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  1. Have you checked the AMD support forums? I have an RX 580 and haven’t experienced anything like what you are talking about. It could be a configuration issue. It could be a lot of things.
  2. Only if there was someone out there looking for that specifically. But if they were looking for that they probably have the ability to do it themselves. It wouldn’t hurt to try, but I wouldn’t expect much.
  3. If it has real world value and you can gamble with it, it’s gambling! The whole skin betting economy always disgusted me in CS:GO. Hope the casino wins. And for the record, I’m not against gambling. Just don’t think what Valve is doing should go unregulated/checked.
  4. Following 3 years and 3 generations of defective keyboards, Apple has finally given Apple stores the tools they need to perform keyboard repairs/replacements in-store. That Memo says: This new policy follows the Keyboard replacement program, which Apple started to replace the keyboards on affected Macs for free, from Summer of last year. That program would require Apple to send your Mac to a repair facility and it would take about a week to get your machine back. This new repair policy is great news for those who have held off on getting their keyboards serviced because they could not afford to be without their Macs for a week. The next day turn arounds mean that people can now get their machines serviced on Saturday morning and pick it up and use it in time for work or school on time for Monday. Of note: Macs with 3rd gen. Keyboards (2018 MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air) are not eligible for this escalated repair at this time. Personally, I have not had any major issues that would warrant my sending my machine out or bringing it in. I've been able to resolve any "sticky keys" with a simple can of compressed air and I only have an intermittent double tap of my x key, which is hard to notice because X is literally the least used letter in the English language. Regardless, my experience does not discount the experiences of others, and I'm sure that those who have been affected by keyboard issues will welcome this new repair policy. Source: https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/23/macbook-keyboard-repair-program/
  5. Yeah for a keyboard replacement it’s less labor to just swap the whole top case. But if the trackpad died, they could replace just that.
  6. I played 2 matches in Bismarck today in Wows. It might just be my favorite t8 battleship. 


    It can tank other BBs and absorb a lot of HE shells thanks to the 50mm deck, and she can’t be overmatched unless a Yamato or Mushashi is in play. 

    1. TheGlenlivet


      That was always my playstyle back when I was playing.

      German BB

      Rig for Aux fire

      Rig for max Aux gun range.



      Never got up to the Bis though...

  7. The trackpad is actually a separate component.
  8. Screen replacements/battery/home button/faceID replacements on iPhones and iPads, Mac display replacements if the model is in stock, storage repairs if the drive can be replaced, ram upgrades/dimm swaps. Some other things that ive probably missed too.
  9. DrMacintosh

    College Kid Looking For A Laptop

    Yeah. I didn't notice your budget until after I posted that
  10. DrMacintosh

    College Kid Looking For A Laptop

    2018 13" MacBook Pro: 2.3GHz quad‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i5 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz Touch Bar and Touch ID Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory 512GB SSD storage Four Thunderbolt 3 ports Price: $2,079 after the education discount. You can use this link to get access to the education store and custom order the specs you need. https://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/13-inch-space-gray-256gb-2.3ghz-quad-core# I'm only recommending the MacBook Pro because of your Thunderbolt requirements. 2018 MacBook Pros have 2 TB3 controllers so you'll have a port on either side that will give you the full 4x PCIe bandwidth. But with the budget, that I didn't notice until just now....maybe don't get a Mac.
  11. That is the official position at this time, yes.
  12. Suck it War Thunder:

    It’s Sabaton, 🅱️itch

    1. Java


      Sabaton's stupid, and in War Thunder you don't pay for "premium ammo"



    2. TacoSenpai
  13. Wow, Linus did a good. 

    I still think a 6-Core Mac Mini w/ a RX 580 8GB eGPU on a 1440p monitor would make for a better computer for me than a 5K iMac. 

    1. savagepain


      YOUR SO BIAS LOL i dont mind tho

  14. Smaller Bezels

    More Expensive



    Modern smartphones are garbage. Change my mind. 

    1. AluminiumTech







    2. Java


      Headphone jack, only thing that really matters to me...that and fuck notches.

    3. AluminiumTech


      Skip to 6;23 for top quality meme :D.


      User Experience or something 🤣.

  15. How to break a 2016-current gen MacBook Pro keyboard:



    Type with fingernails covered in acetone, eat over the keyboard, neglect the particulates that are in/on/around the keyboard area. 


    While granted this shouldn’t have to be done, it’s the harsh reality of Gen 1-3 butterfly keyboards. It’s how I’ve managed to only have my x key double press sometimes on a 2016 machine. 

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    2. BuckGup


      Right then that's a horrible laptop by my definition of what I expect out of a $2000+ device that's based of off previous versions of it. They prioritized design over functionality which is appalling  

    3. flibberdipper


      TIL using a laptop like a normal person and having it break means that it isn't shit.


    4. lewdicrous


      Looks like you've lost command of this situation..

  16. CNN! Now with 50% more bias than competing Fox News breakfast cereals! 


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    2. DrMacintosh


      The point was that Fox was more fair to Bernie than CNN was. 

    3. CUDAcores89


      Well damn.


      I dont really trust mainstream media anyway. They are owned by huge corporations that have clear incentives to slant news in a specific way.

    4. AluminiumTech
  17. DrMacintosh

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    The tech won’t get off the ground if it isn’t marketed successfully. Currently it’s very unsuccessful.
  18. DrMacintosh

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    I love how this is somehow an argument even though it makes 0 sense and probably insinuates something that’s against the community standards....
  19. DrMacintosh

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Unlikely if the technology can’t last 2 days in the hands of real users.
  20. DrMacintosh

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Physics is also against making a folding display.
  21. DrMacintosh

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Imagine paying $2000+ for the Galaxy Fold when you can get a better experience for half the price. Seriously, pick your favorite smartphone (in my case the iPhone 8 Plus) and just buy an iPad. iPhone 8 Plus: $699 iPad: $329 Total: $1,028 Boom, saved $1K and you have a way better user experience. The technology behind folding displays is cool and should be developed more. But the concept of a folding phone is flawed.
  22. DrMacintosh

    Thin and light laptop for travel

    For basic web browsing, why not a tablet? Maybe the $329 iPad?
  23. I’m kinda into this game

    DD10CE10-1E8E-473C-B1C7-2BB52F77C3B7.thumb.png.ae2c12ad6362fc77f5d53c36c4819a2c.pngIt’s called Train Conductor World. Basically you have to send 4 different trains (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) to their respective tracks on either side of the screen. 


    You get track rack tiles (which you need to unlock new worlds) randomly whenever you fill up your coin bar. You get coins from playing, collecting from your “ports”, and completing special events. 

    1. TheGlenlivet


      Looks weirdly like Kingdoms and Castles, but with trains.


  24. DrMacintosh

    Microsoft releases a new programming language: Bosque

    Bosque is a good name. Shame it’s for a programming language. A Bosque refrigerator sounds pretty nice.