review the Fossil Smartwatches? The Hybrid seems like the spiritual successor to the Pebble with its minimal features but long battery life and the others just look great with all the features included.
  6. Hey Linus, I am wondering what size to pick. The LTT shirts M is a bit tight on me, but large is too loose. Is there an option to return for a different size later?
  7. @LinusTech will there be a time when you will be able to explain what has been going on with FP. Like all the programming, protocols, business items needed to be done to make something like this possible.
  8. I understand the difficulties with the multiple channels LMG has. But I do not want to feel like I am missing LMG content just because I didn't subscribe to all of them. Will all FP exclusives be available on all channels so anyone subscribed to one be able to be involved? Or can we get an LMG Bundle for less than $10?
  9. Can we get more historical content. Like how much gaming performance at different GPU $$$ amounts produced for the past decade. Compare the performance increase percentages. I would personally really like to see RANT on wearables. Nothing has come close to Pebble in terms of features for battery life. Now that my Pebble has died out, I miss it and realize the value isn't available on the market at the same level as my Pebble 2 HR. Galaxy Fit and Garmin Sport smart watches are the closest things I have found. Edit: I would just like more RANTS in general. I understand but do not like how there is no real value GPU cards. How neatly they all fit into the price/performance range. I miss the times like when 970 was big deal due to price/performance for 1080p and everything extra was big baller things.
  10. Lets not discount Alex/Jake for technical content. Anthony has projects that mainly revolve around software/PC while Alex/Jake are mainly the hardware oriented crew. Everyone does awesome projects. @jakkuh_t waiting on AR/VR Racing Mario Kart style for LTX 2020. Let's get that AR racing concept going.
  11. According to the latest WAN show. LMGs merch store is a separate company and they plan to do just that with their lessons learned. I am excited for the plan to support Floatplane merch officially. Would be pretty awesome if all the channels on FP were supported through a single merch company. Shipping would drastically improve by then. After all these years, all the staff has become so skilled. It's very exciting how many areas they can branch off into now that they have the talent, time and income for.
  12. Saw the WAN Show. Pretty sure you already got this feedback. Just to reinforce it. 3 Day event. LTX seems big enough now. It seems to be 50/50 gaming and people meet related. It would be a good idea to know how stuff like Anime/Comic conventions handle booths/lines for their creators. If the plan is much bigger then try to get some halls from nearby hotels and such for specific things. Like Board/Arcade/Retro gaming out of main convention centre and focus on creators in the main area. Have line limits, amusement park closed off until more space style. Catering for BYOC was already mentioned but would be nice to have options really nearby all day. Like ice cream/food trucks. If possible, badges with our contact information to just tap at every booth. So no need to write down every time and hold up lines. Easier to manage contact for prizes. Allow main creators to setup their own booths for merch or add it to the main merch booth. I wouldn't mind some tech sponsors selling their products. It would make sense for people that want it but can't justify the shipping eg ifixit. Anime/Comic conventions always have a separate walled off area for this Nitpick butlighting for the main panel area was off. If that can be fixed that would be great. Proper schedule for BYOC night to utilize the big screen would be appreciated. Some lighted areas for people to play board games during BYOC night would be nice addition. Werewolf is a good time in conventions.
  13. I see them being able to provide services instead of acquiring channels. The videos where Linus builds people servers is an example. Providing tutorials/solutions on data security, improving workflow and overall being more of a managerial beast for smaller channels. This could happen in the far future, but currently they are really busy with videos everyday and plenty of ideas for cool videos that involve specific talents of their staff that they would not be able to be without for extended periods to provide the services. The talent LMG has is insane and their skills have grown significantly since they started. If they ever needed to branch out into other content or Linus gets bored again then its highly possible to go this route. But doubtful anytime soon.
  14. Is there going to be an LTT video explaining how the coverage for LTX will be shown on FP?