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    Intel Core i7-5820k
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    ASUS X99-Pro
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    32GB Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4-2400
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    EVGA Geforce GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0
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    Fractal Design Define R5
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    250GB Samsung 850 EVO x2, 2TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair RM750
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    2x Asus VC239H, 1x TCL 43" 4K
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Outboard Gear
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Hmm. I do like the idea of a 360. The Pure Base 500 does support it as well. If I go with a 360 rad I’d probably move to a lower profile rack case and save a few U’s of room, so long as I can line the inside of said rack case with bitumen.
  2. If I were to go with a rack case I’m fairly certain I’d do the X62. The question would then be a matter of what rack case would suit my desire to add bitumen sheeting to the sides and behind the motherboard for acoustic dampening? Surprisingly this (being my biggest concern when I build my X99 system in 2015) has not been a problem at all. I’ve moved a lot too. Now my system lays on its side so even that mild concern is no longer a part of my decision process. I see this after I made my comments.
  3. Case compatibility was the big one. Right now I've got a Pure Base 500 from Be Quiet turned sideways in my rack sitting on a sliding shelf. Those two things end up snatching a disappointing 7U from my case. Eh, I've gotten accustomed to using a chop stick to uncouple my graphics card whenever necessary. But yes, the noise of the pump and water are concerning to me.
  4. I know that the Kraken x62 is pretty similar performance per noise level when compared to the NH-D15. But is the price justifiable? To debunk the most common arguments against the NH-D15, in order to remove them from this conversation: RAM clearance: low-profile RAM does exist. And it's not expensive. PCIe slot clearance: I have not had any issue with my tip PCIe slot, but my 970 doesn't have a backplate and I'm not really a gamer, I don't foresee myself replacing it anytime soon. Side notes: Peripheral performance: The NH-D15 helps aid in case airflow, and can help with motherboard cooling. Reliability: GN has been over this. An air cooler, at the end of the day, is going to be more reliable than a liquid cooler. Curb appeal: There is something innately aesthetic (to me) about a large air cooler and the bit of imagination it invokes regarding "what must be sitting under it." The only reason I'm asking is because I'm contemplating moving to a proper rackmount case. Please note that this is a very cautious curiosity and I probably won't make the switch, to either a rackmount chassis or to a liquid cooler.
  5. I recommend this unfortunate Redditor for rig reboot.
  6. That's exactly what I've done. The rails in my rack are roughly 451mm apart. The NH-D15, without feet, is roughly 451mm tall. Laid on its side and placed on the sliding shelf (hallowed by thy Tripp Lite), the R5 scuffs and scrapes against the rails going in and out. This Pure Base 500 doesn't do that. It fits. (The NZXT H510 was another full ATX case that fit with the feet removed, even more so than the Pure Base 500, but the negative reviews are even more real than the hype, it's absolute garbage; easy to build in, but the most obnoxiously noisy thing when turned on). Anyway. To your AIO comment. You seem to be forgetting my performance per dBA bit. Unless I'm living under a rock, I'm pretty sure there is no AIO on the market that can meet the NH-D15's performance per dBA. If there is, then I could consider a rack chassis as long as it has room for me to install noise dampening sheets (bitumen, like the Define series) and doesn't cost $300. Right now, from a performance-per-dBA-per-dollar standpoint, I think I'm sitting pretty well. I'm not looking to spend more on a case or CPU cooling than necessary, since the planned CPU, RAM, and drive configuration of my new build alone is going to be enough to make my wallet cry bitter tears.
  7. I’m dead set on cooling my CPU with the NH-D15 as it offers the best performance per dBA. Because of my work I need very high performance both in terms of processing power and acoustics. It would take a 5U rack case to accommodate the NH-D15. I have yet to find such a thing. I found one company that made a 6U chassis but I couldn’t find anything in terms of internal dimensions and it looked like the motherboard tray was fairly elevated, and I didn’t know if they allowed returns based on compatibility. I’d eventually like to invest in a custom design & build from Protocase, but that’s pretty far out of my budget right now. I will confess the BeQuiet does look pretty snappy inside. Fractal Design Define R5: BeQuiet Pure Base 500:
  8. I’m not really brand loyal (unless it’s Fractal Design, hallowed be thy silence). That said, I did switch to a MX Master Mouse 3, so MX Keys could be a decent pairing in both form and function. I’ve ordered the MX Keys and will check back in with my impression.
  9. I’ve been forever ruined to the case market since choosing a Fractal Design Define R5 for my first build in 2015. I wanted to turn my PC sideways to lay on a sliding shelf in my rack: The problem? The rails are 451mm apart. The R5 without feet is also 451mm. So after a week of sliding it in and out, it looked like this: So I had to find a different case. I thought “no problem I’m sure Fractal makes something in their Define series,” because of course to my spoiled self, no other case is even a case. Unfortunately, never have I been more wrong. Even the Define 7 Compact is too big. The R6? Good luck finding one anywhere near launch price. Okay, no problem, I guess I can settle for a Be Quiet. This is what happens when you set your baseline to “Lexus LS”. and then try to buy “Kia Optima.” My requirement for a new case was under 450mm height with the feet removed, and acoustically friendly. The solution, obviously, was this Pure Base 500 from Be Quiet! Sure enough, it’s *just about* as quiet as the Define R5. But oh my god... it’s just.. it... it’s not the same. Building in the R5 is like moving around in a luxury SUV. It’s comfortable and there is just SO MUCH ROOM! Building in the Pure Base 500 is like moving around in a Camry. You still have plenty of room in theory, but it doesn’t feel like you do. The metal even feels more flimsy and light. The subtle noise that I heard from the R5 (look, fans get old eventually) was a very soft sort of noise. The subtle noise from the Pure Base 500 (granted, I’m using those stock Pure Wings fans) is more harsh and gratey. It even looks like a Kia. So now here’s my contemplation: do I say “fuggit” and swap back to the R5 and take a reciprocating saw to those lower rack rails? Do I rip the garage door off because my luxury SUV won’t fit? This has been today’s episode of “toast is a whiny first world peon.”
  10. Yeah, at those price points I might as well just go for the MX Keys. Low profile mech would be fun to try, but I have a feeling I wouldn't like it. I think I prefer low profile membrane keyboards because they're the most familiar feeling to type on when compared to the laptop that I abused (even went through two keyboards on) for 6 years and two degrees of college.
  11. I'm specifically looking for low-profile. I used a Corsair Strafe RGB w/ Cherry MX Reds in it for 4 years before I finally killed it. It was a fantastic keyboard, the RGB was neat and the actuation made for a smooth and fun typing experience, but when it comes to typing speed and accuracy, a low-profile ultimately just feels more comfortable over extend periods.
  12. Disclaimer: I don't know how it legally works where you live. You may be responsible for actually running the connection. If the cable line is buried, you will need to run a trench and bury it deep enough. Regardless of if it is buried or elevated, because the city owns the property beyond your sidewalk and the cable company owns the neighborhood box, you will have to work with both parties to get a line run to your house. It can be done, but it will require a bit of coordination.
  13. After getting my MX Master mouse today I'm hooked and, after watching a couple reviews, it looks like a solid keyboard to replace my cheapo low-profile one. I guess the question is, is it worth the price tag? The mouse clearly was worth the price, but I'm not feeling that same confidence when it comes to a keyboard.
  14. I decided to RTFM and get interpretation assistance from ASUS. It looks like my m.2 slots supports up to 32Gb/s, which matches the SK Hynix Gold P31 I'm looking at. Unless there's something I'm missing, I should kiss $135 goodbye for the purchase I'm about to make.
  15. Excellent, and I presume then I should expect to see the full speed of the drive then? There shouldn't be any bottleneck with the interface that will force it to run slower?