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  1. Just saw this over on Ars. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/03/a-raft-of-flaws-in-amd-chips-make-bad-hacks-much-much-worse/ TLDR: If a malicious person gets admin access on your AMD machine they can: Run software in the AMD Secure Processor Bypass security protections Steal credentials Brick hardware, they can kill the CPU remotely BE AWARE AND STAY SAFE.
  2. Nintendo Switch?

    Okay, the Nintendo Switch, First, I love mine, BoTW and Odyssey are both worth the purchase price of the system on their own in my opinion. They are incredible first-party games, and are premium in every sense of the word. The hardware itself is surprisingly well built. It's portable and powerful for what it is. Feels good in the hand and unless you drop it repetitively I don't think you'll have an issue with the physical aspects of the console. In my opinion, the biggest problems the Switch has are it's game save mechanism, and the online experience. This system has carts, but it saves to the internal memory. Period. Full stop. You CANNOT backup your saves and you CANNOT move them around easily, there is a transfer app from one Switch to another, but that only helps if you get a replacement and STILL HAVE YOUR ORIGINAL. If you system breaks and you get warranty service, a disturbing number of Switches are returned with their save data removed, with no recovery method. At all. So if you get one, protect it. The online experience is about what I expect from Nintendo. Useless friends list. P2P gaming, which essentially breaks when NAT is strict. It's not a good thing, and I hope that when Nintendo releases it's online experience it will be stellar. My hopes are not high however because it was supposed to launch back in January... which did not happen. Despite these issues, I think the Switch is well worth it's asking price. In terms of performance, it wipes the floor with phones. If you like Nintendo Games, I would just say to buy it, no questions asked. The physical controls in a mobile device are very good in my opinion, and having spent 350+ hours playing BoTW and Odyssey I learned that you have to find a comfortable way to hold the system, but it is comfortable once you've found a grip you like. I have zero complaints about the amount of fun the Switch has delivered. Hopefully these thoughts help!
  3. Blinking Ethernet lights

    You can set this in the BIOS, if the Ethernet stack is enabled (or whatever your BIOS calls it) it will sit there and look for "Magic Packets" which are intended to wake or turn the machine on.
  4. LTX 2017 Details

    Just arrived at the place we are staying. Now it's like... What do I do until tomorrow?!?
  5. Headed to LTX!

    Just reread. I lived in Iowa for 8 months. And nearby Illinois for 15 months. Trust me. I understand.
  6. Headed to LTX!

    Well im headed to Tennessee next week... Haha. Naturally!
  7. Headed to LTX!

    Speed limits in Utah and Idaho were much better then Oregon and Washington.
  8. Headed to LTX!

    My wife and I are on the way to LTX. Thing is we've driven 11 hours. 750 miles. 5 hours to go. 250 miles. So glad I bought a civic. Just thought I would complain somewhere that we would all "get" it.
  9. Are you sure you don't have an IPv4 address as well? Or are you saying the ISP gave you a static IPv6?
  10. Home Server Overhaul

    I've seen this mod before, although at the time I was not too comfortable with the code. I've taken a few classes since though, and I could probably pull it off. Thanks for the link!
  11. Home Server Overhaul

    My PC is watercooled and the fans spin at 1200 RPM at load. The room is pretty quiet, so yeah the poweredge is very loud It's been the DC before. I shut it down due to the noise.
  12. Home Server Overhaul

    I know I was tired, putting caps on fans would be stupid. They are. This the desire to run them at 600 RPM which is still fast enough to cool the server. Could I do that with the NZXT grid v2?
  13. Home Server Overhaul

    Alright, just need some input from people around the forum. I am planning to rework my server back-end for the house. Currently I have an older C2D and a FX machine handling server tasks (Media, HTML, Switch Management, etc. C2D is the Domain DC.) That should be going away. To replace my DC I have an older Dell -Poweredge 2970. Yes I know it's a power hog, and yes I know it's loud, but I had an idea. Dangerous, I know. But instead of putting capatcitors on the fans, could I just put a fan controller in the machine and populate an external bay with a controller? A couple temperature probes and such should allow a controller to manage the heat with PWM fans right? It's CLEARLY not in a data center, so it shouldn't run hot. Anyways, that is the most QUESTIONABLE concept, I'm not even sure if the server would boot. If it doesn't? No harm, no foul, I'll just move the FX machine to that job and the next server will replace the FX machine. Next, I'm planning a system based around the Intel S2600CP2J Motherboard, a dual socket, 2011 board. I want to put two E5-2660 8-Core CPU's in there as a virtualization center for the house. I will migrate all the VM's there, and run them under UNRAID or something. IDK, One of them will be a gaming VM for guests as well. So that mobo, the Xeons, 64GB of HP Server Memory, as well as a GTX 970 I have sitting in my office, and other supporting hardware. Should work. Not really a question, but just a thing. My main question is whether the Poweredge could even function like that. So yeah, thanks for input guys!
  14. How many fans can i put on this?

    You could. I wouldn't.