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  1. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    oh god its terrible, like some sort of mobile game advertising
  2. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    they vaguely said they might publish more games on PC
  3. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    a year to claim a free licence where did they say that? they just said it would be free for a year?
  4. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    buy this then https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/technicalillusions/castar-the-most-versatile-ar-and-vr-system
  5. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

  6. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    holograms? http://technicalillusions.com/ seen it before meh
  7. 1funnygame

    Covering Windows 10 Briefing

    you will see our dedication to windows in the games portfolio hmmmmmmmmm
  8. 1funnygame

    Math quadratic equation

  9. I'm fine with the almost required stuff for a film to work like warp drive and I'm also fine if they do it for experience related stuff like sound in space but when they constantly make up bullshit science that the entire movie rotates around it seriously bugs me and I don't walk away thinking of plot but the awful science
  10. 1funnygame

    Your Favourite Music

    Adhesivewombat 17 I like the intricacies that many chiptunes have and he is one of the chiptune makers I follow though he makes very few I found him from linus
  11. 1funnygame

    What's the avatar above you thinking?

    god damn i'm glamorous
  12. 1funnygame

    Low-profile gaming keyboards

    never mind this post i agree with http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823201047 another person posted
  13. AMD Mantle was not bad at all it forced microsoft to improve directX and AMD knew they would do this they said it many times because microsoft is one of those companies that only improves a product if theres viable competition Also Mantle is open source so nvidia could easily do whatever optimisations they wanted to do easily unlike with the physX crap
  14. 1funnygame

    If you had the money what would you buy?

    6 4k monitors :3 and maybe a better graphics card than my intel HD 4000 but idk for sure that i need it its pretty beast