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  1. I'll say it again, my RX 5700 does not suffer from any of the issues on the fixed lists or the known issues list.
  2. It's not that Apple can't create a self driving car...it's about if it's worth it or not. I don't think it would be worth if for them in the long run, they probably don't think so either. Paying 2000 people a healthy salary with good health benefits gets expensive real fast, and that's before any other production costs are considered.
  3. Are you wearing anything magnetic on your wrists?
  4. My Logitech Crayon arrived


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    2. ARikozuM


      Is this "mating press" for programmers?

    3. ARikozuM


      @PacketMan The Apple Pencil is worth it if you sketch or draw plans often like I do. The student discount also makes it easier when biting the bullet. 


      @DrMacintosh Make sure you review the crayon.

    4. DrMacintosh


      @PacketMan The Crayon is very basic. It has one pressure level and supports 1 level of tilt. This is sufficient for note takers but not useful for artists. 

      Also I got my Crayon on eBay for $50 new. You can get some good deals on eBay. 

  5. It’s marketing and public image.
  6. You want to know a Big Brain play? Installing an ad blocker for Safari on your iPad, going to Hulu.com instead of the app and watching Hulu ad free! 

  7. Because it requires users to find the poll and then choose to answer it? It’s by definition a selective poll.
  8. Gamers Nexus polls are inherently un-reliable. Not only is the poll selective, but people who don’t have issues are significantly less likely to vote in a poll because they won’t be looking for other users with issues. I for example never knew the poll existed, but I don’t have any issues with my RX 5700.
  9. #1 I did not notice the sig #2 .....The sig could be a lie?......like the cake I was promised.......
  10. might I ask, to just to see if my assumption about these issues hold true... what other hardware is in your system? Specifically your CPU and motherboard.
  11. You could try installing Windows 10 via Bootcamp and seeing how the software holds up. Sounds like bad software to me though.
  12. No, but we are talking about hardware acceleration period. Of which Windows doesn't have.
  13. Turns on MacBook to take notes in class*

    My first reaction: "So uncivilized"

    1. Pascal...


      Your iPad: Am I a joke to you ?

    2. TheGlenlivet


      What is this?!?!?  2016?!?!?

    3. ARikozuM


      It's not 2020! It's 2010v2!

  14. Idk what it is, but there is something about a naked iPad on a table that’s just attractive. 

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    2. DrMacintosh


      Design is an art. Art can be attractive. 

    3. ARikozuM


      That EPYC Prime95 run gave me the cumz.



    4. Pascal...
  15. Lessgo bois



    Bernie has 20 more delegates than the 2nd place candidate. If Bernie wins South Carolina....its OVER. 

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    2. DrMacintosh


      I did say theoretically did I not? The DNC obviously isn’t interested in fully democratic elections. 

    3. TheGlenlivet


      I wonder if a moderate VP would make him more palatable to the boomer voters.

      Everyone I know over 50 thinks he is too far left... and that's saying it as nicely as I care too....

    4. SenKa


      Fair enough. I did miss theoretically my first read through.




      I've heard rumors of Clinton as his VP, which i hope is nothing more than a rumor.

  16. This is why I got an iPad. Because I can do this anywhere now and I’m not tied to a keyboard and a machine that weighs 3lbs and can’t last more than 6 hours (where as this iPad can last 10 hours). 

    I’ve got a Logitech Crayon coming in the mail so that I can start marking up these documents. 

  17. Ok, so like you know how iPadOS has a desktop browser now?..........Yeah, it literally, changes everything. This thing is a laptop replacement. 

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    2. Den-Fi


      Breaking up with your Macbook for a new love?

    3. DrMacintosh


      MacBook is great for my coding class....but that keyboard and extra 2 pounds gets in the way for most of what I do. 

    4. RoseLuck462


      And for being so cheap, the iPad 7 is incredibly capable 

  18. I couldn’t resist. I bought the iPad 7th Gen. Got the silver 32GB model. Really liking it so far. The bigger screen makes typing on the keyboard a lot more doable. F51337E4-7F68-426A-ACEE-CAA1FC5484BE.thumb.png.bbba4bd2c2ed26c4f9fdfcc705dcfdcd.png


    Also iPadOS looks f*ucking fantastic, right?

    1. PacketMan


      Question: is duet worth it right now? I heard MacOS now supported an iPad with iPadOS as second display. I always wanted to use it as second screen with my old MacBook, but paying that much for duet was a no-no at the time

    2. DrMacintosh


      I got diet on sale. However with SideCar it is irrelevant for macOS users. However, I use Bootcsmp a lot for school (C++ Data Structures) and for that its useful. @PacketMan

  19. I'm really having a tough time resisting buying the 10.2" iPad. I'm thinking that for what I want to do with it, mostly read PDFs, watch YouTube in bed, and be a portable Netflix machine.....the 32GB Silver iPad should be fine? 


    I'd like the 128GB model, but I can't really even fill my 64GB 8 Plus with stuff I use on the daily. 


    Also I was just wondering why iPadOS does not have Preview like macOS. A powerful, free, PDF viewer would really set iPad apart (as if iPad is not the only tablet worth buying anyway).

    1. Den-Fi


      My iPad Pro is def now just a BedPad lol.

      I had to get another one because it's just too good at being a bed media device.

  20. Whohoo. Got another deposit from FAFSA. About 836 shekels.

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    2. DrMacintosh


      Grant. Also gf and I never ended up breaking up. 

    3. BuckGup


      Well that's good I suppose if it helped the relationship 

    4. greenmax


      Free money is the best kind of money!

  21. This means you should get the 8GB Radeon Pro 5500M. More VRAM = more better for these applications. The 16” MacBook Pro is an awesome machine. In your situation this is the config I would go for: 2.6GHz 6C/12T 9th Gen Core i7 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB 32GB 2666 DDR4 memory 512GB SSD
  22. I watched Beetlejuice today with my gf. So naturally:


    1. TheGlenlivet


      He is the ghost with the most, Babe.


      I can't imagine Baldwin doing a movie like that these days...

  23. Music professionals don’t need a dGPU, Video processionals just need some H.264/5 hardware acceleration (which Iris Graphics provide for 13” MacBook Pro alongside the T2 chip) and good software (see FinalCut), and finally programmers generally don’t need dGPUs either. These are the target demographics for 13” MacBook Pro. On top of that, the upcoming Ice Lake parts will reduce heat output, increase CPU performance, and will offer Iris graphics that are almost 50% faster than the previous versions. So while yes, there aren’t any small laptops with a good dGPU, but there are also hardly any people that need a dGPU to do their work. A powerful iGPU is enough for most 13” users. The ones that need a dGPU buy the bigger 15” machines that can cool and provide the power needed to run them. If not they can always use a TB3 eGPU to have the portability of a 13” machine with the performance of a 15” machine. And thus, I have destroyed your absurd claim that if you need a “real computer”, you should only buy a 15” Machine.