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  1. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Its a Japanese company! Jesus dude
  2. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Silicon Valley DOES NOT RUN SONY.
  3. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    What don't you understand? Sony is a world wide corporation. Sony North America makes decisions like any other mega corp, with a board, with investors, and with executives worldwide. The Sony corporate office in California did not suddenly decide that all of Sony Entertainment was going to censor content. You're weaving politics (specifically blaming California) in a corporate buisness decision. Why are you so intent on pinning it on California?
  4. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    California does not run Sony. A single corporate office does not dictate the practices of a world wide corporation. THIS IS SONY's DOING on a corporate level. California has nothing to do with it.
  5. For comparisons sake these two pictures were taken in the same lighting 


    This picture was taken with the telephoto lens at 10x:


    This one was manually cropped to be roughly equivalent to a 10x digital zoom:




    That Telephoto lens helps a lot. 


    Oh and here is a reference photo:57D26B1F-4F03-4C8D-9302-7B0A42125A54.thumb.jpeg.0b5eceb9261b240d7250fb76c79d4ac2.jpeg

    1. RoseLuck462


      Optical Zoom >>>> digit zoom, always

  6. DrMacintosh

    Phone suggestions. $650 USD cap

    Get the color you like best, check the battery health. If the health is below 80% don’t buy it. And finally make sure the display and rear glass are in decent condition. Oh oh and make sure it’s not activation locked, duh
  7. DrMacintosh

    Phone suggestions. $650 USD cap

    iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus gets my recommendation. Stellar camera with 10x optically assisted zoom (Plus model only) stereo speakers, IP67, and wireless/quick charging. The iPhone 8 Plus will receive at minimum 4 more years of iOS updates and the A11 Bionic still tops benchmarks. The 3GB of RAM (8 Plus only) is also managed to be more effective than 6GB on equivalent Android devices. iPhone 8: $599 new iPhone 8 Plus: $699 new I would look to see what you can find refurbished and used. A refurbished iPhone 7 Plus would be good too.
  8. “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.”- Donald J. Trump. 45th President of the United States. 


    Nah na nah na 👋 


    He is DONE

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    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @DrMacintosh Thanks for informing me, I'll look at the report later when I'm on my PC.  A bit hard to look at it on my phone. 

    3. RoseLuck462


      Can't Stump the Trump!

    4. ARikozuM


      The right-wing went after Bill Clinton for lying and adultery, but when it's a R they won't. There's hypocrisy on both sides, and it must be rooted before we lose more of our democracy. 

  9. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Like what? You’re suggesting that California is a prudish state. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is no legislation that would persuade or force Sony into censoring their games. Why can’t you admit that this is Sony’s decision and leave California out of it? We didn’t do anything.
  10. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Do you have any evidence for that or are you just trashing my state with your feelings?
  11. DrMacintosh

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    The State of California is not in the business of telling game companies what they can and cannot sell. Even if we were, our influence wouldn’t reach across state lines. This is a corporate decision and nobody is to blame except Sony.
  12. 7C9B6B72-4785-491A-B058-CC1FE1E3BA59.jpeg.feb3f6fc44a78b63d3300d09c752900b.jpeg


    Studies show that it’s impossible to read this meme in the voices of Fry and Farnsworth xD 

  13. Just spend an hour and 45min removing Idle Buddy from my Grandfathers laptop over the phone. We installed 3 programs: EMSISoft Emergency Kit, Malwarebytes, and HitmanPro. 


    Emergency Kit removed Idle Buddy, Malwarebytes found all kinds of shiz and removed them, and HitmanPro was the Nuclear Option which we saved for last. Thankfully it found nothing meaning the other two programs were successful. 


    Because of all this mess, my Grandpa is now finally looking into getting a MacBook Pro xD I'll probably find him a nice 2015 13"/15"

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    2. CUDAcores89




      Used mac?

    3. firelighter487


      a 2015 is a used mac. they don't sell them anymore afaik. not here anyway. 

    4. DrMacintosh


      Grandpa isn’t going to be able to maintain a Hackitnosh. 2015 MBPs are used Macs. 

  14. Ubisoft giving away Assasins Creed Unity like*




    1. handymanshandle


      using a picture twice is peak recycling

    2. DrMacintosh


      I’m liberal. I’m only wasteful when it’s convenient. Can’t let a perfectly good meme go to waste. 

  15. DrMacintosh

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free on Uplay

    Ubisoft giving out games for the Cathedral like
  16. I wonder, what is the deal with the render scaling on iPhone 7/8 Plus? iPhone 6s Plus did not appear to have any sort of scaling going on, it was all just antialiased. On iPhone 7/8 Plus you can see the effect of the scaling on screen zoom button in the Camera app and also in the YouTube app on the pause buttons. The lines are not incredibly crisp. This only happens with some UI elements and never with text.....so what gives? 

  17. Actually they are.....what is the most popular single phone sold worldwide? iPhone.
  18. The Galaxy Fold, and other folding phones, are not appealing for the vast majority of consumers. Don’t get me wrong, the technology is cool and the technology should be used....just in a more practical application.
  19. I hope that Samsung loses money from the Galaxy Fold It's a fundamentally flawed product concept. The technology is cool, the phone is not.
  20. Strange. It feels like my Series 2 Apple Watch has sped up since I unpaired it and paired it to my 8 Plus. Obviously there is no performance gain, but I think unpairing it cleared up all the junk that was on there. It feels a lot snappier now. 

    1. ARikozuM


      I wonder if Apple should make it a habit of unpairing and pairing on a monthly "maintenance" routine.

  21. What a total failure of a product. 



    It’s not that the Galaxy Fold is “fist gen,” it’s that the Galaxy Fold is an impossible product and is fundamentally flawed. 

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    2. TheGlenlivet


      Did the Verge break it with "tweezers"?

      All jokes aside, I agree it's "an impossible product " with today's technology.  Hopefully Samsung won't take too much of a hit on this one.  We need them pushing the envelope and moving Apple and the rest forward with new stuff.


    3. RoseLuck462


      I've seen two tweets which cite the peeling of that plastic film to be the reason why the failure rate was so high, MKBHD being one of them.

    4. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      I think that the design has potential, but there are several shortcomings. 

      First off, flexible and scratch resistant doesn't go hand in hand, second off, ANY movable component is much more likely to fail then if it's non movable.  It's just a greater point of failure, and while laptops are largely alright, phones go through a lot more physical abuse than your typical laptop. 


      Durability concerns aside, let's look at usability.  First off, I find the lack of pen such as in the note series to be a glaring omission, and this phone is quite a bit thicker due to it being foldable.  While I don't find that too big of an issue, not integrating wallet like functionality seems like a missed opportunity.  You could totally add pockets to the foldable backside to hold money and cards.  Although I can see some aftermarket cases incorporating that feature. 

  22. DrMacintosh

    Is Apple Even TRYING?? – Airpods 2 Review

    AirPods 2 is just a refresh, not an entirely new product and he knows that. Linus just likes clicks :3
  23. I’m torn on if I like True-Tone or not. It’s a neat feature, especially when I’m home because I believe that warm lighting it best for homes, but then again, using it means you aren’t getting the full P3 Color experience of one of the best screens ever in a phone. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      For me, true tone is similar to night shift mode for me for when my eyes start to get tired. It makes the screen easier to see when that happens. 

  24. DrMacintosh

    Trouble Installing Hackintosh (Ryzen)

    Go to r/hackintosh and tonymacx86
  25. Upon seeing posts of 2018 MacBook Pros being hit with flexgate, I've come to the conclusion that the chances of a machine developing flexgate depends on the user. 


    How can a 2016 MBP not have its display fail while a 2018 MBP can when the flex cable design is nearly identical? And actually the 2018 models had their display cables extended! It's because of that, that I'm 90% sure flexgate from people handling the machines by the display and from over-extending the display. 


    I'm not saying that Apple shouldn't start a repair program, but I do think a "You're holding it wrong" will definitely accompany it. 

    1. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      Environment could be an issue as well.  In particular an area where the temps fluctuate heavily, such as high dessert.

    2. CUDAcores89


      @Skanky Sylveon or anywhere in the midwest.


      Or literally anywhere on earth since people bring their PCs into all sorts of environments.