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    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz
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    Asus Z170-DELUXE
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    HyperX Fury Black 8GB 2133MHz
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    GeForce GTX 970

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  1. Ok ,so update ram was one of the bottleneck as its now using +8gb while playing game although when using with default setting stuttering still occurs but way less also when i changed "set affinity " to only 2 processors all stuttering was gone but at expense of FPS.So , now i can play on 2560x res at med settings with 30-45 fps and 0 stutters. Conclusion: Rockstar needs to optimize their game better for CPU and GPU usage and this game req 8+ gb ram in order to fix stuttering.
  2. i agree with @George. and @borlosky. Tomorrow i will get my ram sticks and let you guys know what the status on that but i too think game being badly optimized is the issue and ram wouldn't make a difference. ps i hope its the ram so i can atleast play the game.
  3. On RD2 GPU maxs at 98% all the time except when it stutters it drops to 70-60 and rest all games i can play fine at 2k even at 4k (GTA,Witcher) without lag or stutter
  4. MSI afterburner statistics u can probably guess when i loaded game and when stutter started i ran afterburner before starting game for few min to give you an idea of idle conditions.
  5. I have an AIO by cooler master cooling is not an issue.But i dont think we can overclock 6600 non k version to 4.2 i may be wrong on this one.
  6. i will get back to you on this.I have ordered them, they will be here by Saturday.
  7. I having stuttering issue every minute or so while playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I cant seem to figure out why is the GPU behaving this way is it because of ram or CPU, may be some weird optimization on GPU i do know RD2 is a badly optimized game but still wanted to find what resource is the bottleneck here ISSUE: GPU stays at 99% for sometime then suddenly throttles back(that's when lag occurs). Temprature stays around 50-70. I tried following things 1.Change affinity in task manager(CPU) 2.Reduced Graphics(everything on low or turned off) res 1366x720 3.DX-12 4.Driver Update also tried everything on according to this article https://www.ghostarrow.com/red-dead-redemption-2-increase-performance-fps-on-pc I ordered dual channel 16gb ram 2400mhz but i don't think that's gonna fix the issue. My main question here is stuttering solely because of bad optimization of game(even at such low res and graphics) or am i missing something here. Specs: Processor: Intel 6600 Graphics: gtx 970 Ram: 8gb Hyperx fury black
  8. still though they should not be stored on a link(if leaked ) from which everyone can download that file even after you delete it.They very least they should have a authentication before downloading that file.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLjht9uJWgw Oh boy .It is possible that these links are generated only after you ask your data to be generated.If not i hope they fix it soon.
  10. yeah i think waiting till next year is better option
  11. I was thinking of upgrading my Computer to following System Specs. 1. Intell 6600 -> 8600k 2. Graphic as it is gtx 970. 3.Stock cooler -> Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML240L RGB Edition Liquid Cooler (MLW-D24M-A20PC-R1) 4.Asus z170 Deluxe ->ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard LGA1151 (Intel 8th 9th Gen) ATX DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 802.11ac Wi-Fi i have a few Questions now: 1. Does this upgrade makes sense. 2. As i was looking to buy a motherboard which is also compatible with 9th gen i came across Asus rog Strix z390 series ,i did not understand the proper differences between all the motherboards(ie. z390 e ,f,i etc.) except for few ports and slots here and there all those seem same to me .So does is matter which one i go for? 3.Any other Motherboard which is better than this and also less than or equal to the same price as mentioned in point 3 of system specification. any other suggestions are also welcome. ps. i am building computer for gaming and few also so that i can run some ml models from time to time(not on too large data sets)
  12. Can you post screen cap of ram bandwidth plz?and there is another thing what if you use 2 sticks in a quad channel rig will I get half bandwidth or full this whole system depends on cpu and mobo combo
  13. I have read that same thread which you but problem is cpu with quad channel require you to have quad supp cpu and if you use dual channel in that then you may get full bandwidth but in my case I have dual channel board and dual channel cpu so I was asking if I install two sticks or four sticks will I get full bandwidth in both situation
  14. your answer contradicts with one given by Rune as he say quad channel supported mobo require quad channel cpu as well