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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, turns out it is my Kaspersky Internet Security. Turning it off definitely turn my network back to normal and it did have an important update few days ago. Now I just have to figure out which setting is fucking up my internet =_=
  2. I noticed my 1000up and down fiber internet is unstable about 2 weeks ago, synonyms as follows: 1) Twitch video crash (This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser. (Error #4000)) every 10-30 mins or so; 2) Unable to download files through browser, mega won't work, download link won't work, it will download at high speed for about 10 second then stop. After a while, chrome will say download failed - network error (I tried microsoft.com, quite a few cloud storage sites, and http://speedtest.tele2.net/) 3) Reddit videos will load half of the video then won't buffer for a long while. 4) Youtube works, might stutter a bit at 1080p60fps 5) Steam game download works, bittorrent works, general browsing works, speedtest shows 900up and down with 2ms ping. I tried connecting my pc directly to the ISP modem, bypassing my wifi router, still the same result. I called my ISP and they tell me that they can't find any problem at their end. So I am out of ideas, any suggestions?
  3. I am planning to upgrade to a GTX 3080 and a Dell S2716DG this November. My goal is to enjoy butter smooth ray tracing enabled graphic on 1440p, but since I am not a competitive gamer, I don't think I need all 144 Hz fps for all my games. Temperature is a real concern when you living in a tiny apartment in south east Asia, so I am looking for a way to limit the frame rate on my games, so my face won't be cooked by the pc exhaust air constantly. What would be the best way to do it without harming the benefit g-sync brings? Can I just "underclock" my monitor? Besides, I notice most of the gaming monitor has gigantic stands. Dell S2716DG is the only 27inch monitor that's thin enough (thanks to the understated stands) to fit comfortable on my table. Do you guys have any other suggestions for a 1440p, 16:9, G-sync, 23-27inch monitor besides the Dell? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality - Contains 1,509 items Pretty much the most random collection of over 1000 indie games Notable games includes: 1) Overland 2) Celeste 3) BEACON 4) Sky Rogue Only direct download from itch.io, no Steam key!
  5. Thanks for the advice! Will keep an eye out for Pixel 4a.
  6. I have been using a Oneplus 5T for a few years now and looking for an upgrade around 2020. I am looking for a phone that offers: 1. Close to stock Andriod OS with minimum bloatware 2. Cheap and cheerful pricing (I don't really game on my phone, so no need for top tire spec) 3. Long term OS and security update support 4. Good low light photo performance would be a plus Since Oneplus' new pricing is getting close to top tier brand now and the Oneplus 8 line up doesn't seem to offer anything special to justify the price increase, I am seriously considering to switching to another brand. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. I was upgrading my laptop to window 10 for a long trip to Asia and run into some really strange problem. Whenever I launch any windows app (Maps, Calculator, Store, Alarms, etc) my screen will blink to black with my mouse cursor still visible, and then it will blink again to complete black screen while it plays the window error sound. Although I can see my harddrive light still blinking as usual, the screen is black no matter what I do. Other than windows apps, everything seems to work just fine. Office 2007, chrome, paint, window media classic, all works. So, any pointers for me to fix this annoying issue? System: Asus N53J series i5 480M Geforce GT 425M 8gb DDR3 1333 Samsung 840 Edit: I just found out that opening an image directly that runs Photo doesn't crash my pc, but trying to open Photo directly does. This is getting really strange.
  8. it's a 2 years old card, so no more warranty for me. I actually test my card on another computer that has the same hardware as mine. The fan is spinning like normal, but computer still won't register the fan rpm. I also get myself another gtx 970 cooler, swapped it out with the old cooler, still the same problem. So I guess there is something wrong with the card. Does anyone know if flashing the GPU bios would help?
  9. I guess every single one of you experienced part of your computer functions perfectly fine one day just to see it dead tomorrow...this is what happened to me: I left my pc turn on over night only to find out that it turned itself off in the morning. Pushing the power button did nothing, so I decided to open up my pc to see if my mobo has power. Even though every light on the mobo were on, it still won't turn on. I ended up turn off my psu completely and power up the whole thing again. After a few tries, my final finally turned on. Everything worked at first, but suddenly my GPU fan cranked itself up to max. Since I am using a EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW edition with the ACX 2.0 fan, it sounded like someone was vacuuming inside my case. After some investigation, I noticed that none of my monitoring software could pick up the GPU fan speed. In Nvidia inspector, the Fan and Speed area are gray out. In GPU Meter, it detects my Fan speed is 0, and in EVGA PrecisionX 16, the fan speed is also 0. I later on found out that if I uninstalled PrecisionX, the fan won't crank to max. I suspect it has something to do with PrecisionX trying to adjust the fan speed base on the custom fan control curve. After doing a few more tests, I found out that without PrecisionX's influence, my GPU fan is spinning at idle keeping the GPU at a cool 30C. However, if I put it on load (running FurMark), when the temperature hits around 65C, it will just crank itself to max and won't turn itself down even when it is not on load anymore. Other than the fan problem, the card works just fine. It can run Witcher at max comfortably, and run FurMark at normal fps. I tried fixing the problem by reinstalling the driver, doing a clean driver install, and even switching PCI-X slot. Nothing seems to work. So, do you guys have any suggestions, or I am now the proud owner of the loudest GTX 970? My rig: i7 4790K Asus z97-a G.Skill (8x2)16gb 2133 DDR3 EVGA GeForce GTX 970 04G-P4-2978-KR 4GB Samgsung 850 Evo
  10. Considering the exchange rate, the deal is about 75 US dollar. If you search for the same monitor at newegg.com, it is nearly twice the price.
  11. It's a pretty functional monitor and for a little over 100 CAD, you can get a stand that let's you adjust height and rotate is pretty sweet. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236594&AID=10657534&PID=3938566&SID=&nm_mc=AFC-C8JunctionCA&cm_mmc=AFC-C8JunctionCA-_-na-_-na-_-na&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-%zn
  12. Hey guys, I am heading over to china for 2 months. Can you recommend me some paid VPN service that works great when trying to hop over the great firewall? Preferably something that work with torrent which would make my live much easier when I have to transfer files back and forth from canada.
  13. I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu. At first everything is peachy but then I realize my GTX 970 is making a new buzzing noise when under load. It sounds like some kind of electrical buzzing noise which has a rather low pitch compare to coil whine. More worryingly, it seems to get louder if the gpu is under high load. Any idea what it might be? I am kind of hopping I don't need to get myself a fire extinguisher... I am quite certain that it is not the fan cause I use my fan controller to ramp up the fan to max without stressing the card, and the buzzing noise did not occur. Spec: Asus Z97-A i7-4790K G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 2133 16gb (2x8gb) EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0
  14. I heard a lot about chromecast as well and was considering buying one as well. Nevertheless, I would feel more comfortable if there is some kind of "wireless HDMI", cause someday I do hope to play games on my TV if given the chance. Any of you guys know anything about Steam Link? For 50 dollars it lets you stream games and wireless controller control, I wonder if it can just stream your desktop. That would solve all my problems!!
  15. I recently moved to a new apartment, and linking my tv with HDMI cable to my pc is no longer an option. I usually use my TV as an additional monitor to watch movies and TV programs (mostly from netflix) when friends are here. I wonder if there is any device out there would let me wireless stream my pc desktop to my TV. On the other hand, if I spend around 60 dollars, I could buy myself an extra pc case and a power supply. With the spare pc parts I have, I could build myself a basic media center. Would that be a cheaper solution? Thanks in advance!