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    Building odd computers (especially working with pre-built systems like Dell or HP) old hardware that still works great (Core 2 Quad Q6600, etc)

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  1. Lets say food coloring is a sedan. A regular joe-shmoe car. This idea is a Dodge Viper. Not the new one, the original one. With a f*ck you amount of horse power, puts a middle finger to grip and lets it all out. It's overkill and not needed but its fun.
  2. Yea, as I was reading this last bit I imagined... What if you put a very bright LED light IN the tubes AND reservoir, and wrapped the screen around the tube/res? The company that did this with the side panel btw is IBuyPower
  3. could you put a bubbler in the res, then put strainers on all the ports to that air doesnt get in the loop? If the particles are always agitated in the res would they still settle in the rads?
  4. i would imagine the gunk that collects in your loop are those particles, right?
  5. must be a nightmare to dust that thing out... Anyways, when the Aurora effect fades, with the blue version for example, does it just become a blue liquid, similar in looks to a deep blue pastel?
  6. is there a way to widen the tubes inside the blocks a little bit, and push the water through faster to prevent clogs? Also is there any additives that would prevent clogging, so that only the pretty effect goes away?
  7. thats the point. i HAVE done watercooling before, i just don't know what parts to use for this redneck build. also, gfys. if i wanna do it im gonna do it, and it will NOT leak, thats why i posted on this forum in the first place. to make sure i make a loop with no leaks. (also im making it in a used Dell case, to make it look even more home grown)
  8. I want to watercool my pc, but I don't want it to look pretty. I WANT it to look like it's half-assed and was built on a 10 dollar budget. Can i use things like pond water pumps, waterbottle res, bike tire tubing, zip ties or metal hose clamps instead of proper fittings? I would buy a proper cpu block of course but it wouldn't be a very good one. Keep in mind this loop would probably have no advantage over air cooling, and it might even make the cpu run a little HOTTER. I just want to build a pc that looks like shit for fun, as long as it works. I am gonna use new hardware ofc! Ryzen, 1080ti, 16gb ram etc etc. It's gonna be a sleeper. On the topic of new hardware, is there any AM4 boards that look like OEM boards? (green pcb, one or two expansion pci-e slots etc)
  9. Thats actually exactly the effect I was thinking of. Why would it not work long term though?
  10. Is it possible to have just enough water in the loop for it to splash around and make waves in the tubes, or would that not cool the cpu enough? I just think having reflective water would look very similar to just dying the water. Thanks for the move.
  11. that would produce solid color though, right? All of your points are valid. 1. They would be coated in a waterproof material. Like the waterproof hard drive video Linus did. 2. Researchers are already looking to improve batteries by adding atom-sized tunnels. Quote: "Battery researchers seeking improved electrode materials have focused on ‘tunneled’ structures that make it easier for charge-carrying ions to move in and out of the electrode." So atomic-level batteries may not be super far off? 3. On-board wifi. And I don't doubt that much processing power would be needed. if the nano machines communicate with eachother and also communicate with a cpu, there wouldn't be much that a modern cpu couldn't handle. On top of that, by the time chips small enough for this exist, the cpus out then will handle it even easier. 4. True. But rgb lights in a regular case now don't produce much heat. Regular RGB Lights for your case produce anywhere from 1-8w of heat. So on a molecular level, probably a lot less. Since theres a lot more lights however, It's probably reasonable to put a strip of RGB into a watercooling tube and call it about the same? *about* is a key word here. Do you know how to convert Watts into Celsius? I don't.
  12. i mean the chip would be simple, as in it would have simple functionality, but have customization and wireless connection... LIKE a Raspberry Pi. It's not simple with our current technology to make it that small but sometime in the future maybe
  13. right but, with my idea you could have graphics on and in the water. you could do that with transparent monitors like what ibuypower has, but then you would need a lot of light. also you can't have graphics running through the water. imagine if you could have the water be clear, then sort of highlight swirls in the water with a certain color? HOW FREAKIN COOL WOULD THAT BE!!
  14. a computer chip this small wouldn't be full windows... it would be very very simple, like raspberry pi type simple. maybe more so. just a simple processor with wireless communication
  15. thats why the tiny computer chips would communicate real time