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  1. Hello, LTT community Recently i've sttarted to notice my PC isn't performing as it used to do. My specs are i5 6600k with 4.1 overclockked, and 1060 6gb, with 8gb of ram. In CSGO, i have all the lowest settings,but upon benchmarking I only get about 70 fps regularly. Before you say anything, i've turned off the xbox DVR, I've set my game to high priority, closed all unnecessary programs in the background, got fans running up to 70%, tried -high in the launch options, my temps are stable, and i've recently changed the thermal paste. However there is one more thing. I've noticed my HDD is starting to slow down, may that be an issue? I've tried posting on steam forums also, got no help from there, genuine "turn off dvr" comments. Thanks for help in advance.
  2. but not from my main administrator user
  3. i can still get data from other users if i boot into my main HDD
  4. got my hands on my old desktop, whatever windows 7, got the data from the other users like "my second user" "my third user" going thru E:/users/ location, but i dunno how to access the main data on the adminstrator user, where there is all data, because it doesnt show up in E:/users. I cant boot into it, since it has somewhat repair launcher "loop" or something i dont even know, and i dont have CD for windows 7, and i run skylake, so i cant get w7 reinstall from usb 3.0. Any ideas how to access the data from my main drive ?
  5. OW is 100~ FPS ultra Witcher 3 about 55~ with ultra, and max sharpness at 1080p
  6. Which one should i get? Redmi note 3 or note 3 pro?
  7. Yes, and i know, rip quality. I dont have a camera so i had to use my phone
  8. Hello LTT Forum! I decided that i should mod my current gaming rig. I want it to be kind of white , but i cant decide. So i'm asking how you, forum, how should paint it? The best suggestion wins, ill post pics later if i'll pull it off. See you guys! Good luck in tech world! Yttriz. P.S. NO DICKS SPRAY PAINTED ON THE CASE
  9. Umm, if you got new windows update, go into xbox app installed, go to settings, Game DVR, and turn it off.
  10. CPU : i5-6600K @4.4ghz | GPU : MSI GTX 1060 | Mobo: Asus Z170-A Pro | Cooler: Kraken x41 | PSU: SSm12-520w | Keyboard :Corsair Strafe RGB /w Cherry mx Red | Mice: Steelseries rival 300 | 

  11. You shouldnt plug in new components while the psu is plugged into a wall and turned on
  12. Yttrizy

    one sided sound

    still no fix plx help.
  13. Yttrizy

    one sided sound

    other headphones, only right side works.
  14. Yttrizy

    one sided sound

    its everything on, doesnt work still.
  15. Yttrizy

    one sided sound

    its plugged fully.
  16. Yttrizy

    one sided sound

    Yo, i had my audiotechnica ath-t500 headset, which i accidentally pulled with my leg and looks like it's dead. So i tried connecting my earbuds to the pc.Only sound on one side. Right side, left is quiet. But on my phone they work just fine. I tried reinstalling the drivers, but doesnt seem to do the trick. i could use the one side, but i want to play surround games like csgo, but it would be hard to play with only one side. Solutions?