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    i5 4440
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    Gigabyte B85M-D3H
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    Kingstone HyperX blu 4GB x2
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    Asus R9 280X DC II Top
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    Coolermaster CM Storm 500
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    Dell S2240L
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    Logitech G400s
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    Windows 7 64bit

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  1. beingGamer

    Scrapyard Wars 7 FINALE - NO INTERNET

    Can anyone tell me which phone Luke is seen using in this episode?
  2. one game i remember - midtown madness
  3. No posts on GTAV DLC? 

    1. AluminiumTech


      GTA V and Rockstar aren't so popular around here.


      GTA V runs really badly (that's putting it nicely) and Rockstar just want to milk their customers for cash.

    2. Techicolors


      how exactly GTA V runs badly? it scales pretty well what with the sheer amount of graphical settings you can change

  4. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    Sorry, I didn't have C on my PC. So here's a C# version, just so that you can understand the logic. I'll try to share C/C++ version when I find it. class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { int x,counter=0; x = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); int[] array = new int[x.ToString().Length]; while (x > 0) { array[counter++]= mod(x, 10); x = divide(x, 10); } while (counter>0) { Console.Write(array[--counter]+" "); } Console.ReadKey(); } public static int divide(int x, int y) { return x / y; } public static int mod(int x, int y) { return x % y; } } I intentionally used array instead of list here, so it will be understandable to you. If list was used, variable named 'counter'there wouldn't be required.(so, 2 functions & 1 variable as I mentioned earlier) Another thing is, in above code if you want to skip non-numeric input, you can put while (int.TryParse(Console.ReadLine(), out x)) { Console.Clear(); Console.Write("Please enter a number:"); } instead of x = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); to keep asking for input till user enters a numeric value.
  5. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    sure, but you will have to wait a bit. Will write and share once I reach home 7-8 hours to go
  6. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    that's too much. you can do this in 2 variables & 2 functions only(+ main function)
  7. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    use a string and keep pre-pending the remainders you will get or you can use an integer array and add spaces while printing them using a loop
  8. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    ok, I get it. Basically they are asking you to write a program that will separate out single digits from the number you will input and separate them each with double spaces.
  9. beingGamer

    C function code help.

    if mean to print them from 1 to 32767 sequentially- you can use the largest number to check whether you have reached the end by checking the remainder has reached 0 using while loop, in which you use the increasing value of variable which started with minimum value. ps: wrote it as a hint (I am not able to access the link you provided due to access restriction)
  10. beingGamer

    Keyboard or GTA V

    It's fun if you have lot of friends playing it. Try custom jobs btw I voted for gtav, if you can go for pc version, get it
  11. beingGamer


    yay! @Joka232 made one for me It's good, I like it
  12. beingGamer

    Shift Or Caps Lock

    Use shift ! Save power wasted on caps lock LED
  13. beingGamer


    @Joka232 can you make something related to my username? --edit-- I need DP The current one is photoshoped by myself (added nuke blast in background) but thought you can make something unique