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  1. Yeah, I read that, but still wasn't sure as I'm relatively new to this kind of networking. Thanks for the confirmation though!
  2. Hi All, Is there a way to have an WD MyCloud PR4100 connect to my network wirelessly? My particular situation prohibits an physical connections to a switch or modem router, so I'm looking to see if it's possible to use a spare TP-Link TP-WA901ND to bridge a connection between the NAS and my existing router in another room so i can access my files wirelessly when I'm away from home. Thanks, Lloyd
  3. Hi All! I am having trouble connecting my MX Anywhere 2 to my Dell XPS 9550, running Windows 10 Home Version 1909. I have an Intel 9260 Wireless adapter, which I installed myself over a year ago to replace the pre-installed adapter in the XPS 9550. I been trying to troubleshoot an issue I've been having with the adapter, wherein I frequently need to uninstall, re-download and reinstall the latest bluetooth drivers in order for the Bluetooth to be turned on and connect to devices. It will work for a while but then inexplicably need reinstalling. Today I was trying a solution that involved changing the Log On setting in the Bluetooth Support Service. I initially attempted to use the default 'Administrator' account but any password I attempted resulted in an Error 1069. Now, even after attempting to change the Startup type to Automatic or even changing the 'Log On as:' to Local System account i can no longer connect any pointing devices to my laptop via Bluetooth. I have confirmed this by using another Bluetooth capable mouse as well as checking my MX Anywhere 2 on another machine. I've even successfully connected a different wireless mouse using its supplied dongle. I've also reinstalled the drivers and restarted my laptop multiple times. What's also weird is that I can connect audio devices (speakers/headphones) via Bluetooth perfectly fine! I'm at a loss here... can anyone assist me in regaining use of Bluetooth pointing devices??? Thanks!
  4. Awesome advice and guidance from everyone here! The whole setup is much clearer to me now and it's nice to feel assured that I can get the best from the hardware I'll be installing. Thanks so much!
  5. So, if I have a 10GbE switch in my own office, to which all my devices are connected, then route the buildings' 1GbE into that as well, all devices connected tot he 10GbE would be able to access the NAS at full speed and not be affected by the wider 1GbE network, unless it's to access the internet?
  6. That's the idea, but I was worried that the actual speed would be inhibited by the lower network speed...
  7. Apologies if I wasn't clear - the intent is for a couple of extra editors to be able to use the 10GbE connection as well. We currently run off a couple of DAS solutions - 1TB SanDisk Extreme Portable drives/ Samsung T5's/ OWC Thunderbay (all Thunderbolt 3). Ensuring project sync across editors is proving to be a nightmare so my thought is that a central storage solution with a few Thunderbolt 3 to 10GbE adaptors and/or 10GbE network cards should do the trick.
  8. Hi All, I own a small video production company which operates out of a vacant office within an existing office building, owned by a friend. This friend has allowed me to utilise their internal network for internet but, as one might expect, it only supports 1Gbps. I feel this this will put a spanner in the works as I am looking to purchase a 10GbE NAS and edit directly from that. How might I go about ensuring the devices I use can make use of the 10GbE connection to the NAS whilst whilst still utilising the existing 1GbE connection for the internet? Upgrading the entire office to 10GbE isn't an option as it's of no use to the other business that operates here.
  9. Thanks, I thought no that settles my query, I guess I'll just wait for a decent deal on some IronWolf Pro or WD Red Pro drives. ?
  10. I understand that, however I'm looking for maximum throughput. A copy of any footage would be stored on a separate array.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase some hard drives for a 4-bay OWC Thunderbay 4 (Thunderbolt 3), I imagine 4x 2TB would be sufficient, creating an 8TB working array in RAID 0. The footage would be backup up to another storage array to protect against any potential drive failures. What functional benefits would I see from using 7200rpm (WD Red Pro/IronWolf Pro) vs. 5400/5900rpm drives (WD Red/IronWolf)? The advertised data rates don't seem to be that much of an improvement so I'm curious to know if the seek times would affect the responsiveness of the timeline, etc. In addition, I can pick up 2TB IronWolf drives for £59.99 each, whereas IronWolf Pro drives are £94.99 each. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  12. Admins - please close/lock/delete topic as issue resolved.
  13. Hi All, I have a 24TB MyCloud PR4100 which was recently RMA'd my Western Digital do to a fault with the firmware. They have supplied a new 32TB unit for me to transfer across all of my data. My problem is with the speed at which the data is being transferred across, which never exceeds 5MB/s! At that rate, it would take nearly a month to transfer my data across. Am I going about this the wrong way? Is there a more efficient, faster method to transfer the data across? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance! Lloyd
  14. Hi All, How might I be able to determine what the optimum gpu is for a particular cpu? In the sense of not surpassing the point of diminishing returns? In my specific example, I have an Intel NUC7i5BNH, equipped with an i5-7260U. What would be the best available gpu for this system? I have my eye on he AORUS Gaming Box with the RTX 2070, would this be overkill? Or, am I thinking about this all the wrong way? Any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Hi All, I've noticed an audible difference between the quality of the audio output passed through the 3.5mm jack on the Dell XPS 15 9550 versus the 3.5mm jack on the back of the TB16 dock. The audio passed through the TB16 sounds flat with minimal bass, whereas the audio played direct from the onboard 3.5mm jack sounds bright and rich. Upon further research it appears that none of the MaxxAudio adjustments are being applied when the laptop is connected to the dock. I've already ensured all of the drivers are up to date, including going to the relevant component manufacturer. Is there a way to rectify this and have the USB audio from the TB16 dock sounds as good as the audio from the onboard jack? Equipment:- Dell XPS 15 9550, TB16 Dock, external 2.1 speakers (via 3.5mm jack)