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    I think this game is a scam
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  1. Pros of me buying an iPad:

    • A second display when I'm on the go
    • A much more usable screen size for doing HW and looking up notes and videos for HW (without having my MacBook)
    • 1/3 the weight of my MacBook
    • much smaller footprint than my MacBook
    • Can multitask
    • Very long standby time
    • Would not have to pull out my phone at all when on Campus, since my iPhone can relay literally everything to the iPad. 

    Cons of me buying an iPad:

    • I already have a MacBook Pro, making the iPad Redundant and inferior
    • an expense is an expense. $329 is $329 that I could save
    • I cannot work on CS HW from my iPad since an iPad can't do C++
    • Would not be used often when at home or even school. 

    I sadly really can't justify an iPad, but that buy button is so tempting.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DrMacintosh


      Perhaps, but I've never been one to buy used Apple Products. Maybe refurbished, but never used. 

    3. RorzNZ


      I had an iPad Pro and still have a normal iPad, it’s just gathering dust because I just use my laptop so much more, and everything is already there and can be worked on. 


      I do break it out for flights and long road trips though. It’s just a casual device.

    4. RoseLuck462


      I get the most use out of tablets with them being used for PDF readers.


      I also have the iPad 7 along with the 12.9 Pro and it is quite capable for it's low price.