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  1. We use it in the Military, make it easy on us grunts... Lol.
  2. My children claim I will die soon cuz I am old. I am not old. My children are ... young. I live in the US and I prefer this date format: 26OCT2020
  3. SansVarnic


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  4. In North America [The United States specifically] uses a combination of Imperial and Metric measurements . You may dislike the imperial system (and that is ok, I dont like the metric) but it is what it is and disliking a video because of this is not acting in a mature way. I, like many others, have learned to do conversions in our head. Its very simple. Centimeter to Inch is 2.54cm to 1inch. @christian franca this chart may help you to some degree. I hope you continue to enjoy LTT material. Metric to Imperial Conversion chart Convert To Multiply by: Kilometers Miles 0.62 Kilometers Feet 3280.8 Meters Feet 3.28 Centimeters Inches 0.39 Millimeters Inches 0.039 Liters Quarts 1.057 Liters Gallons 0.264 Milliliters Cups 0.0042 Milliliters Ounces 0.0338 Celsius Fahrenheit °C x 9/5 + 32 = °F Kilogram Tons 0.0011 Kilogram Pounds 2.2046 Grams Ounces 0.035 Grams Pounds 0.002205 Milligrams Ounces 0.000035 Imperial to Metric Conversion chart Convert To Multiply by: Fahrenheit Celsius (°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C Inches Meters 0.0254 Inches Centimeters 2.54 Inches Millimeters 25.40 Feet Meters 0.30 Yards Meters 0.91 Yards Kilometers 0.00091 Miles Kilometers 1.61 Ounces Milliliters 29.57 Cups Milliliters 236.6 Quarts Liters 0.95 Gallons Liters 3.785 Ounces Milligrams 28350 Ounces Grams 28.35 Pounds Kilograms 0.454 Tons Kilograms 907.18
  5. -= Topic Locked for lacking substance for proper discussion =- @WolfLoverPro you know better than to shit post. Please don't. This is not Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Having a store brand is not monopolizing, its a common thing to have. Some people prefer to buy store brands. As for Amazon's business practices, yes I agree they are trying to monopolize the market and they might as they a pretty good business setup, thing is they can't as when they do the feds will step in so they do have to encourage competition.
  7. I cant stand: Politicians Snowflakes People with thin skin.
  8. -= Topic Locked for lacking substance for proper discussion =- Topics such as this are more suited as a Status Update, found on your profile page.
  9. Seems like a "do not share" list needs made similar to the "do not call list" created years ago.
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  11. -= Topic Locked =- Lease post memes and similar here:
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  14. @Jackb please add code tags or your topic could be removed for not following posting requirements.
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  16. -= Topic Locked & Cleaned =- This thread has taken a turn south thusly it has run its course. This was a humor topic as it was plainly obvious, there appears that some need to grow some thicker skin. Those of you making troll accusation know the rules so just dont. [you know who you are]
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  19. -= Topic Locked for lacking substance for proper discussion =- Topic that include vs are not allowed. Though this is not an intentional vs topic it will attract flame war commentary. OP if you feel differently please PM me.
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