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  1. I would like the Kiro because it's fit my need
  2. Banned for not letting others being a racist.
  3. For everone, oneplus two. (Sorry,can't upload the pic cuz i don't know how.
  4. But cleaning it will be the last thing you want to do.Coz -It's heavy -The tank could crack if you didn't handle it properly -It's OIL man! What happens if you want to clean it then ? -IF you want to RMA something then ^.
  5. For me, Xbox 360 controller is my best bet.(And yeah,flying (and driving) with keyboard really sucks like you say)
  6. Hi, I'm thinking to get a CM Storm Devastator Combo. Is it ok (not great but OK) to use it to play some FPS,GTA V,LoL,DotA2? I'm a Malaysian and Mech Keyboard here is expensive AF.
  7. What dafuq this has to do eh.
  8. Allrigt, got the info already. Now saving up for a better price/performance ssd. What do you recommend
  9. Everyone say that the Kingston V300 sucks, but why. I've bought the 120GB and it's ok for a boot drive tho. Give me an explaination for why the v300 is bad for you. Hell, some places say the v300 is good for the budget minded. (Forgoted the link)
  10. Banned for something that I can't tell.
  11. Yeah, I know just daydream into the night, thinking bout ssd, that I never had,yeahh
  12. Classified, Craigslist, Ebay and avoid low ballers. For that I think 1100$-ish.Just avoid low ballers if you want to negotiate.
  13. Mine -A laptop (Samsung 535U3C) -SATA3 to USB 3 -External 13' monitor (newly bought) -32GB Flash Drive that had a AIO Windows 10/Windows 8.1 and Drivers -Multibit screwdriver (almost like the ifixit kit) -pliers -Bunch of SD card (most of it is dead from my client) -Universal laptop charger (with a bunch of DC jack) -Food (why not) -Thermal paste (5 of them) -Anti-static bag -gloves -mouse (the cheapo one) -memory cards to usb3.0 Thats all
  14. XiaoMi Redmi Note 2+Best bang for the buck -Phone goes hot yo -Bad battery life so consider one of the XiaoMi Battery Banks If you don't want to carry your battery banks often then root it and underclock the CPU.
  15. A phone that across my mind XiaoMi RedMi/HongMi(depends) Note 2. Specs MTK Helio x10 2.0 Ghz for 2GB RAM 16 GB onboard or 2.2 Ghz for 3GB RAM 32 GB onboard. Main cam is 13MP while front cam is 5MP. The problem is. -It only available on China so Ebay is your best/worst bet. -Run pretty hot if you play some resource heavy game -Bad battery life even it's a 3020mAh battery (coz it 8 cores on them) -Some off them doesn't have Google Play Store ( but you have a crappy chinese app installer that basically crap ) -If you need Play Store you need to flash a International ROM that equal to voiding the warranty Anyway, This is up to you to choose not me.
  16. Sorry, just updated the game and it works flawlessly. I always offline so I didn't upgrade my game frequently.
  17. No, not worth it. wait until major bug fix and enjoy.
  18. you've forgotten one (illuminati confirmed, get 360 noscoped, smoke w33d evryd4y)Edit : more than one