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  1. More than likely the head unit used to power the speakers has a malfunction or is just of poor quality. It could also be an internal crossover that is failing because too much power was supplied to them by someone trying to make their ears bleed
  2. I doubt that is solder leaking from the heat spreader. Most likely just an excess of sealant used to attach the heat spreader to the package itself.
  3. I'm going for an interview tomorrow at noon for Best Buy. Any tips for getting on the managers good side?
  4. I would venture a guess and say that your motherboard has a component(s) that is/are faulty and are causing an issue. I would RMA the motherboard and wipe the drives for a new Windows installation upon receiving the new board.
  5. That looks alright to me. I would only worry if you walk away and come back five minutes later and suddenly your machine is telling you that no more RAM is available and you may experience slowdowns. Cough....Nvidia Beta Driver a year back...cough...
  6. I would run Red to Red, Green to Green, Blue to Black, and the white wire inside the copper sheathing to the white/silver wire on the right.
  7. EMRF

    Help with BSOD

    What motherboard are you using in this build? I'm curious to see what kind of chip-sets I will find it uses after doing a little research for you to try and help out.
  8. Sounds a lot like a dead GPU. I remember seeing something like that when a friend asked me to check out his XPS laptop. Flashing lines, weird images and flickering. Then it stopped working altogether.
  9. Every now and again my older EVGA 680i motherboard will hang and require a hard reboot to get it working again. No apparent reason for the hang...it just happens sometimes. I adore the board, though. I've had it for so long that I refuse to give up on it.
  10. Testing would be a great place to start.
  11. Mantle has been known to cause issues such as this. Especially on software that was designed to implement it during its beta developement...we can only expect them to work so well. I've had issues with Battlefield 4 framerate dropping suddenly such as that and if I remember correctly it had something to do with using settigns that were too GPU memory intensive for the card to keep up with. I think I was running out of VRam and the stuttering would happen suddenly. D: "dip as deep" Awwwwww yeahhhh
  12. I ate two hot dogs with mustard on them for breakfast this morning. My thoughts were "Hmm....these taste quite good".
  13. I currently own a Nikon D60 with a few lenses.
  14. IDE mode should not be selected over AHCI or SATA operation mode. This will in short disable the use of the SATA drive for booting or use purposes and will render it useless. That being said, see if you can find an option in the BIOS that will allow you to edit the configuration of the IDE hard disk.