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  1. Windows is on my SSD thankfully. It doesn't show up in disk management, not showing in device manager, there isn't any warnings of flags there.
  2. Just tried that, SSD shows up, still no hard drive. What the hell is going on here
  3. I have plugged in the sata data cables to ports 1 and 2 on my motherboard, I turned on my computer and went to the bios, once again, the SSD shows up, but not the HDD.
  4. I don't feel any vibration but I feel heat coming from the circuit board on the back of the drive. The power supply is a corsair ax760 in hybrid mode.
  5. I don't have an m.2, I've already tried using different power and data cables, I have no clue what to do I've ran out of ideas.
  6. I recently transfer my PC components into a new build. I went from a Gigabyte h170N motherboard to an Asus Z170M Plus. I got all my drives in and booted it up and found out that the BIOS can't detect my hard drive. I switch the location of the SATAS and it still can't recognize it. So I got a new HDD and it still can't detect it. But It can detect my SSD no problem. The cables are fine, so I don't know what the issue is. Help?!
  7. RT @SuicideSquadWB: Feels good to be bad. WATCH the new trailer for #SuicideSquad, in theaters August 5th. https://t.co/iWMmnOW3ax

  8. I inserted my old RAM, and it still is doing the same thing. Should I try resetting my bios?
  9. I just changed my ram on my Gigabyte H170 ITX board, and now I'm having posting issues. The PC turns on, fans spins, then after 10 seconds, it just restarts constantly. I don't know if this is normal, or if I hit something by accident when trying to squeeze my hands in this small build, but I need help!
  10. Money isn't too much of a concern. I just would like to know what other people would get and why. I want to be able to game but also multitask.
  11. I've been contemplating getting my new GPU, and want to know if one GTX 980 ti will run smoothly at 4k.