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  1. The responses to this article range from LUL-worthy to just cringe-inducing.




    Yes, his wife dropped her Pixel 3 XL by accident and subsequently caused the back to have a spiderweb (no, it's not turning into Spidey). Yes, this could've all been avoided had a decent case been put on. But some people kind of missed the point.


    Ya'll saying the guy is blaming Google for his wife's mistake, but I'm not seeing any of that. No, he's saying that Google is ill-equipped to repair devices when shit happens like using an all-glass phone naked and then accidentally dropping it, causing it to crack and that for a phone that starts at $800 for the smaller model and $900 for the larger one, that's not okay.


    And that's the actual problem. I could go on all day about how I personally think Google should bundle a cheapskate clear case with their glass phones like OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung (whether they actually do so or not is the Goog's problem) but that's not the point. The point is that in the real-world, shit happens. Maybe people carelessly drop their naked phone. Maybe their phone just died all of the sudden. Maybe their phone got bitten by a wild animal for some odd reason. The point is that, if the only current way to get repairs is to get Google's $7/month accidental damage coverage, that's not okay. The phone's been out for a while now. I should be able to go to a uBreakiFix and get it sorted after about a week or so.


    Plus, regurgitating the case comment is pointless, not when;

    • He and his wife know it's their fault and they were willing to pay the $110 quoted for a replacement back panel
    • When this statement is literally written at the bottom of the article

      Put a case on your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL if you don’t want this to happen to you.


    1. Show previous comments  34 more
    2. Nowak


      totally /s

    3. Jtalk4456


      @D13H4RD I got curved glass on the s8 and it looks amazing... until it gets scratched and cracked and looks terrible. I'll be getting flat glass phones from now on

    4. D13H4RD


      And again, “The phone has only been out for 2 weeks”.


      And the Pixel is a thing since 2016, currently in its third freakin’ generation.


      I’m not expecting a shit ton of parts available so soon after launch, but at least have some of the more critical parts like the battery, screen and back panel ready in some amount for the times where butterfingers strike.


      Christ Google. We’re already in generation three and you still haven’t figured this out?