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  1. B.Toast

    Thermal paste curiosity

    That's the question here. I'll check it tonight. The question here is mostly a matter of shelf life. I'm hoping the old paste is still good. If it is, by all means I'll use it.
  2. Okay, so, I KNOW that MX-4 is better than Silver 5 in both performance, safety, and cure time. I know. However, I still have some Silver 5 in my desk drawer from a build I did a few years ago. Am I safe to go ahead and use it, or is there a compelling enough reason here for me to fork out an extra ten bucks to order some MX-4?
  3. B.Toast

    Photo editing PC for the fiance

    Going the AMD route because they work just as well for what she needs and have a better price to performance ratio. Also case is non-negotiable as she picked that out herself. And that price point is a bit too high. It boils down to: if it's possible to build her a PC for cheaper than my initial list, or if there is a cheaper route to build that same PC, then by all means. But the price cannot go up at all. If anything, it needs to come down just a touch, since she is paying for the components.
  4. B.Toast

    Photo editing PC for the fiance

    That's what I figured. No peripherals on this list. Fortunately, the aforementioned refurb gear shop in town can get her a 1080p IPS monitor for around $25. I also have a couple extras lying around that she can just use for the time being. I also have extra mouse and keyboard for her to use. She said she's "gonna buy a mouse and keyboard just like yours," I told her that mine came out to $200 for both and she said she's gonna do it anyway. So that's a thing. Eventually might get her a color graded monitor but just trying to get her started. Nearest one is a 5 hour drive. Otherwise I would. Honestly, right now she has an old tiny laptop that barely even boots. It doesn't even have the resources to handle an online-based editor. So anything for her will be a step up. I just want to set her up with something decent that will last her for a few years or more. Trying to understand 1) she's not a tech person, so she doesn't understand specs, and 2) she will like it if it's pretty, so if I tell her, "Well this is pretty and will last you at least 5 years," she'll be happy with it.
  5. B.Toast

    Photo editing PC for the fiance

    She specifically wants to get this built before July. Unfortunately. And I'm reaaally trying not to go any higher on price. She's one office depot trip away from coming home with a POS all-in-one. And from what I've read, she shouldn't have problems with lightroom or photoshop. Premiere, maybe, but she's not going to be using that.
  6. B.Toast

    Photo editing PC for the fiance

    Estimated price?
  7. Okay so the fiance is wanting to edit photos for her Etsy/Instagram. Very basic, mostly gonna be running Lightroom and a little bit of Photoshop. So specs are not important. She doesn't want to spend more than 600 but I told her that's just not likely to happen, laptop or desktop, while being able to get some longevity. There's a local shop in town that refurbishes damaged computers and sells em cheap (think 6th gen i7 and 16gb ram w/ 15" screen for around $350-400), but it's too much "luck of the draw" trying to find something. So we talked and it looks like I'm going to be building her a PC. I told it's probably going to be closer to the 850 range, and told her I'll chip in toward it because it's important to me that she has something she can use a bit more long-term. I also want her to be able to play games here and there if she wants to, since she's more into games than I am. Anyway, all of that rambling aside, here's what I have put together on PC Fart Licker so far. Seeing as the last PC I built was in 2016, it's safe to say I'm a bit out of touch with hardware and such. Looking for opinions. PS, fiance is an artist so the white theme is because I wanted to give her a white case that she can and will inevitably paint on, and all the RBG barf is because when we were at the aforementioned local shop, she was ogling over all the RGB barf in their custom builds, and I'd rather her have something to ogle at so it's easier to steer her away from wasting her money on an all-in-one PC. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ben.toast/saved/ZxPzNG Thoughts? Suggestions? PS: I should clarify, the price cannot go up from where it is, at all. If anything, I'm trying to see if it's possible for it to come down a bit.
  8. B.Toast

    USB over Cat6

    Anyone know of a powered USB over Cat6 that works well? I mentioned this in another thread but I was having issues with my IOGEAR GUCE64. A replacement is on the way to try out, but in the event that it doesn't work, I'd like recommendations for something else I can try. Trying to plan a bit here, as this has been a more drawn-out process than I would have liked and I need this to be working by the 22nd.
  9. B.Toast

    IOGEAR GUCE64 not working?

    I figured that would be the case. I'm doing a quick replacement. If the replacement unit (arriving Monday) doesn't work either, then I'll return it and try a different product.
  10. B.Toast

    IOGEAR GUCE64 not working?

    Randomly specific, but my USB over ethernet extender isn't working. Windows 10 says "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)." I believe it came with a minidisk for drivers, but I also believe I was a dumbass and threw it away. IOGEAR doesn't have anything on their website for a driver for this device. Anybody know where I might look to find it? PS: I have an email out to IOGEAR but not sure if they'll respond.
  11. B.Toast

    Laptop for photo editing

    She's not shooting RAW, just PNG. The heaviest program she'll use is Lightroom, and that's only if she decides to use that and not an online tool. Weight not particularly an issue. Battery life not overly important, as long as she can 4 hours or more she's good
  12. B.Toast

    Laptop for photo editing

    USA. Upgradeability preferred but not 100% necessary if there's enough there to begin with. Display size preferred would be 14-17". Lower weight and slimmer profile preferred. I know processing power isn't super important to photo editing but an i5 or equivalent would be a good starting point. She's not a tech savvy person and isn't going to care about specs or whatever, as long as it works well for what she needs.
  13. I've been out of the market for a while, so I'm posting here to get recommendations. My fiance is looking for a laptop for photo editing. I understand that accurate color in the display is going to be an important part of the decision process. What can we find for $1200 or less? The lower the cost, the more apt she is to go for it. ;)
  14. B.Toast

    USB over Ethernet

    $600 is how much I have budgeted for this project anyway. However, Teamviewer/any remote over network won't work. I need real-time response and feedback, especially when it comes to keeping a tab on levels. Can't have any delay. Also, I've already dedicated a thunderbolt card in my PC for my interface. Otherwise that would be a brilliant and simple solution! Yeah, the budget includes mouse, keyboard, two new displays, and the adapters/cabling back and forth. A second PC is out of the picture, even if it is just to control the main PC.. I've done a touch of digging and this is what I've found. Thinking I may give this a whirl. Looks like I should be able to do two displays with dedicated HDMI over Cat6 runs for each, mouse and keyboard over Cat6 with a dedicated run for the USB adapter, including Cat6 spool, adapters, extra cables, and the works for under $600. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016YS99X0 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017Q8ZX1O/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075ZWY1SK/ (x2) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075SY8XRM https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076QX3NTJ (x2) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0148NNKTC (x2) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013VP3372/ Here's how I'm planning to set it up now: Since I have GTX 970SC, I have two DVI, one HDMI, and one DP out on it. Currently, the monitors in my control room are running DVI out of my card. I'll switch over to using the DP and HDMI ports instead, running those into splitters. One side of each splitter will go out to the control room displays, the other side will link into the HDMI over Cat6 adapters to go downstairs. Each display will have a dedicated Cat6 line. The USB will also have a dedicated Cat6 line. For what I'm doing, a mouse, a keyboard, and maybe a usb controller should all be able to over a single Cat6 line no problem. Alternatively, I could eliminate the HDMI splitters if I can find a software solution for that part that doesn't induce lag.
  15. B.Toast

    USB over Ethernet

    So, here are the specifics of the situation surrounding my need for this. I'm an audio engineer and my studio spans two floors; the control room (PC, interface, reference speakers, etc.) is upstairs, while the live room is downstairs, with an audio snake running upstairs to the interface. I'm looking to set up a secondary control station in the live room so I can be present with clients while they are recording, instead of running back and forth. To do this, I need to set up two monitors, a mouse, and a keyboard in the live room to control the PC upstairs. The keyboard and mouse are critical, as I use a lot of macros and hotkeys to streamline the recording process.